Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQ's:


Question: Why are your products unique?

Answer: All of our Spagyric Pharmacopeia have been made with Organic, Wild-Harvested, or Bio-Dynamic Starting Materials. We follow very exact and strict guidelines in the sourcing, harvesting, formulating and bottling of our products to ensure the highest and purest quality. 

Question: How does your Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme ​​differ from other liquid probiotics?

Answer: You're only going to find one twelfth of the different bacteria that are in Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme in other probiotic products. It is in a class of its own because of the types and the synergy of bacteria that are found in it. It has MANY more different strains of bacteria in it than any other probiotic you will ever find. It does have some crossovers with the Lactobacillus species and sometimes you will find some products with Saccharomyces species, but there are at least 9 strains of other bacteria that you will not find in any other product. Also, other probiotics are usually not in a live fermented form, but rather they are in a freeze dried isolate form- when it is in a live fermented form, it contains the prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic ferment that is completely stable at room temperature and therefore does not require refrigeration. There is an enormous difference between a live fermented product and an isolate. Refrigeration is recommended for Spagyri-Zyme, but not necessary because of this. Also, Spagyri-Zyme has bacteria that from enzymatic reactions within the body that absolutely no other supplement provides. So it's in a class all of its own and can't be compared to other probiotics - in fact, every other probiotic product on the market is drastically different both in terms of bacterial composition as well as formulation standard. Be sure to also check out this podcast that Phoenix did all about Spagyri-Zyme!


Question: What spagyric tincture is good for {fill in the blank}? 

Answer: There are an enormous amount of herbs that we could suggest, but we don't usually recommend specific products for certain conditions because every case is completely different and what works for one person will not always work for another person with the same condition/root cause. This is because we have to take into account the person’s constitution and many other variables, including what is needed to address the root cause. With that said, you could always do a search in our Apothecary for key words since we have listed how various herbs have been used historically. If you are interested in talking more in detail with Phoenix about your questions, feel free to schedule a Wellness Consultation. (Choose one of the first two listings. If you are in another country and the available times don’t work for you, send us an email at and we can work with you to find a time that works for you.). Phoenix also did a wonderful podcast called The Importance of Accessing Your Inner Healer that you may find helpful.


Question: What are the best spagyric products for overall wellness and nutrition?

Answer: For daily tonic preventatives, we suggest our Liposomal Products, Moringa, Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme, Rocky Mountain Mumiyo and American Ginseng.


Question: Do all your products have alcohol? 

Answer: With a few exceptions, all of our products have Organic Cane and/or Honey Spirits alcohol in them. The exceptions are: Elixirs- they have a tiny bit of alcohol in them, but if you place them in hot water for a few minutes, the alcohol evaporates. Rocky Mountain Mumiyo and the Spagyri-Zyme probiotic also have no alcohol.


Question: When is X product going to be back in stock? 

Answer: Due to a variety of reasons, including astrological timing influences, sourcing issues, ensuring the highest quality of lab conditions, and other factors, we are not able to give exact timelines on if or when any specific product will be back in stock. We definitely attempt to have our most popular items in stock at all times if at all possible, and frequent announcements are made in our newsletters when there are newly released products or products are back in stock.


Question: Do you sell metal quintessences like silver and gold?

Answer: We do not sell metal quintessences, but we do offer Gifts of the Magi Spagyric Formulation which includes the Alchemical Oil of Gold. We recommend that you support Robert Bartlett at the Spagyricus Institute and check out whatever oils of the metals he has in stock. 


Question: When do spagyric tinctures expire and how do I store them?

Answer: Spagyric products do not have an expiration date and are good indefinitely. If kept out of light and away from extreme temperatures, they age like a fine wine, gaining in potency, and maturing in virtue with the rotation of the heavenly influence under which they were made. (The VERY important exception to this rule is our Liposomal products which have only a 180 day shelf life and must be refrigerated at all times).


Question: What is the difference between spagyric tinctures and herbal tinctures and difference between an elixir, essence, philosophic essence, clyssus and spagyric tincture?

Answer: An herbal tincture is an extract of plant material in ethanol, and a spagyric tincture is much more potent since is made using all 3 parts of the plant: plant material (the soul), essential oils and plant extracts/sulfur (the spirit/alcohol) and potassium carbonate mineral (the body/ash from the burning/salt).  Spagyric tinctures also use the spirit of an herb to deliver the physical constituents to one's body. You can find the differences between our products outlined here, as well as how to read the symbols on our labels. In addition, an Initiatic is a substance that provides initiation into one or more of the mysteries. Syrian Rue and Kratom are both intiatics in that they are not used for their physiological effects but for their psychological effects to promote and provide a form of initiation into the spirit mysteries of those particular plants. An initiatic is going to help to contact and make connections with those plant spirits and not necessarily with the phytochemicals or the particular healing intelligence that you would come to know by the phytochemicals and constituents.


Liposomal FAQ's:


Question: What’s the main difference between Liposomal Vitamin C and Spagyri-Somal Vitamin C?

Answer: Spagyri-Somal Vitamin C is similar to Liposomal Vitamin C, but instead of just using ethanol as one of the ingredients, we replaced the entire quantity of ethanol with a spagyric tincture of lemon peel which includes bioflavonoids and other phytochemicals that synergize tremendously with the ascorbic acid that we have for our product to make it much more bioavailable. of the dosage of Spagyri-Somal Vitamin C will go 3 times as far as Liposomal Vitamin C.


Question: How strict is the 6 month expiration date for the Liposomal Vitamin C and Spagyri-Somal Vitamin C? What happens if I consume it after 6 months? 

Answer: We have no preservatives or agents in our liposomal products, therefore they must be consumed within 6 months of receiving them (kept in the refrigerator at all times), otherwise they will go rancid and lose potency. The lecithin goes rancid the quickest, and once that happens, there is a chance of toxins accidentally getting into the cells via the liposomes.


Question: Can I freeze your liposomal products?

Answer: No, our liposomal products cannot be frozen, but they do need to be kept in the refrigerator for the entire duration of their 180 day shelf life.


Question: I haven’t been keeping my Liposomal Vitamin C/Spagyri-Somal Vitamin C in the fridge for a few months- is it still safe to consume?

Answer: No, if it has been out of the fridge for a week or more, it is not safe to consume.


Question: How long will a bottle of your Liposomal Products last if I take the suggested daily dosage?

Answer: A bottle of Liposomal Vitamin C will last about 1-2 months with the standard daily dosage, and a bottle of Spagyri-Somal Vitamin C will last about 3-4 months with the standard daily dosage.


Question: Is my Liposomal Vitamin C rancid- it has a very bad flavor! 

Answer: No, it is not spoiled or rancid. Our Liposomal Vitamin C naturally has a very sour and fatty taste due to the lecithin present, and does not have a pleasant taste because of that. Other brands of Liposomal Vitamin C use flavorings and preservatives to help tone that intense flavor down due to the lecithin, and we do not do this to keep our product as pure and therapeutic as possible. You can try mixing it with water, or really any food or beverage you want to help with the flavor, as long as the food or beverage is not above 30 degrees C. Spagyri-Somal Vitamin C does have a slightly better taste since we use a spagyric tincture of lemon peel in it, giving it a citrus flavor, but it still has a strong taste from the lecithin. 


Question: Liposomal Vitamin C gives me an upset stomach or other weird reactions. Is that normal?

Answer: It is not typically a normal reaction, but try mixing it with water, citrus fruit like kiwi, or anything that helps soothe your stomach as you ingest the Liposomal Vitamin C. If this does not help, email us for further suggestions.


Question: What is the equivalent of the standard dosage of [up to] 5ml twice a day of Liposomal Vitamin C in other unit measurements? 

Answer: 10 ml is equivalent to 0.3 oz, 2 teaspoons, 0.6 tablespoons, 200 drops or 10 grams. A measured shot glass is also helpful to have on hand.


Question: What is the equivalent of the standard dosage of 5ml/day of Spagyri-Somal Vitamin C in other unit measurements? 

Answer: 5 ml is equivalent to 0.17 oz, 1 teaspoon, 0.3 tablespoons, 100 drops or 5 grams. A measured shot glass is also helpful to have on hand.


Question: Are your liposomal products safe to give to children, and what is the dosage?

Answer: Yes, you can give both to children. For children’s dosages, Liposomal Vitamin C can be taken in 1-2mL amounts diluted in water depending on the age and weight of the child. Start with no more than 1mL diluted in 30mL [1oz] of water and go from there. You could do this 1-2 times a day. For Spagyri-Somal Vitamin C, cut this dosage by to ½

Dosage/Application FAQ's:


Question: What is the adult standard suggested dosage for the spagyric tinctures, Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme, Liposomal products, Rocky Mountain Mumiyo, Heavy Metal Detox Rx Formulation and Moringa Spagyric Tincture?

Answer: We are a research facility, not a medical facility and so legally we can't give any specific information outside the scope of what our Research Programs and Services offer. With that said, here is what we believe the suggested standard dosage is for the following products. (All products should be taken under the tongue and swallowed after they are body temperature):

-Spagyric Tinctures- 1-2 sprays or 3-10 drops/day.

-Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme- 40-50 drops/day. 

-Liposomal Vitamin C- 2-5 ml twice a day. (Take 5-10 minutes before/after spagyric tinctures) 

-Spagyri-Somal Vitamin C- 1 pump or 5ml once a day. (Take 5-10 minutes before/after spagyric tinctures)

-Rocky Mountain Mumiyo Liquid- 10 drops 1-2x/day.

-Rocky Mountain Mumiyo Pitch- Dab a bit on a toothpick and swirl a small amount up to take. Dissolve into water to help it go down a bit easier. 

-Heavy Metal Detox Rx Formulation- 10 drops 3x/day.

-Moringa Spagyric Tincture- 1-5 spray pumps or 1-20 drops/day since it is such a nutrient powerhouse.


For more information on application please read here. You may also choose to order a Spagyric Item Application Analysis which will give you a personalized IDF application of your chosen product. 


Question: How long will X product last for me if I take the standard suggested dosage daily?

Answer: This varies due to many factors, but typically a 5 ml bottle will last 1-2 months and a 15 ml bottle will last 2-3 months.


Question: How do I take the spagyrics?

Answer: Once or twice a day you can drop/spray our spagyric tinctures directly under your tongue/into your mouth or mix with Spagyri-Zyme or water. Then hold under the tongue until body temperature before swallowing. It does not matter if you take them with or without food. Unless otherwise indicated, you can mix most of our spagyric tinctures to take simultaneously. Wait 5-10 minutes before or after taking spagyric tinctures to take our liposomal products.


Ordering FAQ's:


Question: How do I place an order? 

Answer: Once you have found the products you would like to order on our website, on the product page, enter the quantity you are ordering, then click on the button that says “Fund This Research Now”. Click on ‘View Cart’. Enter any promo code you have there, click on ‘Estimate Shipping’, then ‘PayPal Checkout’ to complete your order. **Note you do NOT need to pay with PayPal. See question below for more info. Once you have finished your order, you will receive an email confirmation.


Question: How do I place an order without using PayPal? 

Answer: Once you have gotten to the point in your order above and you have clicked ‘PayPal Checkout’, you should see a button at the bottom of that pop up box called ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’. Click that to be able to enter your debit or credit card details to complete your order bypassing PayPal altogether. 


Question: I placed 2 orders on the same day, can I get shipping refunded for one of them and have both shipped together?

Answer: In most cases, yes, depending on the size and weight of your order, which does affect the shipping price. Please email for more information, but we can usually refund one of the shipping charges and have both orders shipped together if the package is not too heavy.


Question: My order hasn’t arrived yet. Why is it taking so long?

Answer: Unless prevented by circumstances outside of our control, we ship all orders between 1 and 10 business days after the order was placed, and we send you a tracking number at that time. Sometimes USPS experiences shipping delays, so you will want to refer to your tracking number for shipping updates. If you haven’t received your order after a reasonable timeframe, or your tracking number is showing unclear information, please contact us so we can further look into the issue with USPS and determine if your package has been lost. Please read here for further information on our shipping and returns policies.


Question: Why isn’t my coupon code working?

Answer: There could be a few reasons for this, namely: the code is expired, it does not apply to the product you are ordering, or perhaps it was entered incorrectly. Send us an email at and we will be happy to look into this for you.


Question: Can I pay another way like give you my credit card over the phone, send you a check or pay in person?

Answer: At this time, we do not have a way to take credit card payments over the phone, receive checks for orders nor accept in person orders. If you are having trouble getting your online order to go through, please send us an email at and we will help resolve that for you. 


Question: Can I get a wholesale discount on your products?

Answer: It may be possible to receive a wholesale discount on large orders committing to a monthly order for a specific length of time. Please email Norianna at for more information.


Shipping FAQ's:


Question: Do you ship internationally?  

Answer: Currently we ship to some countries within Central and South America, Asia, Caribbean Islands, Canada, South Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia. Shipping starts at $30 depending on order volume and weight. We can only ship to Europe under very specific conditions and orders must be placed via email. Please email us at for more information. We can provide a shipping cost estimate if you provide your shipping address and potential order.  


Question: My package arrived broken or the wrong item was sent to me- how can you help me? 

Answer: If your package arrived damaged, please email us as soon as possible to let us know. In order to effectively process an insurance claim on our behalf for any contents that arrive damaged/missing, we ask that in order to get any sort of replacement, the customer must send a photograph of the damaged product as well as a photograph (or several) of the packing materials including inside of the box, and outside of the box showing the customer name and address. Email the photos, order number and extent of the damage to and we will have our shipping manager resolve this for you. If your package arrived with the wrong item(s) or missing items, please email us and we will make sure to send you the correct items. 


Question: Can I get a refund on my order?

Answer: Orders are nonrefundable and non-returnable, but we will do everything we can to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered in pristine condition.


Question: Can I have my order expedited?

Answer: This may be possible if needed. Please email with your request, including your name, order number and contents.

Alchemy FAQ's:

Question: What is the difference between Alchemy and Spagyria?


Alchemy is a prerequisite for Spagyria. Spagyria is the remedial application of Alchemy. You can apply the same Alchemical process of transformation to work with herbal, mineral, and animal materials for medicine and in doing so, you have essentially stumbled upon the magical world of Spagyria. So anything made Alchemically that has remedial virtue is included in the Pharmacopoeia of Spagyric Medicine. What causes Spagyria and Alchemy to differ is purely the attitude and approach of the work: Spagyria produces substances purely for their remedial or medicinal values, whereas Alchemy is an initiatic practice of Stewardship and Mastery of Nature. Listen to an informative podcast Phoenix did going into this fascinating topic! 


Question: I need lab assistance- can Phoenix help me?

Answer: Feel free to schedule a Laboratory Consultation with Phoenix if you need in-depth assistance and he would be happy to help you. Or if you have a quick question, send us an email at and he can assist you that way.


Question: What lab equipment do you recommend?

Answer: Here is where you can find various links to labware that Phoenix recommends.


Question: What is your preferred method for sanitizing your lab equipment?

Answer: “For my fermentation equipment, I like to use Iodine instead of Chlorine Bleach. You can use standard Povidone Iodine - 5mL to 2000mL. Rinse really well afterwards. I make my own Iodine Concentrate using Lugol's Iodine. A soak in either Povidone Iodine diluted in water or a custom Iodine Solution using Lugol's create's the same environment - a 2 min soak creates an environment suitable for brewing whereas a 5 minute soak meets medical sanitation standards. For our Stainless Steel bottling and blending and herbal prep surfaces, we use a 70/30 blend of Ethanol to Distilled Water. I purchase 100% pure Ethanol and dilute with 30% by volume of Distilled Water and we keep spray bottles filled with those all the time. For air, we use a Blue Air Filter and also occasionally run an ozone machine, too, depending on the operation at hand. And unless I'm working with really volatile solvents, we also burn various incenses that are known to purify the air and neutralize various airborne bacteria and fungi, such as Frankincense and Myrrh Resin."


Question: I want to collaborate with Phoenix on a product idea.

Answer:  Feel free to schedule a Product Formulation Consultation with Phoenix and he would be happy to discuss your project further.


Education FAQ's:

Question: When are you resuming in person classes and the One on One Immersion Studies? 

Answer: It’s very possible that we will be resuming in person classes in the spring or summer of 2022, but no plans have been made yet for the Immersion Studies. Stay tuned for updates on both in our newsletter.


Question: What books/courses does Phoenix recommend to learn more about Alchemy and Spagyria?

Answer: 1. Spirit Matters: Down-to-Earth Tools for a Spirited Life by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

2. A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

3. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy  by Dennis William Hauck

4. Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge by Jean Dubuis, Moreh Derekh, and Patrice Maleze

5. Way of the Crucible  by Robert Allen Bartlett

6. Real Alchemy by Robert Allen Bartlett and Dennis William Hauck


We also offer a free course: A Brief Outline of Spagyric Theory and Philosophy  

And a paid course: Practical Spagyria 1010: Fundamental Practices of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia 

With more courses coming soon!


Agriculture & Alchemi-Culture FAQ's:

Question: I’m trying to grow X food/herb. What can Phoenix recommend for this?

Answer: If you have a quick question, send us an email at, or if you need more in-depth assistance, feel free to schedule an Alchemi-Culture Consultation with Phoenix. Be sure to also check out the blog or our podcasts for any information that may help you with your situation.


Question: In a podcast, Phoenix referred to a product that is able to clean up and detoxify soil. What is the name of that product and how do I use it?

Answer: Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme is the name of that product that Phoenix referenced. Spagyri-Zyme completely eats through the paraffin layer of both crude and synthetic oils. Place the Spagyri-Zyme on the affected areas and then till the soil in. If you are trying to clean the soil of toxins, chemicals or car oil, we would also suggest using Aquazyme and Oppenheimer Formula 4 OR a more intense Oppenheimer Formula if you have a REALLY bad situation [like an oil tanker spill]. After that, you will want to get various types of compost [wood chips, lactating dairy cattle manure, leaf mould, etc], aggregates like Coco Coir and Peat Moss, and a bunch of amendments [azomite, basalt, gypsum, crab/oyster/lobster shell, Cal Phos, etc] and till all of that in and then inoculate it with Stubble Digester in the fall and let it overwinter. As soon as the ground thaws in spring, then you will need to prepare the soil for planting by creating compost tea preparations with a variety of Microbes [including EM-1, Spagyri-Zyme, Jadam-style plant ferments, and those from Earthworm Castings] or use an instant compost tea product like Organic Plant Magic. And then you will be ready to plant and you will probably have the best soil of any place around. Then, you just have to continually perform top dressing or live mulching and compost tea preps and your soil will continue to stay amazing.


IDF Technology & Analysis FAQ's: 

Question: What is IDF technology?

Answer: IDF stands for Intrinsic Data Field. Here is a really detailed description of what IDF technology entails, and the SE-5 2000 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer we use.


Question: I’m interested in investing in my own SE-5 2000 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer.

Answer: It is indeed an amazing investment into one’s well-being. Send us an email at and we will connect you with our representative who can give you more information on the SE-5 2000, as well as current pricing. After early 2022, we will be offering the SE-5 2000 on our own website so stay tuned for that, as well as for training that Phoenix is creating!


Question: Does Phoenix do in person appointments?

Answer: We do not offer in person appointments since all of our correspondence is handled via email and any IDF analysis that is done is done remotely. Consultations with Phoenix take place online via Zoom.


Astrology FAQ's:

Question: How does Sidereal Astrology work? 

Answer: To the best of our knowledge, Sidereal Astrology entails all the most accurate astronomical data and is congruent with the International Astronomical Union. It provides 100% accuracy from a medical astrology angle, a lab astrology angle, and an agricultural angle. Learn more about Sidereal Astrology in this podcast Phoenix did with Athen Chimenti. 


Question: Who do you recommend for Sidereal Astrology charts and readings?

Answer: Athen Chimenti is who we recommend, and here is his website. Also we offer a very thorough and detailed Astronomological Calendar, which is the most complete calendar in existence as far as we are aware. It can be used by Astrologers, Alchemists/Spagyrists, Astrodynamic Gardeners, Magicians, and literally everyone else who is interested in Astronomy and/or Astrology. It blends both Astronomical Data and True Sidereal Astrological Data so you know exactly what Cosmic Forces are at play, and when they are at play. The calendar includes:

1. All Phases of the Moon.  2. Ascending + Descending Cycles of the Moon.  3. Lunar Nodes.  4. Lunar Apogees + Perigees.  5. Lunar Constellations with Void of Course data.  6. True Sidereal Positions of Every Planet.  7. Conjunctions, Oppositions, Trines, Squares, and Sextiles of each planetary influence.  8. Planets Visible in the Sky Each Month.  9. Ideal [Trans]Planting, Harvesting, and Extraction times for each different type of plant component [Subterranean, Leaf, Flower, Fruit].  10. Alchemi-Culture Agricultural information  11. Ideal Days for Alchemical Processes.  12. All Astronomically Significant Happenings including Solstices, Equinoxes, Cross Quarter Dates, Eclipses, Meteor Showers, etc!


Podcast FAQ's:

Question: I would love to interview Phoenix on my podcast/radio show.

Answer: We definitely appreciate you thinking of us for your podcast or radio show! Feel free to send us an email at and we can discuss your ideas further to see if we are a good fit for your show and audience.


Question: What platforms can I listen to your Alchemi-Culture Podcast on?

Answer: You can listen to our podcast on AnchorFM, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, Copy RSS, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and YouTube.


Question: In a podcast, Phoenix mentioned these specific products: CHI-O BioArc EMF Family Pack, ION Gut Support, Mountain Rose Herbs and Mother Earth Minerals, but I can’t find the link on your site.

Answer: Here are the links: CHI-O BioArc EMF Family Pack, ION Gut Support, Mountain Rose Herbs and Mother Earth Minerals.

But you will see all of our affiliate links under our Alchemi-Culture Podcast page. 


Recommendations FAQ's:

Question: What products does Phoenix recommend that he doesn’t sell, i.e. items for EMF protection and other supplements, etc.

Answer: For EMF protection, BioArcs work great since they don't eliminate electromagnetism, they structure it so it’s not harmful. It’s when electromagnetism is unstructured that it causes damaging EMF pollution. Using a Trifield EMF Reader is a must since you can measure what types of EMF fields are surrounding you so you can be proactive at changing your environment. Also, a grounding mat is a good idea for electronic devices like laptops and cell phones. 


Some of Phoenix’s supplement recommendations are:

Dropi Icelandic Cod Liver Oil   

Shree Radhey Organic A2 Gir Cow Ghee 

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics

Vitalitown Probiotics

Country Life Coenzyme Vitamin B Complex

Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex

Vital Earth Fulvic-Humic Mineral Blend

Living Libations Happy Gum Drops + Oil Swishing Serum

Cell Power Liquid High-Energy Concentrate