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Featured Products

Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic

  • This Product Contains many anaerobic Micro-Organisms from Soil, Various Water Sources, Compost, Food Materials, and More. Some of these micro-organisms are conceived of to be "dangerous" or "ill advised" to take internally by the modern medical establishment. As a result this product is for Research and Development Purposes Only. 

    With that clearly stated, Intrinsic Data Analysis has shown repetitively that there is not a lifeform around except harmful bacteriae, fungi, and viruses that do not benefit from this Microbial Enzyme Formula. Plants, Animals, Humans, and soil conditions all thrive with its use and it has been tested in many applications both with IDF Analytics as well as tested visibly and organoleptically. There is a clear difference between the organisms given this product and those not given this product. 

    Our analytics show that in soil, animals, and humans, this product restores microbial levels and begins producing shikimic acid and other organic acid compounds within a matter of hours while accelerating the decomposition of organic matter and the chelation or biological transmutation of Heavy Metals and hazardous substances. 

    In a Soil Test, Spagyri-Zyme was able to break through the parrafin and wax layers in Crude Oil and further decompose the oil into organic fertilizer in just 8 days. 

    This product is sold for Research and Development Purposes Only and is not necessarily intended for ingestion. That being the case, Phoenix still consumes roughly 2mL of this solution daily and feels it to be important in restoring healthy microbial function to the gut.

$35 for 4 oz

Here is a Brief List of some of the Organisms Found Within Spagyri-Zyme:

  • Micrococcus agilis

  • Brevibacterium linens

  • Pseudomonas stutzeri

  • Arthrobacter uratoxydans

  • Flavobacterium mizutaii

  • Paenibacillus maceraus

  • Micrococcus luteus

  • Enterobacter Cloacae

  • Bacillus licheniformis

  • Sacchyromyces Cultures

  • Lactobacillus Cultures

  • Rhodobacter capsulatis

Other Noteworthy Spagyrics

Gifts of the Magi Spagyric Formulation

1 ml- $20
4 ml- $50
15 ml- $165
Vintage: 10/30/16

The Gifts of the Magi is a Spagyric Preparation Consisting of a Proprietary Blend of the Alchemical Oil of Gold,  a Philosphic Essence of Frankincense and a Professional tincture of Myrrh using philosophically rectified biodynamic red wine spirits. Because the Blend contains Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, I have called this “Gifts of the Magi”, as these are the Gifts given to Jesus upon his Birth by the Three Magi.


I have found this blend to be particularly tasty, fortifying to the mind, calming to the nerves, and puts the general disposition in a state of ease. This Initiatic Creation is designed to rouse and activate the Potency of the three Philosophic Principles within each of us: Salt (Body), Mercury (Spirit), & Sulfur (Soul). In the Western Esoteric Mystery Traditions, the call to be Priest, Prophet, and King (Or Priestess, Prophetess, & Queen) corresponds to the Separation and Perfection of these three Philosophic Principles on an inner plane. The most exalted state of each Philosophic principle exists as an archetype within the subconscious mind: the Priestly Quality is that of the Spirit (Mercury), The Prophet Quality is that of the Soul (Sulfur), and the King Quality is that of the Body (Salt). As the story goes, IVSVS, Jesus Christ, the Living Embodiment of the Stone, was at birth gifted Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh by Three Traveling Magi from the East.


Historically Speaking, in both the Eastern World as well as the Western World, these ingredients have been used for millennia in healing, mysticism, and magical practices, giving them a uniquely historical esoteric significance.


Gold is an untarnishable metal - it does not corrode, and it has been deemed as the Metal that corresponds most to the Energy of the Sun. By including the Oil of Gold in this Blend, the concept is to energetically enhance the potency and effective distribution of Life Force and Vital Force within the body. Gold is the Gift of Kings.


Frankincense is a material that has been used at least since the time of Ancient Egypt for myriad purposes, though it is perhaps most well known for its use by Priests as a medium to Purify the Spiritual Energy in Temples. In nearly all Western Ritual Traditions, Frankincense is used in Ritual to Cleanse the space and to afford protection; this is because on an archetypal level, the volatile vapors both Overcome and Penetrate denser spiritual vibrations in the Room. Frankincense has traditionally been used during birth and death ceremonies, for home clearings, and is still the most important incense used by the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches. It is of a very Priestly Nature and seems to help a great deal with the Spiritualization of space and mind. By Including an Essence of Frankincense in this blend, the concept is to be able to clear and purify the Philosophic Principle of Mercury. Frankincense is the Gift of Priests.


Lastly, Myrrh has been used for thousands of years, either alone or with Galangal, to induce visions. This Psychic Resin is traditionally Burnt while a decoction of the root is drunk - it has been noted that this causes visions that can provide clarity to future events or impart great wisdom from other worlds. Myrrh and Frankincense are often burned together in various Magickal Rituals that are used for bringing things into the Astral and/or Physical Matrix. Traditionally, Myrrh preparations have been used by Seers and Psychics of all sorts. It taps into the Psychic (deriving from "PSYCHE", or Soul) Vibrations of materials and offers prophecies and insight. Myrrh has been added to this blend to clear and purify the Soul as well as to potentize the Philosophic Principle of Sulfur. Myrrh is the Gift of Prophets.


As a result, the Gifts of the Magi is a complete blend to enhance the potency and receptivity of the Three Philosophic Essentials as they present themselves in the Physiology, the Channels of Life Force, and the Psyche. I've found it to be tremendously beneficial for use before and/or after meditations, prayer, ritual, ceremonies, laboratory work, etc. In my personal practice, I even consume it as a daily sacrament.

Dark Illumination Spagyric Formulation

1 ml- $30
4 ml- $100
15 ml-$330

Vintage: 10/30/15

This Unique Spagyric Formulation contains Animal, Floral, and Metallic Ingredients Purified Spagyrically and rendered as an Initiatic Formulation designed to help expose And Transform our Inner Darkness. By creating a subconscious pull towards the Darkness, and then promoting a cleansing and gradual transformation of that darkness through the evolutionary intelligences of several planetary archetypes used in the Creation of the Philosopher’s Stone via the Dry Path, the initiate will come to face yet deeper understandings of the Infinitely Fractal Mysteries of Death and Rebirth. Where there is hidden or dark energy within ourselves which is unwanted, unwarranted, or festering uncontrollably, Dark Illumination can help provide Illumination on the Situation.

Ingredients: Contains Spagyric Essence, Spirit, & Salt of: Scorpion, Tarantula, Calendula Marigolds, Hemp, Wild Rose [Leaf, Bud, Flower, Thorn, Hip], Datura Flowers, White Lotus Flowers, Blue Lily of the Nile Flowers, Blue Lotus Flower Stamens, Wild Dagga Flowers, Calliandra Flowers, The Fixed & Unfixed Tinctures of Antimony, the Pyrolytic Alchemical Oils of Iron, Silver, Copper, Mercury, & Gold, Distilled Honey Spirits.

The Inspiration for DARK ILLUMINATION:
From the Animal Kingdom: Drawing Heavily from the Archetypal Wisdom of Arachnids, this Formulation helps us move with confidence and grace in even the darkest areas of our psyche. There, the Arachnid Energy feasts upon the creatures living in the dark. The Tarantula weaves the web that catches unwanted pests and the Scorpion Energy Protects us in the dark from unwanted creatures, as the Scorpion is commonly seen as a guardian of the underworld. The Spirit of Honey comes to us as one of the gifts of the Honey Bee made into a highly refined Ethanol by our Alchemical Art.

From the Vegetable Kingdom: An Entheogenic Blend of Flowers used in Death and Rebirth Rituals around the world are included in this Formulation. Starting with Marigolds & Roses, as well as 3 different types of Lotus, crowned gracefully by CBD-Rich Hemp and Dagga Flowers; finishing with the grace and beauty of Calliandra, the Spiritual Warrior of the Sun in Mayan Mythology.

From The Metallic Kingdom: Antimony, Iron, Silver, Copper, Mercury, and Gold are all used in this preparation. These are the Metals associated with the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone using the Flamel Path. In an Artistic Manner, I have combined unique volumetric proportions of each Material in sequential order in such a way as to encrypt the processes of Transformation and the Energy of the Transformation of the Stone Itself upon the individual who takes it.