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IDF Analysis




IDF Analysis is an experimental method of analysis that I use in my work with Practical Spagyria. I have custom coded in every entry into a new Spagyric Wellness database, asking all questions within the framework of Paracelsian Theory and Cosmology and including 30,000+ items of Paracelsian analysis that can be investigated. Every month, I perform further research specifically to expand this database and make it even more precise in the light of emerging scientific information.

Please note that this method is NOT used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness and these methods are not approved by the FDA. This is Grass-Roots Spagyric Research and is designed only for Spagyric Education + Formulation Purposes. When a patron funds the research, they have two choices: we can perform research on the patron who funded the research, or patrons can provide research services for someone else. In the "Comments To Seller" section during checkout, be sure to let us know whether this is for "Self" or "Others." 

Before funding any research, it is critical to understand how the research works, how the analysis works, and how to order your test. If you have any questions after reading this, please watch the video on this page. I STRONGLY recommend a 30-minute consultation with me BEFORE purchasing any types of Analysis so I can advise the patron on what items to include in the analysis for the best research results. By having a consultation with me, it saves you time, effort, and money PLUS it makes a big difference in the accuracy of the analysis and research.

If you choose not to have a Consultation with me but still want to have an analysis performed, then it is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that you fund the research on the first analysis in the store below. This is called the "Spagyric Wellness Research Initial IDF Analysis" and it's really the only logical place to begin one's research; if you are purchasing other types of analysis, it is because it is necessary or because you have worked with me before and already know what you need to investigate. This Initial IDF Analysis is formatted in the framework of Paracelsian Cosmology and asks 100+ directed questions to help determine which Entia are having an affect on the subject at this time. It breaks that down further into the contributing cause[s] to that Ens or those Entia.  This Initial Analysis provides us with generalized answers of what the IDF readout points to as being the Root Cause in Paracelsian Cosmology. 

After receiving the analysis results, a first-time research patron is encouraged to book a General Consultation at Half Off [Instructions for this come with the results of the first analysis] to determine which type[s] or line[s] of analysis are necessary to further get an accurate IDF 'Tuning.' 

Those seeking an Spagyric Compatibility + Application IDF Analysis can fund the second product in the research market below.