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IDF Analysis is an experimental method of analysis that I use in my Research Work.  I have personally created every entry into a Custom Spagyric Wellness database, asking all questions within the framework of Paracelsian Theory and Cosmology. At length, our Custom Spagyric Wellness Database includes 30,000+ items that can be investigated. Every month, I chip away at finding the proper Radionic Rate/Tuning Frequency necessary to both Analyze and Balance the items in this database. As various sections are finished by adding these tunings, I am making the Analysis Services Available on this site.

Please note that this method is NOT used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness and these methods are not approved by the FDA. This is Grass-Roots Spagyric Research and is designed only for Spagyric Education + Formulation Purposes with the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy ONLY. Those who are concerned about the results are suggested to contact a Licensed Medical Professional to obtain further medical diagnosis.

Before funding any research, it is critical to understand how the research works, how the analysis works, and how to order your test. If you do not yet understand any of this, we encourage you to order a Wellness Consultation first, so we can inform you about the technology, what to expect, and how to interact with the services below.



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