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IDF Broadcasts

IDF Broadcasts are ideal because there is never any prep, nothing you have to carry around, and they are just scheduled to run in sequence, based on how many you purchase. We offer individual IDF Broadcasts as well as in packages of  5 broadcasts for $350 and 10 broadcasts for $650, though you will need to request this via email or during your next consultation. 

*Please Note, due to the highly customized Nature of each Broadcast and the time necessary for a technician to run the broadcast, we are unable to provide clients with a "anticipated schedule". What we are able to provide is the following:
Before and After Report. This applies for single broadcasts. For packages of 5 and 10 broadcasts, a person will receive their update after the first three broadcasts. A person will not be charged for the first three broadcasts if there were minimal or no noticeable affects. 

2. Customers who purchase 5 and 10 pack broadcasts will also receive a final update after their final broadcast. 

IDF Broadcast