IDF Spagyric Research



We have shifted away from IDF Wellness Research as of February 2021 in order to put our time towards researching Spagyric Pharmacopeia through using the SE-5 2000 Gold and its state of the art Intrinsic Data Field Analysis.

Our goal is to have IDF Data for EACH of our Spagyric Items in the Apothecary. This will take a long time & consistent effort as we have well over 270 items (&  ever growing) and each Item can take up to 3 hours to properly research and split test. 


Phoenix & team will be compiling 3 years of IDF Wellness Research Data and publishing the findings.


As much as we love helping people with their Wellness complaints, there is not enough time or energy to be able to continue with the Wellness Research Program as well as accomplish our other IDF Research & Publication goals. If and when this changes, we will be letting people know via our Newsletter, so if you are not yet subscribed be sure to do so below.