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Phoenix Signature Spagyric Initiation Intensive: $3500

This 3 day initiation provides all the skills a blossoming spagyrist might need when trying to make a fruitful approach to this work. The skills learned in this initiation will take you through all the fundamental works of the "wet path" leading up to the creation of Stones, Circulata, Alkahests, and other Mercurial Menstrua. You will spend roughly 20 hours performing this work with your own hands with my own lab equipment. How quickly a student is able to learn determines how much content we can cover or how thoroughly we can cover each topic. This Intensive does not cover "dry path" info, as pyrolytic works are introduced in supplemental courses. Advanced students will be able to discuss theory and see lab apparti and finished pyrolytic products.

Intensive May Include Some or All of the Following Topics:

    - Lab & Field Safety

    - Spagyric Theory

    - Biomass Preparation

    - Essential Oil + Hydrosol Extractions

    - Fermentation of Water, Alcohol, Vinegar

    - Distillation & Rectification Skills

    - Tincturing wide range of Biomass Materials

    - Filtering Biomass from Tinctures

    - Calcination of Biomass & Bio-Resisns

    - Purification & Crystallization of Plant-based mineral Salts

    - Make a Spagyric Tincture + Spagyric Extracts

    - Make a Rarified Spagyric Tincture

    - Make a Spagyric Essence per destillatio

    - Make a Philosophic Spagyric Essence

    - Make Water-Soluble Medicinal Powders

    - Begin Making a Reconstructed Spagyric Essence 

    - Begin Making a Spagyric Stone

    - Learn how to make a Paracelsian Magistery

    - Learn how to make a Paracelsian Clyssus

    - Learn to Use Alembics, Retorts, Pelicans, + Alchemical Glass

    - Much More!​

Customize Your Education

Other 3 Day Lab Intensives: $3500/each

Pick Your Own Topic:

  • Archaeus of Water + Water Works

  • Rarifying + Elevating Spagyric Products

  • Spagyric Essences - 3 different methods

  • Paracelsian Magistery [of Fruit]

  • Oil of Egg + Spagyric Egg Tinctures/Stone

  • Paracelsian Spagyric Clyssus

  • Ens Tincture Process - 2 methods

  • Making [Dry] Spagyric Infused Salts 

Available 2020 One-On-One Apprenticeship Dates

April  23-26, 2020
July 2-5, 2020

What is Included?

  • 20+ hours of Hands-On Education - Pick from Above Curricula Or Pitch us Your Own Idea! 

  • YOU determine how fast we go and what you want to focus on according to your interests! 

  • Four Nights of Lodging + Accommodations for 3 Day Immersion Study

  • All Inclusive Dinner, Drinks, and Dessert at Hearth on 25th Street, Roosters Brewing Co, or other Local Establishments on the first night.

  • House-Chef prepared meals - 3 per day + snacks for next three days. Coffee, Tea, Water, and any other non-alcoholic beverages are also included.

  • Daily Lab Use Fee Included in Price

  • Lab Glass Insurance + Breakage Policy Included in Price up to $650 of breakage per student

  • Access to the Grounds and Recreation Areas. Hiking Trails and Scenic Views in All Directions. 

  • Pickup + Dropoff from SLC Intl Airport OR Ogden Municipal Airport. [If desired]​

    *  Couples or Two People can Learn for $5000, but each applicant must have their own application analysis performed.

Accommodation Details

Our facility rests at the base of Wasatch Mountains right near Coldwater Canyon in North Ogden. Guests will find our house at the top of a mountainous property with roughly 3.5 acres of  a combination of Outdoor Gardens, Vineyards, and Orchards, and a Greenhouse set among Wild Rocky Mountain Terrain. Students will be lodging and working on the main ground level of the house which has been converted into our Spagyric Laboratory and Study Facility. The Lab facility includes a Distillation and processing Laboratory Space, Fermentation Areas, an additional Full Kitchen Lab Area, Alchemical Library, Spagyric Apothecary, Brew Station, Ritual and Meditation Hearth [My tradition is Irish Celtic and Fayerie Magic], and lots of open space that can be converted into anything our work demands with little effort. We have foldable tables, rolling tables and carts, chairs, and other accommodations that allow us to modify the space as neccessary for the work at hand. The ENTIRE Facility is fully connected to Mountain Spring Water and our own holding tank that captures gravity fed spring water from a pristine spring near Coldwater Canyon. This allows us to entirely bypass all municipal or chemically-treated water in the house. This includes the toilets, sinks, showers, clothes washers, etc. It's truly a pristine environment. The house has also been treated with IDF frequencies and a person can truly sense they're walking into a whole new world. 

Students are provided with their own Private Guest Bathroom + Private Guest Bedroom themed with the History of Western Pharmacy lithographs. The Guest Room is equipped with its own own Study Desk and chair, a Queen Size Bed and blankets [flannel sheets in Cold months], Two Nightstands and Lamps, a bed-end Storage Ottoman [supports 540 lbs], a large closet for clothes and suitcases, private garbage pail, private desk top fan/space heater [depending on season], and a 32" Flat Screen Smart Television that gives access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium, and more. It also has its own carbon monoxide detector to keep you safe if you need to run any overnight distillations or projects. A full safety protocol will be posted in your room for your safety along with your welcome information. The Guest Bathroom comes stocked with clean organic, non-bleached towels, hand towels, and wash cloths.

The views from the entire property are stunning, and the same is true of the guest bedroom. The window over the bed looks out over the driveway, vinyards, and hen house in the front of our property to the West. The setting sun is a beautiful thing to watch and sungazing is totally possible most of the year straight from your bedroom window! The North wall window of the bedroom overlooks the gardens and orchards with a prime view of the almond tress. No matter where you look, you will find Alchemy and Ecology and Agriculture combining with one another and it's really a solace to the soul and a delight to the eye.

The grounds are available for students to walk around for contemplation and inspiration; there are majestic mountain views to North and East of the property and hiking access to trails leading straight from the backyard. To the North are stunning views of Mt Ben Lomond and the mountain range that wraps around the back of our property. The oversized balcony and porch provides a huge area for Yoga in the morning or relaxing outdoors in the evening; it provides among the best seats in the house for the sunset, too! Our backyard also connects up with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, which is 10 miles long [20 mile round trip] in total, and walks a person all along the remaining shoreline of Ancient Lake Bonneville. There are hundreds and hundreds of acres of hiking trails connected to the Bonneville shoreline trail, connecting you with every hiking trail in the extensive Weber Pathways Network. All these hills are full of Wild Medicines from the High Mountain Desert Bio-region: Yarrow, Hounds Tongue, Plantain, Wild Garlic, Prickly Pear Cacti, Elder, Burdock, Curly Dock, Yellow Dock, Amaranth, Sunflowers, and a wide host of others. We also have many wild and cultivated plants all over the property that provide fresh produce and medicine all year long. The closest Canyon Hikes are Deadhorse Canyon and adjacent Coldwater Canyon, which both boast stunning views. For those who would like to take an extra day JUST to perform the hike, we are exceptionally close the famous Ben Lomond hiking Trail, which can take 6+ hours to finish round trip depending on speed and adaptability. We sit at roughly 5000ft elevation annd we are only 35 minutes away from SnowBasin Mountain Resort, where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held and exactly 35 minutes from Powder Mountain, which is the largest single Ski Mountain in the United States. Our location is 50 minutes away from the SLC International Airport and only 20 minutes from Ogden Regional Airport [Flights to/from Phoenix, AZ and a few other locations are regularly available]. 

You will be provided three organic home-cooked meals each day + snacks so that your time can be focused solely on your studies.   Many of our greens, fruit, and produce throughout the agricultural year are grown and produced on site. Those that aren't grown here are sourced organically from Local Growers or Natural Grocers if a local supply isn't available. All our meats are sourced from small, ethical, grass-fed, organic farms, namely Maddox Family Farms or Utah Natural Meats. Eggs come from our own Vegetarian-Fed Chickens who eat compost, garden scraps, live insects, sprouted grains, and dry organic grains. They have a large uncovered area with fresh flowing spring water, access to sun and soil, ability to dust bathe, access to shade and shelter along with laying areas. If you have food allergies or sensitives please let us know well in advance and we will do what we can to accommodate a brilliant meal lineup for you! 

Travel Information

Our location is 50 minutes away from the SLC International Airport and only 20 minutes from Ogden Regional Airport [Flights to/from Phoenix, AZ and a few other locations are regularly available].The closest city is the city of North Ogden, which has a fantastic Smith's Super Center [Grocery + Home Supplies/Clothing/Jewelry] only 5 minutes away with a delightful Organic Selection of Produce, Snacks, Etc. We also have a Natural Grocers 11 minutes south of here with an even larger selection. Downtown Ogden is only 15 minutes away from our facility. Ogden was known as the Crossroads of the West, and even referred to as "Junction City" for a time. The Union Station and a walk along Historic 25th Street is strongly encouraged, as it has stayed on the top 10 list of cutest historic streets in America multiple years in a row. With a great Microbrewery, Plenty of Pubs and Bars, Fantastic Restaurants, Entertainment, Farmer's Markets, and More, 25th Street will be one of the main attractions to visit. You'll also get to see what local life is like - Most people in Ogden are really laid back and spend a lot of time outdoors skiing one of our multiple mountains, paddleboarding in one of our many reservoirs, hiking our never-ending trails, camping, and engaging in other fun activities where imagination [and possibly legislation] is the limit. 

All Interested Applicants Must Apply 

To Purchase Your Application Now or to see the full details of the Immersion Study Application Process , please click below where it says "See Full Details". Please Note that Immersion Study Applicants may not be approved at this time; after a period of 6 months, they have the opportunity to test themselves once again at no additional cost. Also note that when you add the product to your cart, it will appear as $130, but the cart system automatically adds $10 for shipping, making the total $140. (It will appear as $130 plus $10 Shipping). Please Contact Us if you have any further questions.

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