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Spagyrics Of The Month Club

Wanting to support our work AND get a killer deal on our newly released spagyrics?
Look no further, we are now offering an affordable way for you to build up a large collection of spagyric pharmacopeia. By only paying $75 a month you get a minimum of five 4mL spagyric tinctures (or essences, philosophic essences, rarified tinctures, or other type of pharmacopeia) shipped straight to your door so long as you live within the USA as shipping is included in your membership fee. And as if this isn't a good enough deal already we will also give you a special coupon code to always be able to save 10% off our whole apothecary whenever your heart desires
(you simply have to email to receive the coupon code for that month). 

Please note that due to processing time you may receive a confirmation email for the membership program 30 minutes to several hours after you sign up. You can always write if you need help.