13th Annual Good Medicine Confluence

"A Herbalist Gathering"

When: July 19-22, 2023
How Much:
Adult $439.00
(12-19yrs) $100

"The 2023 Good Medicine Confluence's 13th annual gathering is being hosted at the beautiful Puma Hills Nature Retreat Center near Lake George in Southern Colorado, surrounded by lush forest and colorful wildflowers.  

For 4 wondrous days and nights you will not only revel in the over 100 educational classes and workshops, you’ll experience an empowering and transformative journey like none other –– the furthering of your blossoming abilities and chosen practices, a heartful healing quest, and thus a truly powerful tale to tell."

Phoenix Aurelius' Presentation Details (click to read more)

Duration: 1.5 hour Lecture with Black/White Board

Description:  The Freeze Dryer is an amazing tool in the Spagyric and Herbal Laboratory; its uses and virtues go far beyond its more mundane applications of merely preserving herbs. In this presentation, you will learn how you can use a Freeze Dryer in your own Practice to create new items of pharmacopoeia that extend beyond the scope of historical remedies with the use of Sublimated Herbal Waters. Fermenters, Alcohol Distillers, Essential Oil Distillers, Perfumers, and Spagyrists will find this presentation to be particularly interesting and useful.

Duration:  2 Hour Lecture with Black/White Board

Description: There are many items of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia that exist and all of them have different methods of preparation because the processes they go through and the items that remain as a result determine how each item of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia works. Some items are designed to work on the Physical Level, while others are designed to work more on Psychological and even Spiritual levels. Learn how and why you might choose to employ one item of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia over another as we outline at least six common and accessible classes of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia.

a) Spagyric Tinctures:

Spagyric Essence
I. Essences per Destillatio
II. Essences per Fermentatio
III. Philosophic Spagyric Essence

b) Spagyric Entia
I. Primum Ens
II. Ens Tinctures

c) Spagyric Clyssi

I. Root Only [Angelica]

II. Whole Plant

d) Spagyric Magistery

e) Spagyric Stone

Duration:  2 hour Lecture with Black/White Board

Description:  As Herbalists and Healers, it is important to acknowledge that imbalances of Health and Psyche can have their origins outside the physio-chemical spectrum.  In fact, some estimates say that up to 90% of all diseases are psychosomatic in origin. In this class, we’ll be taking a look at Human Multi-Dimensional Anatomy as we identify both the 4 elementary dimensions of Human Existence and the thresholds between each of these dimensions. We will also discuss how different types of Vibrational and Herbal Medicines affect the human multidimensional anatomy and how we can use these principles in our medicine making.

Duration: 2.5 hour Lecture

Description: Absolutely everything is composed of Intrinsic Data Fields [IDF’s], which are holographic and fractal multi-dimensional fields of information that together, are the entire coding of creation. Imagine the source code of every program or webpage you’ve ever seen: it contains the information for every single aspect of the structure and function of that program and it is designed to respond algorithmically to the input of its users to create and define an entire user experience. Intrinsic Data Fields have been described and used by nearly every different culture in ways somewhat unique to each culture; yet regardless of the filter of understanding each culture uses, we find time-honored perennial methods of influencing and informing IDF’s for Health, Wellness, Prosperity, Fertility, Agriculture and more. In this Lecture, you will learn how relevant IDF’s are as we discuss how people already access and transmit IDF’s thousands of times per day without even knowing it as we then explore how we can consciously use IDF Pathways to influence IDF’s for Health, Wellness, Vitality, and much more!

a) Radionics and Quantum Scalar Pathways

b) Analogue Pathways
i. Magic
• Runes/Ogham/Word Sigils
• Pendulum Works
• Candle Works
ii. Prayers + Intentions
iii. Energy Work/Vibrational Medicine

c) Herbal/Medicinal Pathways
i. Homeopathic
ii. Electro Homeopathic
iii. Flower Essences
iv. Full Potency Remedies
v. Herbal Totems

vi. Psychedelic Medicines

Discover the Serene Beauty of The New 2023 Location

Bison Peak Lodge,  Lake George, COLORADO

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