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Updated: Apr 26

Gabriel Cousens is a medical doctor who has used nutrition and natural cures for many decades to demonstrate verified medical cases of spectacular turnarounds in various medical diagnoses ranging from diabetes to cardiovascular diseases to immunological diseases, and much more. He has recently released a statement about the Coronavirus and how it is verified to be man-made. I have included his quote below my narrative.

This information is VERY important to the common individual even if one thinks it may not be at the present moment. If one doesn't take it upon oneself to learn about the hazards of modern chemistry and industrial manufacturing, it definitely will overpower our society and destroy our world without a shadow of a doubt. Verily, it already is doing so and we are at a critical turning point here on Earth. We must remember that society belongs to all of us and we all can make a difference if we have the gumption enough to do so. Creating a difference on Earth begins with education (true knowledge) and being tapped in on the level on not only the Body, but also the Soul and Spirit. Nobody can make a true and lasting difference if they don't take it upon themselves to learn about the problems and the figure out both personal and collective solutions to remedy those problems in both the macro and micro scale.

This isn't the coronavirus alone that I'm talking about. I'm talking about the chemical processing of cooking oils and processed foods, pharmaceutical "medicine" manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, petroleum oil refinery, mining and metal refinery, and other aspects of our society that have profoundly deleterious impacts on our health as well as having severely negative ramifications on the planet.

Though I would love nothing more than to eradicate the conditions that cause people to be passive about their own health and healthy ecology, this is not something I have direct control over. Every Individual must ascribe self-importance to these issues and make changes to be congruent with that importance. But it would be unethical not to issue a warning to those who still have time to make an impact and to change the egregious errors of their ways. Furthermore, it is vital that those good [wo]men and beings who can make a difference actually START making a difference.

Perhaps like myself, you might find within yourself the courage to speak and act out against these atrocities and to realize that it is far better to die for something that is undoubtedly right and just in the Perennial Scope of Things than to sit around and allow ignorance, apathy, and misinformation to guide everyone towards a grand extinction.

Dr Cousens’ Note

“Dear Friends,

Yesterday, in multiple places, virologists identified that the Wuhan coronavirus out of China was laboratory engineered. Multiple virology laboratories around the world have basically confirmed that the fingerprint of genetic modification vectors is unmistakably present in this coronavirus gene sequence. In other words, the remnants of gene-engineering tools for the genetic insertion are still present in virus samples. One of the first laboratories to discover this was a top research institute in India called the Kusuma School of Biological Sciences. Their analysis of the RNA sequence revealed that part of the HIV virus was inserted into this coronavirus. Notably, the appearance of any aspect of the HIV virus in another coronavirus has never occurred before. Such a discovery is analogous to finding a jackalope.

The mythical mash-up jackalope and the Wuhan coronavirus share some commonalities.

This particular HIV segment allows it to better plug into the mucus membranes of the human system, giving it a rare entry mechanism not found in any other coronavirus. Scientists in other laboratories worldwide, including a well-known virologist in Beijing, China, point out that this coronavirus has been unmistakably human engineered. He mentions a SARS binding protein sequence that also allows it entry into human cells. The same scientist points out that at this time of the year no bats are sold or found at the Wuhan seafood market. Forty-five percent of the initial people who came down with the virus had not visited the Wuhan seafood market, clearly showing that the speculation that the virus spread through the Wuhan seafood market is completely bogus. It is interesting to note that a variety of virology laboratories from different countries have confirmed that this virus is human engineered.

Though my initial intuition was that the virus had accidentally escaped from the Wuhan laboratory located 20 miles away from the marketplace, the virus was not found in a bat in the marketplace. This has been more seriously validated in the last 48 hours. It is also my interpretation that the weaponized virus was accidentally released at this time. It's important to understand that viruses have legitimately accidentally been released from laboratories in a variety of unexpected ways. Historically, there may be close to 10 virus research laboratories in the US, alone, where this has happened. The question that humanity must answer is, "Why are we manufacturing human lethal bioweapons in the level 3 and 4 research centers around the world?"

Not only have we demonstrated our inability to handle them in ways that don't prevent accidental releases, but the very idea of creating these lethal bioweapons is antithetical to the great, moral, and ethical wisdom and Biblical teachings. Going against the divine purpose of life is going against God. At some point we need to stop this insane behavior from continuing.

Just because this virus is lab-grown, doesn't mean we shouldn't take it seriously. On the contrary it is crucial that we meet exposure with an enhanced health regime and protocol.

To protect and enhance our natural immunity, I want to add several items to my Wuhan Coronavirus Protection Protocol:

Illumodine - 20 drops in a glass of water 3 times daily (15 minutes or more away from food) (Iodine has been shown to destroy SARS and MRSA viruses and, in its atomic form [Illumodine] is probably the most powerful antiviral on the planet.)

Nano Silver - 1 teaspoon twice daily (Nano Silver has been shown to destroy SARS and MRSA viruses.)

Red Algae - 2 capsules twice daily such as on waking and bedtime (away from food)

*Illumodine, Nano Silver, and Red Algae are the top 3 antivirals.*

Mega Defense - 4 capsules twice daily (for building and protecting the immune system)

Antioxidant Extreme - 2 capsules twice daily

Licorice Root - take as tea or tincture once daily (for lung protection)

Vitamin D - 2,000 IU daily (for building the immune system)

Vitamin A - 25,000 IU daily (for protecting our upper respiratory mucus membranes and lining)

Vitamin C - as much as you can take before diarrhea

It is unfortunate that we need to be in such a survival defense situation. It is my prayer that these lethal, viral, weaponized attacks against humanity may finally be exposed, and humanity may actually push back against this evil activity.

Blessings and Health to Everyone,

Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), ND(hc), DD” Feb 5, 2020

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