1L Glass Alembic Distillation Head
  • 1L Glass Alembic Distillation Head

    1 Liter Glass Alembic Distillation Head with 45/50 Male Ground Glass Joint and 24/40 Male Ground Glass Joint on Arm at 45* angle. This is the Necessary Glass Alembic Head for My Proxy Study and/or Lab Apprenticeships that require your own labware.

    Because the pieces are handblown, a precise angle of the neck is nearly impossible and all pieces will vary a little bit. I take orders all month long and place one bulk order to the glassblower per month. If you place your order between the 1-24th of the month, your order will be placed on the 25th of the month. If you place an order between the 26 and the 31sl of any month, your order will be rolled over to the next month's orders. No exceptions. These are custom blown overseas and your order may take 75+ days to reach us due to customs. There is nothing we can do to expedite the process if customs holds up our order. 

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      This Glassware is Hand-Blown using exceptional-quality double-walled Borosilicate. It is thick, heavy, durable, and acceptable for all Spagyric and Alchemical Functions where a Glass Alembic is necessary. Safe under reasonable vacuum pressure and suitable for pyrolytic processes. The Clamps that Come with this system are sufficient for low temp rectifications and the like, but it is preferred to get steel tape clamps if you want to perform pyrolytic or high temperature work. Because All Pieces are Custom-Made and Hand-Blown, I place all orders for custom glassware on the 25th of each Month. If your order is placed before the 25th of the month, your order will go out with the current month's batch. If your order is placed after the 25th of the month, it will roll over to the next month and be fulfilled with the next month's orders. Lead time on Alembic Distillation Heads can be up to 8+ weeks.

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