500 mL Standard Retort
  • 500 mL Standard Retort

    This is a 500mL Retort blown using exeptionally fine double-walled Borosilicate. Comes standard with 19/22 GG Joint and Stopper. Exceptionally durable and thick, these retorts warrant the price difference between them and cheaper Chinese & Pakistani Glassware available online. Custom Blown to order. Please allow up to 75 Days for orders due to customs.



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      This Glassware is Hand-Blown in the USA using exceptional-quality German and/or Czech Borosilicate. It is thick, heavy, durable, and acceptable for all Spagyric and Alchemical Functions where a Glass Alembic is necessary. Safe under reasonable vacuum pressure. Full Specs available upon request. Most Retorts ship out within 1 week after the order has been placed.  Because All Pieces are Custom-Made and Hand-Blown, I place all orders for custom glassware on the 25th of each Month. If your order is placed before the 25th of the month, your order will go out with the current month's batch. If your order is placed after the 25th of the month, it will roll over to the next month and be fulfilled with the next month's orders. Lead time on Retorts can be up to 8+ weeks due to customs.

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