Energy Tools for Self Healing

Energy Tools for Self Healing

This Album was made as a collaboration with composer K.C. Allen in 2010 for students of the Diviner's Rights Alchemical Mastery Program. Though I dissolved Diviner's Rights in 2011 when I started the Phoenix Aurelius Academy, these tools are unequivocally powerful and this album contains guided walkthroughs of some of the most potent psychic healing tool visualizations that I still use today. Now you can download my Energy Tools Meditation Album for only $15!

This album contains 9 tracks that walk you through a complete Energy Body regulation routine that should ideally be performed once daily before starting your day. After the introduction track, we start with a walkthrough of the Egyptian Meditation Posture and then continue to Circular Breathing, Calling Yourself Back, and then moving to the Center of the Head. After this, we then develop an awareness of the Grounding Cord with specific instructions to drain off all Electric [thoughts] and Magnetic [emotions] energy in your space that does not belong to you and doesn't serve your highest good. Tracks 7 + 8 walk you through the techniques to 'Run Energy' through your Energetic Bodies - we run a Mother-Gaia [Telluric] energy through our feet, and then a Christed Cosmic Consciousness [Solar] energy through our Crown, effectively becoming a battery of Balanced Etheric Energy to keep your vibrations powerful, centered, and balanced all day. The final track is a meditation track called "Finding Beauty" with an all-original score by K.C. Allen and it is meant to provide some time to bask in the Etheric Energy that you created during the meditation.

I walk through each part pretty quickly because this is designed to be a daily guided meditation at the beginning of your day. If you are learning these tools for the first time, you may want to pause the tracks and spend a little more time on each track until you feel that you have mastered the visualization and technique properly. Once you have mastered each individual visualization, each track can be listened to and the meditations performed in rapid succession, giving you a solid meditation routine to start your day out right and set your energy in the right place. 

These are some of the same tools that I use daily to set my own Multi-Dimensional Anatomy for the day ahead. I also use modifications of these tools in Energy Work sessions to provide healing and balancing to various bodies of clients' Multi-Dimensional Anatomy. 

In addition to improving and maintaining your own Multi-Dimensional Vibrational Wellness, This Album contains tools that provide a great foundation for further Psychic Development Work. 


  • Tracks Included

    • Introduction
    • Egyptian Meditation Posture
    • Circular Breathing
    • Calling Yourself Back
    • Center of Your Head
    • Grounding
    • Running Energy pt 1
    • Running Energy pt 2
    • Finding Beauty



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