Bodily Pain & Discomfort Analysis

Bodily Pain & Discomfort Analysis

Please have a Consultation to determine which types of Bodily Pain + Discomfort may need to be analyzed. By no means would a research subject ever require this entire tab to be analyzed, so please use this product for information and references purposes only.


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Patrons from the EU, UK, Ireland, Africa, or Asia are able to be recipients of this research, but payment must be made through invoice due to limitations in our Shopping Cart.

  • All Analysis is performed using a Quantum Scalar A

    All Analysis is performed using a Quantum Scalar Analysis Instrument known as the SE 5 1000 Gold Custom. Using this IDF Instrument and our custom programmed Spagyric Wellness inquiries, we utilize psionics and psychotronics technology to search the Intrinsic Data Field (IDFs) of a subject and to assess any point of data we inquire. IDF technology is a direct application of utilizing the Morphic Field, originally discussed by Rupert Sheldrake. 


    I collaborate closely with Agrinomics Founder and Investigative Analyst, Richard Kirby, for IDF Analysis.




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