Cat's Claw Spagyric Tincture
  • Cat's Claw Spagyric Tincture

    Cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa) is a woody vine native to the Amazon and Central American rainforests. Its name is derived from the hook-like thorns that resemble the claws of a cat. Cat’s claw bark and root have been used for centuries by South Americans as a remedy for arthritis and to treat digestive disorders such as gastritis, colitis, and stomach ulcers.

    It is known in spanish as "Una de Gato"!


    Cat's claw contains a compound known as pentacyclic oxindolic alkaloid (POA) that is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects. The compound, specific to cat's claw, is able to block the production of inflammatory substances such as tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha).

    TNF-a helps regulate the immune response and, among other things, is responsible for inducing fever, inflammation, and apoptosis (programmed cell death) in old or damaged cells.

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    -Can help with repairing damaged DNA and increase white blood cell count after Chemotherapy

    -Helps treat arthritis 

    -Cat’s claw can cleanse the digestive tract and may help treat inflammatory gut disorders including:Crohn’s disease,Colitis,Gastritis Diverticulitis, Stomach ulcers, Leaky gut

    -May help with high blood pressure

    -Fights herpes virus

    -Protects against type 1 diabetes

    -May help fight cancer

    -Boost immune system

    -Protects red blood cells

    -It is anti-inflammatory 

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    • Bottle Size:

      Customers Can Choose Between 1mL and 4mL Bottles. The bottles are amber glass and have an orifice reducer in the bottle that creates a built-in dropper. The black cap screws on over the top of that, creating an air-tight seal.

      To remove the product from the bottle, unscrew the black cap, turn the product upside down, and use a finger to tap the bottle once for each desired drop to be released. When the bottle is upside down, product will only be released if it is tapped. So the number of taps will equal the number of drops. 


      1mL Bottle contains roughly 20 drops. 


      4mL Bottle contains rougly 80-90 drops.


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