Complete Multi-Dimensional Wellness Analysis
  • Complete Multi-Dimensional Wellness Analysis

    The Complete Multi-Dimensional Wellness Scan sweeps the entire Multi-Dimensional Anatomy of an individual and provides a profound amount of data. Great for those who want to have access to their current full-body analysis results without committing to one of the Spagyric Wellness Research Program options. For Complete details on what is includes in this analysis, please see the 'Services Included' section.

    • Services Included

      Custom Analytical Panel of Multi-Dimensional Health:

      • General Vitality Panel
        • Overall Vitality
        • Mental Vitality
        • Emotional Vitality
        • Etheric Vitality
        • Physical Vitality
        • Acid/Alkaline Balance
        • Sodium Chloride Balance
      • Complete Systemic Body Scan
        • Biofield System
        • Immune System
        • Psychological System
        • Cellular System
        • Neurological System
        • Nutrition/Metabolic System
        • Musculo Skeletal System
        • Oral/Dental System
        • Reproductive System
        • Dermatological System
        • Renal/Urological System
        • Hepatic/Biliary System
        • Hematologic System
        • Cardiovascular System
        • Pulmonary System
        • Otorhinolaryngological System
        • GastroIntestinal System
        • Opthamological System
      • Complete Meridian Scan
        • Conception Vessel
        • Governing Vessel
        • Gallbladder
        • Heart
        • Kidney
        • Large Intestine
        • Liver
        • Lung
        • Pericardium
        • Small Intestine
        • Spleen
        • Stomach
        • Triple Warmer
        • Urinary/Bladder
      • Minerals for the Genetic Code
        • Spinal Segments
        • Amino Acids
        • Minerals + Particles
        • Corresponding Meridian Data
        • DNA Codon Data
      • Detailed Risk Factor Report
        • A specialized report with all the key risk factors that came up in the scan concerning your initial concern. Please see sample charts above for ideas of what might be included.
    • About The Technology

      All Analysis is performed using a Quantum Scalar Analaysis device known as the SE 5 1000 Gold Custom. Using this device and our custom programmed inquiries, we utilize radionics technology to search the Intrinsic Data Field (IDFs) of a subject and to assess any point of data we inquire. IDF technology a direct application of utilizing the Morphic Field, originally discussed by Rupert Sheldrake. 

      I collaborate closely with Agrinomics Founder and Investigative Analyst, Richard Kirby, for the Radionics Services provided. Click here for Agrinomics Website. He can analyze either a hair sample OR a photograph of an individual using the SE 5 1000 Gold to provide me with a precise Multi-Dimensional Wellness Analysis.

      Radionics is a forward-thinking method of Energetic Analysis that can be/is used in Military, Government, Pharmaceutical, and other Industrial Applications. I am pleased to make this technology available to my clients, providing a cutting edge tool for analysis that can help contribute to more well rounded overall wellness.

      If you are interested in using this technology for Agricultural/Aquacultural Interests or Cannabis-Related Inquiries, please contact me directly. I can easily analyze the wellness of any Greenhouse, Farm, Farm Animals, Nature Sites, Contaminated Lands, Aquaponic, Bioponic, Hydroponic, Salt Water Fish, Fresh Fish, Etc.
           I can also analyze Raw Products, Finished Products, and more. 

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