Expert Fermentation Skills for Home + Lab
  • Expert Fermentation Skills for Home + Lab



    Saturday October 17th, 2020 from 10am - 4pm. Limited to a total of 15 attendees, so be sure to secure your space by registering early! 

    Fermentation is a critical skill for the laboratory alchemist and Phoenix has discovered no fewer than 5 or 6 methods for fermenting just about any plant, using both indigenous and exogenous methods of fermentation. Having fermented not only traditional style meads, wines, and herbal brews such as those mentioned by Buhner, but he has also worked with decoctions, fresh biomass in water, hydrosols, hydrococtions, and everything in between for spagyric purposes as well. In this workshop, you will take a decade off your own learning curve as Phoenix demonstrates multiple methods of creating exceptional ferments while discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each method and what their ideal uses are. By the end of this workshop, you'll begin to have the discretion to determine what type of ferment is necessary based on the task at hand.

    Most importantly, Phoenix will be demonstrating how to make what he calls "Alche-Mead", or his idea of the "perfect" wild yeast honey mead for spagyric and alchemical purposes. By combining elements of the Ethiopian tradition of T'ej making with the science of Alchemical Ferments as well as Anthropological Alcoholic Beverage Science [studying how ancient people made alcoholic beverages], Phoenix shows students how to make exceptionally healthy tonic boozey sodas, session meads, T'ej, Long Mead, and Herbal Honey Ferments using principles derived from the Alchemical Tradition. Moreover, Students will learn about the practical application of these ferments for the distillation of a pure Vegetable spirit, which is then the most common starting ingredient used to extract herbs in the Alchemical Tradition.

    See the curriculum section for full details though highlights of this workshop include learning to collect and breed wild yeast strains, learning to ferment in the way of our Ancestors, learning to disengage from the commercial matrix of expensive yeasts and brewing equipment, and learning all the multi-faceted ways of approaching the work, depending on your desired end result.

    Spagyrists, Herbalists, Wildcrafters, Bushcrafters, Modern Brewers, Historical Enthusiasts, as well as those with Absolutely No Background or Experience whatsoever will be absolutely fascinated by this class. And because all the information is offered in a very down-to-earth manner with lots of demonstration, there is TONS of opportunity for students to take the knowledge they gain here and to apply it in their own kitchens, garages, labs, and more. 

    • Curriculum

      • Introduction to Alchemical Fermentation
      • Difference between Indigenous Ferments and Exogenous Ferments
      • Discussing Sugar Sources [Both Ancient and Modern]
      • Discussing Yeast Sources [Both Ancient and Modern]
      • The Basic Principles of Alchemical Fermentation
      • The Best Alchemical Sources of Vegetable Mercury
      • 20+ Different Types of Ferments and what each are technically called
      • Alchemical Fermentation Equipment [Both Ancient and Modern]
      • Standard Modern Methodology vs Wild Alchemical Method
      • Best Astronomical / Astrological Influences for Ferments
      • Alchemical Fermentation Demonstrations
        • Starting a batch of T'ej Alche-Mead + Racking a batch.
        • Starting a batch of Jun + Making a Double Ferment
        • Making Session Mead
        • Making Long Mead
        • Herbal Fermentation Methods
          • Method 1: From the Beginning
          • Method 2: During Secondary Ferment
          • Method 3: During Racking
          • Method 4: Mead Extraction
      • How to Create your own Wild Yeast Library for exceptional Ferments
      • How to Ferment Vinegar
        • Method 1: Open Air Ferment From Day 1
        • Method 2: Open Air Secondary Ferment
          • With the de-spirited ferment
          • With the Distilled + Purified Phlegm
      • The Alchemical Method of Rendering Spirits from Ferments
        • Spagyric + Alchemical Distillation Equipment
        • Volumetric Considerations
        • De-spiriting a ferment / Obtaining Veg Spirits
        • Distilling Vegetable Phlegm from the ferment
        • Acetobacter Fermentation of despirited ferment/phlegm
      • Final Considerations For Fermentation
    • Legal Requirements and Age Restriction

      By enrolling in this workshop, you understand that the content and experience is provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to sell, promote, or distribute alcohol or alcoholic beverages. However, since alcoholic substances and pure ethanol will be on site, we are only able to accept applications over the age of 21. Sorry, but no exceptions can be made to this rule at this time. 

      Every State and Country has entirely different laws regarding brewing and distilling alcohol for personal, non commercial purposes. At this time, It is not illegal to brew or distill alcohol for non commercial purposes at home in the State of Utah. It is however, preposterously difficult and expensive to get licensed to carry and use alcohol for industrial or commercial purposes in Utah, whereas other states, such as Oregon, make it a complete breeze. Check your local alcohol regulations and always be sure to stay up to date on all federal regulations as well.  

    • Time + Location

      Saturday, October 17th, 2020 from 10am - 4pm

      Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy
      2360 N Mountain Rd
      North Ogden, UT, 84414




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