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  • Glass Pelican 34/45 w/ 45/50 Adapter

    Glass Pelican by itself comes with a 34/45 GG Joint, though we also provide a 34/45 to 45/50 GG Enlargening Adapter to provide room for standard distillation heads and more. This is the Pelican necessary for Proxy Study Students & Live Apprentices who need labware!

    Price of $499 reflects the Standard 2 Liter Size. 5 Liter Pelican is also available for an upcharge of $120.

    • Details

      This Glassware is Hand-Blown in the USA using exceptional-quality German and/or Czech Borosilicate. It is thick, heavy, durable, and acceptable for all Spagyric and Alchemical Functions where a Glass Alembic is necessary. Safe under reasonable vacuum pressure. Full Specs available upon request. Because All Pieces are Custom-Made and Hand-Blown, I place all orders for custom glassware on the 20th of each Month. If your order is placed before the 20th of the month, your order will go out with the current month's batch and you should expect to receive your glassware roughly 14-21 days after the 20th of the month your labware was ordered on. If your order is placed after the 20th of the month, it will roll over to the next month and be fulfilled with the next month's orders. No Orders Are Fulfilled Between Aug 10 - Sept 10 each year. Any orders placed during that time will be rolled over to future months.
    $550.00 Regular Price
    $499.00Sale Price
    Flask Size