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IDF Broadcast

Anyone Desirous of Having an Amulet Made for Them Must Have Had Analysis Performed First So We Know the Balancing Frequencies to be Programmed Into the Amulet.

We can run any broadcast for $75 once we have performed analysis and identified the tuning frequencies. Broadcasts are not available for those who have not yet had any analysis performed, as tunings are necessary to create a broadcast. 

To avoid erroneous shipping costs for broadcasts, this product is sold as a digital download. Your order for broadcasts will be processed immediately. In the meantime, feel free to download my Energy Tools Meditation Album for Free. These tools help to regulate the fundamental energetic forces moving through us at all times.

  • About the Technology

    Broadcasts are performed using a Quantum Scalar Instrument known as the SE 5 1000 Gold Custom. The balancing frequencies are transmitted through the morphic field to affect the IDF of the recipient.