Immersion Study Application Fee

Immersion Study Application Fee

I require all would-be students to purchase this Non-Refundable Immersion Study Application Fee so I can perform a thorough IDF Analysis to analyze several critical factors that will determine eligibility to study with me. First and foremost, I check for percentage of compatibility to myself, my curriculum, my facility, my lifestyle, and my staff. Anybody over a 95% Compatibility is considered for the second round of testing which includes Financial Capacity to Pay or Finance Tuition, Criminal Background History, Relevant Safety Data, and Wellness Factors that may impact our time together. If a person checks out above an 85% on all of the criteria, then they are eligible.


By purchasing this Hands-On Immersion Study Application Fee, you agree to submit your Photo, Birth Location, Time, and Date details for IDF + Astrological Analysis to determine eligibility. There are no exceptions able to be made to this policy. The amount of this Application Fee is credited towards the cost of your Education if/when you are accepted.

Those who are accepted are expected to pay a non-refundable 25% deposit to reserve their spot. The remainder is due upon arrival at our facility.

I need one application from EACH individual who is planning on Studying With Me, Regardless of whether or not they are staying on site. No Exceptions can be made to this policy.

Those whose results would suggest incompatibility at this time will receive a coupon for another free test that can be redeemed at least 6 months AFTER the date of first analysis. Those whose results suggest compatibility will be sent a custom invoice for their education after dates and curriculum have been agreed upon.





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