• Distilling Professional Essential Oils + Hydrosols

    Held Saturday September 5, 2020 from 10am - 4pm at the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy.
    Register before August 1st, 2020 and save $50 as an Early Bird Reward! Limited to 15 participants, so be sure to register now! 

    Distilling Craft Essential Oils and Hydrosols is a widely overlooked and vastly underappreciated art in the modern day. Though there are at least 3 major Multi Level Marketing companies and a few "neutraceutical" giants that have made essential oils a staple in most people's homes, very few people are aware of how much work goes into the process.  That said, more and more people are becoming interested in learning how to distill their own oils and hydrosols for wellness + beauty purposes as well as spagyric/alchemical purposes. This workshop will appeal to all crowds.

    Many essential oils today contain an abundance of impurities, trace chemical pollutants, and carrier oils in small amounts, making it somewhat imperative that people learn the basics of distillation if they want to be able to ensure the purity of their product firsthand. When you see how easy it is to create some of the most popular and effective hydrosols and essential oils, you'll stop throwing your hard-earned cash away on products that can be made with much greater purity and cost-efficiently at home with little dedicated space. Small investment in equipment yields dozens of years of fantastic essential oils and hydrosols that can be used in an abundance of ways.

    Students can expect to learn about Hydrodistillation, Steam Distillation, and the ability of using reflux apparati with either method to save on water if hyrdrosol isn't a desired product. Furthermore, we will discuss both historical and modern distillation apparati and students will have the opportunity to examine multiple different distillation setups including 2 - 20 Liter Glass Distillation Vessels, copper alembics, glass alembics, Clevenger Reflux Apparati, Essencier, teapots + copper tubing, and even tabletop water distillers! Full curriculum details in the "Curriculum Section" to the right. 

    Spagyrists, Herbalists, Wildcrafters, Bushcrafters, Distillers, Historical Enthusiasts, as well as those with Absolutely No Background or Experience whatsoever will be absolutely fascinated by this workshop. And because all the information is offered in a very down-to-earth manner with lots of demonstration, there is TONS of opportunity for students to take the knowledge they gain here and too apply it in their own kitchens, garages, labs, and more. 

    • Curriculum

      • Introduction to Essential Oil Distillation
      • Hydrodistillation + Steam Distillation
      • Hydrosol Production
      • Separating Essential Oil from Hydrosol
        • Separatory Funnel
        • Essencier
      • Clevenger Reflux Apparatus
        • Hydro-Coction = Hydrosol + Decoction
      • Condenser Considerations
        • Setting Up Your Condenser Properly
        • Keeping Condensers cool at all times
      • Biomass Specifics
        • Prepping the Biomass
        • Loading Biomass
        • Distilling Biomass
        • Handling Spent Biomass
      • Different Types of Essential Oil Distillation Setups
      • How to Purify, Mature, and Store Hydrosols
        • Optional [re]Distillation
        • Leave Open at room temp for 4-8 hours. 
        • Bottling, Storage info
      • How to Purify, Mature, and Store Essential Oils
        • Optional [re]Distillation with Hydrosol
        • Leaving to air
        • Bottling, Storage Info
      • The Spagyric + Alchemical Significance of Essential Oils
        • Spagyric Uses for Essential Oil
        • Spagyric Uses for Hydrosol
        • Spagyric Uses for Hydrococtions
      • Cleaning Up from the Essential Oil Process
        • Copper Gear Always Flushed with white vinegar
        • Wash Ceramic, Glass, and Steel immediately.
        • Draining Condensers
        • Storing Labware Safely
      • Final Considerations For Distillation
    • Time + Location

      Saturday, September 5, 2020 from 10am - 4pm

      Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy
      2360 N Mountain Rd
      North Ogden, UT, 84414




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