The Archaeus of Water: A Complete Walkthrough
  • The Archaeus of Water: A Complete Walkthrough


    Held Saturday November 14, 2020 from 10am - 4pm at the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy. 

    The Water Works are widely overlooked by modern spagyric and alchemical practitioners because of its widespread availability. But in more ancient times, water, regardless of its source, was the Universal Menstruum, a Universal Mercury that works in all kingdoms. So to be able to separate, purify, and reconstitute its virtues was especially prized. The Archaeus, as Paracelsus defined it, is the densest area of the Astral Plane which presides over the growth and continuation of all things. The Archaeus, therefore, is able to make itself manifest in water if set to the same proportions Nature herself uses Herself to proliferate all living and growing beings.

    In this workshop, we will be focusing on the Archaeus of Water as it was taught by Frater Albertus and later written about by both Robert Allen Bartlett and Manfred Junius. We will also discuss the philosophical differences that differentiate the two written methods of the modern age and we will come to see how even these differ from the pathways discussed in the Golden Chain of Homer. Students will learn about Capturing Water, Fermenting Water, Performing Fractional Distillations of Fermented Water, Capturing + Storing Gur, Charging Each Fraction via distillation, Recombination and Circulation, and finally bottling the Archaeus. 

    We will also discuss the applications of adding various fractions together and impregnating with Gur. Gur is a very curious substance and develops and takes on many different forms depending on the source of the water being fermented. Learning more about Gur and performing microbiological investigations could help us perform more advanced works of alchemy using biological/biochemical transmutation as opposed to more labor intensive manual processes.

    A Full Curriculum is Listed in the Additional Info Section to the right.

    Spagyrists, Herbalists, Wildcrafters, Bushcrafters, Distillers, Historical Enthusiasts, as well as those with Absolutely No Background or Experience whatsoever will be absolutely fascinated by this workshop. And because all the information is offered in a very down-to-earth manner with lots of demonstration, there is TONS of opportunity for students to take the knowledge they gain here and too apply it in their own kitchens, garages, labs, and more. 

    • Curriculum

      • Introduction to the Archaeus of Water
        • Paracelsus
        • Golden Chain of Homer
      • Perennial Theory Behind the Archaeus
        • Elemental Fractionalization
        • Each Elemental fraction undergoes Essential Fractionalization
      • Three Various Methods
        • Bartlett Method
        • Junius Method
        • Homerus Method
      • Collecting Water
        • Rain
        • Snow
        • Dew
        • Spring/Artesian Well
        • River/Creek
      • Fermenting Water
      • Storing Fermented Water
      • Distilling Fermented Water
        • Elemental Fractionalization
        • Essential Fractionalization
        • Charging and Imbuing of all 12 Essential Fractions
      • Combining Purified Fractions
      • Circulating Combined Fractions
      • Bottling and Storing Archaeus
      • Using the Archaeus
      • Using Elemental Fractions in the Lab
      • Applying Elemental and Philosophic Fractions to Making Essences
      • Using the Gur - incubating life
        • Combining Fractions
        • Calcination of gestated mass
        • Re-combination with Fractionated material
        • Digestion
        • ad infinitum...

      Depending on the group dynamics, we may also be able to cover 

      • Deliquescence
        • Oil of Tartar
        • Butter of Antimony
    • Time + Location

      November 14th, 2020 from 10am - 4pm

      Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy
      2360 N Mountain Rd
      North Ogden, UT, 84414




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