Planetary Remedy Set
  • Planetary Remedy Set

    This Planetary Remedy Set is inspired by the teachings of the Philosophers of Nature. The idea is that each of the Tinctures corresponds to one Planetary Frequency and that those Planetary Frequencies correspond to and govern over our Astral Energy Centers. By taking Spagyric Tinctures of the "Seven Dailies" for an entire year, the practitioner is said to be able to perform the first degree of purification of the Psychic Centers necessary to comprehend later stages of the work. This is part of the Initiatic Path of Alchemy. 

    The Herbs we have chosen to include to embody each planetary frequency are very well-rounded options for the general public and will indeed have a purificatory effect if used properly. The idea is that 3 drops [one each for the Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt of the inner being] of a Spagyric Remedy is taken at sunrise on the day corresponding to its planetary frequency each week along with 3 drops of Sundew Spagyric Tincture. Because Sundew [Drosera rotundifolia] corresponds to Terra, or the Earth, it helps to ground the Planetary frequency and its energy pervades all the days of the week instead of just one particular day. Sundew is considered in many Alchemical Traditions to be a "Chariot" of the vegetable kingdom that drives the medicinal effect to where it is needed most, much like Antimony is for the Metallic Medicines of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia. 

    The Suggested Weekly Regimen is presented in the in the Additional Info Section to the right. Please be aware that there are approximately 80-100 drops in each 4mL bottle, which is not enough for an entire year. Everything except for the Sundew Spagyric Tincture should last for about 30 weeks, so you will need to purchase 2 kits to have enough supply for the whole year. And if you want to take the Sundew everyday in the amount of 3 drops, you will also need to purchase  roughly 1 x 4mL bottle each month or a 15mL bottle 3 or 4 times a year. 

    Applied regularly for an entire year, this Planetary Remedy set can help open the Psychic Pathways and begin to help purify certain energy channels in the body. The herbs may also benefit physical health, but if so, it is primarily through the benefits of opening the energy channels.

    Only 25 kits exist and we will not be making an exact replica of this kit when this sells out, so if you want it, be sure to get it immediately.

    • If You Want An Entire Year's Supply

      Please be aware that there are approximately 80-100 drops in each 4mL bottle. The Spagyric Planetary Remedy Set comes with a 4mL bottle of all 8 remedies. None of the bottles are an entire year's supply. If you want a year's supply, you will need to order two kits + a few supplemental 4mL bottles of Sundew spagyric Tincture.

    • Method of Application

      At Sunrise Each Day, Apply the Following Products Sublingually by tilting head backwards, lifting up the tongue, and using your finger to tap on the flat end of the 4mL bottle three times. Each concerted tap will remove 1 drop from the orifice reducer. Repeat this process with Sundew Spagyric Tincture until a total of 6 drops of Spagyric Tincture are in your mouth. For some people, this may produce some discomfort associated with eyes watering and a burning sensation under the tongue. This is telling you that the spirit is penetrating into the bloodstream and the product is working. After a day or two, the intensity of the experience wanes and it becomes very common place. Ideally you want to keep the 6 drops of remedies under your tongue for 30 seconds to a minute and then swallow. Those who can not handle the burn are suggested to add their spagyrics to 20 or more drops of Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme and to place the entire solution in the mouth while swishing around sublingually. 

      Monday = 3 drops of Clary Sage Spagyric Tincture + 3 drops of Sundew Spagyric Tincture

      Tuesday = 3 drops of Nettle Leaf + Root Spagyric Tincture + 3 drops of Sundew Spagyric Tincture

      Wednesday = 3 drops of Lavender Flower Spagyric Tincture + 3 drops of Sundew Spagyric Tincture

      Thursday = 3 drops of Lemon Balm Spagyric Tincture + 3 drops of Sundew Spagyric Tincture

      Friday = 3 drops of Plantain Leaf Spagyric Tincture + 3 drops of Sundew Spagyric Tincture

      Saturday = 3 drops of Hemp Flower Spagyric Tincture + 3 drops of Sundew Spagyric Tincture

      Sunday = 3 drops of Lemon Peel Spagyric Tincture + 3 drops of Sundew Spagyric Tincture

    • Daily Remedy Correspondences

      Tierra =  Everyday =  Sundew Spagyric Tincture

      Luna = Monday =  Clary Sage Spagyric Tincture

      Mars = Tuesday =  Nettle Leaf + Root Spagyric Tincture

      Mercury = Wednesday =  Lavender Flower Spagyric Tincture

      Jupiter = Thursday =  Lemon Balm Spagyric Tincture

      Venus = Friday =  Plantain Leaf Spagyric Tincture

      Saturn = Saturday =  Hemp Flower Spagyric Tincture 

      Sol = Sunday =  Lemon Peel Spagyric Tincture

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