Ren Shen Spagyric Tincture
  • Ren Shen Spagyric Tincture

    This spagyric is made with white Panax Ginseng, also known as Ren Shen in TCM. 

    Ginseng is any one of 11 species of slow-growing perennial plants with fleshy roots belonging to the genus Panax of the family Araliaceae. Ginseng is found only in the Northern Hemisphere, in the cooler climates of North America and in East Asia—mostly Korea, northeastern China, Manchuria and eastern Siberia. Panax vietnamensis is the southernmost known species of ginseng, which was discovered in Vietnam. The English word ginseng derives from the Chinese term rénshēn. Rén means man, and shēn means a kind of herb or root.


    Ginseng is an important traditional Chinese herbal remedy. It is one of the most popular natural tonics and has been shown to possess many intriguing health properties including a protein anabolic effect, anti-tumor activities and an inhibitory effect on tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ginseng can tonify yuan qi (the source of energy), the lungs, spleen, promote the generation bodily fluids, relieve thirst, calm the spirit and even improve brain functioning. Clinical research has shown that ginseng can promote cardiac function, treat hypertension, treat diabetes mellitus, treat sexual dysfunction and may treat cancer.


    (Above taken from this site)


    Ren Shen Actions:

    • Strongly tonify yuan qi - extreme collapse of qi, shortness of breath, cold limbs, profuse sweating, weak pulse (often used alone for this condition after severe blood loss).
    • Tonify lung qi - wheezing, shortness of breath, w/kidneys failing to grasp the qi.
    • Strengthen the middle warmer - lethargy, no appetite, chronic diarrhea, prolapse of organs, distended chest/abdomen.
    • Generates fluids, stops thirst - xiao ke, damaged fluid due to high dever and profuse sweating.
    • Benefits heart qi, calms the spirit - palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, poor memory, restlessness due to qi and/or blood deficiency.

    (Taken from site)


    • Bottle Size:

      Customers Can Choose Between 1mL and 4mL Bottles. The bottles are amber glass and have an orifice reducer in the bottle that creates a built-in dropper. The black cap screws on over the top of that, creating an air-tight seal.

      To remove the product from the bottle, unscrew the black cap, turn the product upside down, and use a finger to tap the bottle once for each desired drop to be released. When the bottle is upside down, product will only be released if it is tapped. So the number of taps will equal the number of drops. 


      1mL Bottle contains roughly 20 drops. 


      4mL Bottle contains rougly 80-90 drops.


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