Spagyric Wellness Research Initial IDF Analysis
  • Spagyric Wellness Research Initial IDF Analysis

    This is a comprehensive personalized IDF Analysis that asks directed questions about the Paracelsian Entia and the root causes of those imbalances. With 103+ entries, this analysis asks all the important questions to find out exactly what is the root cause of the Entia and what can be done to address it. 

    This analysis is performed in the framework of Paracelsian Medical Theory for Experimental Research only and is being performed to contribute towards the responsible collection of data for standardization and peer review. 

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    • Services Included

      Custom Analysis of 100+ Unique Questions Pertaining to Spagyric Wellness

      See the Entire List of Questions by Clicking Here.

    • About the Technology

      All Analysis is performed using a Quantum Scalar Analaysis Instrument known as the SE 5 1000 Gold Custom. Using this IDF Instrument and our custom programmed Spagyric Wellness inquiries, we utilize psionics and psychotronics technology to search the Intrinsic Data Field (IDFs) of a subject and to assess any point of data we inquire. IDF technology is a direct application of utilizing the Morphic Field, originally discussed by Rupert Sheldrake. 

      I collaborate closely with Agrinomics Founder and Investigative Analyst, Richard Kirby, for IDF Analysis. 

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