Spagyric Wellness Research Program
  • Spagyric Wellness Research Program

    *EU customers are not able to participate in this program due to shipping issues. Customers Who Purchase This Product Are Fully Aware Of And Agree To Our Policies, Terms & Conditions, etc. See 'Terms and Conditions' Tab for full details.

    For the past 15 years I have been practing spagyria, though for the past 8+ years, I have been working diligently to research the Efficacy and Differentiation of Various Spagyric Processes in the modern age and their applications as applied to multi-dimensional wellness. As a result, I initially created this program for a few, key clients who had rare conditions that were not able to be addressed by Western Allopathy. In an attempt to find other underlying issues in the Biofield and IDF, myself and Richard Kirby co-develop the protocols that have proven to be quite effective. We now are able to offer these services to a wider audience. This particular research program integrates IDF Analytics, Etheric Wellness, Radionics, Spagyric Formulations, Wellness Consultations, and Modern Spagyric Practices in order to research the efficacy of this interdisciplinary approach.

    Since its invention by Paracelsus in the 1530's, the concept of Spagyria and Spagyric Medicine have been utilized by Healers and Philosophers throughout Western Europe and the Americas. Not only during the time of Paracelsus, but also during the height of the Chymical Physicians, or the so-called "Paracelsians" [circa 1530-1700], Spagyric Medicine was historically proven to be very effective. The reason more people don't learn about it today isn't beacause of its historical lack of efficacy as a medical tradition, but rather due to the new innovation of the Scientific Revolution and the birth of Chemistry. Because the primary philosophies of Spagyria have origins in Mythology and Spiritual Texts and thusly attribute the reason for why each process works, this rather subjective way of approaching 'chemistry' was too difficult to accept for the newly emerging "scientific method." So by the time multiple atomic elements had been discovered, the concept of four archetypal elements became "Old World" views, Alchemy became an outdated 'science', and Spagyric Medicine slowly began fading away in favor of 'Chymic[al] Medicines.' Spagyric Medicine has never truly had the chance to be observed objectively under the lens of modern 'science' in terms of its accuracy or abilities....Until Now! 

    Using cutting-edge IDF [Intrinsic Data Field] technology, I have the ability to accurately assess multi-dimensional wellness or energy signatures of any organism. Once I have the results from the IDF analysis, we can then use Radionics, Spagyric Remedies/Formulations, and Wellness Consultations to fine-tune and pinpoint the multi-dimensional "cause" of the issue and work to ameliorate the Energetic Imbalances we find. This program is not designed to provide relief or heal any disease, symptom, or condition. It is designed to see IF symptoms may be able to be alleviated when we address the underlying Entia from a purely Energetic and Supplemental level [Spagyric Supplements being chiefest and of most importance]. Nearly all the technologies, processes, etc; that we are using are not applicable for federal grants. So we are left to grass-roots research.

    Therefore, this Spagyric Wellness Research Program is designed as a Grass-Roots method for Individuals with Wellness Concerns to fund the research for themselves. I offer this program at a drastically discounted rate over the cost of my Spagyrics and Consultations alone because it is important to me to have records and data that can be reviewed and analyzed in depth for future publications. 

    As a client, you can actually hire myself and my team of experts to help you investigate deeper into the multi-dimensional causes of your wellness conditions as we use Spagyrics and Radionics Hologram Technology in an experimental program to address any Multi-Dimensional Imbalances we might detect. This Program is ideal for those looking for a Comprehenisve Holistic Wellness Routine to actively address Multi-Dimensional Wellness Concerns.

    This Program includes Monthly IDF Wellness Analytics to investigate the core causes of your top three Wellness Concerns. Once analyzed, we then use IDF Broadcasts [Radionics]to research any improvements we can make through the IDF alone. We also provide you with a $150 Coupon to purchase any Spagyrics that the system detects that you need each and finally, I offer each of my clients 1 hour of reviewing and interpreting the IDF Analysis results as well as providing insight as to what my protocol would be if I were in the same position. View the 'Services Included' Tab for Full Information.

    The $10 shipping Charge that is calculated at checkout covers the Shipping and Handling Cost of your IDF Amulet.

    • Services Included

      Custom Analytical Panels In Signature Spagyric Wellness Program:

      • General Vitality Analysis
        • Overall Vitality
        • Mental Vitality
        • Emotional Vitality
        • Etheric Vitality
        • Physical Vitality
        • Optimal Vitality
        • Acid/Alkaline Balance
        • Sodium Chloride Balance
        • Somatid Cycles 01-03
      • 20 Main Program Analysis
        • Biofield System
        • Immune System
        • Psychological System
        • Cellular System
        • Neurological System
        • Nutrition/Metabolic System
        • Musculo Skeletal System
        • Oral/Dental System
        • Reproductive System
        • Dermatological System
        • Renal/Urological System
        • Hepatic/Biliary System
        • Hematologic System
        • Cardiovascular System
        • Pulmonary System
        • Otorhinolaryngological System
        • GastroIntestinal System
        • Opthamological System
      • Meridian Wellness Analysis [All Points Analyzed In Detail]
        • Conception Vessel
        • Governing Vessel
        • Gallbladder
        • Heart
        • Kidney
        • Large Intestine
        • Liver
        • Lung
        • Pericardium
        • Small Intestine
        • Spleen
        • Stomach
        • Triple Warmer
        • Urinary/Bladder
      • Minerals For the Genetic Code Analysis
        • Amino Acids
        • Critical Minerals
        • Spinal Segments
        • Meridian Correspondences
        • DNA Codon Data
      • Other Analysis As Necessary
        • Candida + Fungal Issues
        • Viruses [HPV, HIV, Herpes Types 01-07, etc]
        • Bacteria
        • Hypothalamus Wellness, Circadian Rhythms, etc]
        • Complete Somatid Cycles
        • Systemic Complaints
        • Etc
      • Spagyric Compatibility & Application Analysis
        • Analysis of up to 5 Spagyric Formulations or Remedies (each report)

        • Coupon for $150 each month applicable towards products in the Spagyric Apothecary to purchase the top detected remedies. [Expires 30 days after we send it]

      • Wellness Consultation

        • 1 monthly Video Call Each Month with one of my Wellness Consultants

        • Addtl Consultations available at 50% off normal price.

      • Radionics Services
        • Personalized IDF Amulet. In general, IDF Amulets should be updated every 60-90 days. This is discussed with each client individually depending on their individual needs.


    • About the Technology

      All Analysis is performed using a Quantum Scalar Analaysis device known as the SE 5 1000 Gold Custom. Using this device and our custom programmed inquiries, we utilize radionics technology to search the Intrinsic Data Field (IDFs) of a subject and to assess any point of data we inquire. IDF technology a direct application of utilizing the Morphic Field, originally discussed by Rupert Sheldrake. 

      I collaborate closely with Agrinomics Founder and Investigative Analyst, Richard Kirby, for the Radionics Services provided. Click here for Agrinomics Website. He can analyze either a hair sample OR a photograph of an individual using the SE 5 1000 Gold to provide me with a precise Multi-Dimensional Wellness Analysis.

      Radionics is a forward-thinking method of Energetic Analysis that can be/is used in Military, Government, Pharmaceutical, and other Industrial Applications. I am pleased to make this technology available to my clients, providing a cutting edge tool for analysis that can help contribute to more well rounded overall wellness.

      If you are interested in using this technology for Agricultural/Aquacultural Interests or Cannabis-Related Inquiries, please contact me directly. I can easily analyze the wellness of any Greenhouse, Farm, Farm Animals, Nature Sites, Contaminated Lands, Aquaponic, Bioponic, Hydroponic, Salt Water Fish, Fresh Fish, Etc.

      More About the SE-5 1000 Technology:

      The SE-5 1000 INTRINSIC DATA FIELD ANALYZER is based on the premise that everything which exists emits and absorbs energy at specific vibrations. Vibrations or rates of oscillation appear to be the common denominator which describes the various states of energy from matter to thoughts. Rates of vibration can reveal what is occurring in any energy field. Vibrational energies can be measured and appear to be altered by instruments designed to neutralize abnormal or enhance normal vibrational patterns. The SE-5 1000 INTRINSIC DATA FIELD ANALYZER operating mechanism can be explained in terms of known laws of physics. 1. Everything that exists is fundamentally an energy field which contains vibrational information about the contents of that field. All fields involve IDFs. 2. The interchange of matter and energy in a subtle information field can be measured in terms of wave form and amplitude. 3. The content of a wave field is based on its amplitude, wavelength and energy. 4. Every substance has a resonance which will provide increased energy proportional to its being stimulated at its resonant energy or conversely less energy if stimulated with energy opposite its resonant vibration. The SE-5 1000 INTRINSIC DATA FIELD ANALYZER electronic mechanisms operate through a unique integrated circuit chip system which converts word and numerical commands into subtle informational fields. The instrument analyzes input signals from a given sample and compares them against baseline standards to determine the amplitude strength of desirable or undesirable vibrations. From this analysis an output broadcast signal is selected which may either neutralize, strengthen or balance subtle energies. This process is accomplished through a series of steps: 1. Subtle radiation containing energy information from a sample is input to the translator circuit of the SE-5 1000. 2. Information is entered into the computer. 3. Numerical or word commands are converted by the computer into a binary code called ASCII (standard language of computers.) 4. The ASCII code is sent to the SE-5 1000 translator circuits. 5. ANALYSIS: The collective information from the input sample (step 1) and the entered instructions from the computer (step 2) are then modulated at a specific amplitude wave form into one signal for analysis. 6. A resonating signal pulsed at 7.1304 Hertz is sent to a high gain amplifier designed especially to amplify IDF signals that researchers report are supportive to the overall energy field of the sample being analyzed. 7. BALANCING: The resonating signal is driven into antenna coils that output IDFs when the SE-5 1000 is in the balance output mode. The process is reported to employ gravitational-like energies to return the energy signal to the sample. 8. The output signal modulation appears to initiate a reduction in the difference between input and output. The modulation continues until the instrument indicates an equilibrium between the actual measure and the operators desired measure. The process is similar to that of a tuning fork or turning a thermostat to the appropriate setting. NOTE: The SE-5 1000, although containing electronic circuitry and components, does not function according to known electronic or electromagnetic mechanisms. Rather than cycles per second or Hertz resonance the SE-5 1000 operates with geometric resonance or pattern amplification. Information entered into the SE-5 1000 computer serves to tune into patterns of energy similar to morphogenic fields existing as a blueprint in the prephysical state prior to manifestation of physical phenomena.

    • Terms & Conditions

      Neither the products nor services on have been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. This data is not intended to replace or substitute standard Allopathic medical data. Neither Phoenix Aurelius nor affiliated parties are doctors or registered medical professionals. Use discretion and realize these services are designed to analyze Multi-Dimensional health and wellness, a branch of wellness not addressed by current medical organizations or governing bodies.

      Because these are not Medical Tinctures, they can not be declared legally when shipped to the EU. We are sad about this technicality but it has been the case since about 2011; we don't have another way around it due to EU Customs Legislation. EU customers who would like our products are encouraged to find a courrier or a US Forwarding Address.

      Concerning Services Rendered:
      Phoenix Aurelius agrees to provide Spagyric Wellness Analytics, a Spagyric Wellness CustomProfile, and to outsource the Radionics Services exclusively from Agrinomics LLC. Only the client and Phoenix Aurelius will have access to client data unless requests to grant permission to other users. All analytic data, charts, etc are subject to being made available publicly and/or privately at Phoenix’s discretion. Absolutely NO NAMES or sensitive information will be shared concerning client identification.

      Concerning Data Collection, Financial Data & Privacy:
      Phoenix Aurelius does not collect or store any of your financial data either on site or in digital files. Our offices do our best to ensure secure transactions and security and privacy of our clients. Phoenix Aurelius does save and actively use client wellness data, analytical test results, and more for Research and Development purposes. Client name, identity, or personal information will never be exposed or made known, regardless of how any info might be used. We do not store payment data in our offices.

      Concerning Testimonials:
      Any review that could be regarded as a testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of any services or products provided. Any testimonials provided are the experience of individuals. Individual experiences are not a substitute for scientific research. While clients report positive outcomes in using my services, please note that it’s impossible to guarantee any specific results and we don’t know how you will personally respond to our services and products.

      Agreement and Indemnification:
      By participating in the Spagyric Wellness Research Program, you agree that we have disclosed to you sufficient information to enable you to decide to voluntarily participate in the program. You have considered all of the above information in making an informed decision. By participating in the program, you further acknowledge that our relationship is not to be construed as medical treatment, psychotherapy, psychological counseling, or any type of therapy, nor is it a substitute for these services. By participating in the Spagyric Wellness Research Program, you knowingly and voluntarily acknowledge and agree to the general terms of service, and agree to irrevocably release, indemnify, and hold harmless Phoenix Aurelius and his agents, representatives, and consultants from and against any and all claims of whatsoever kind or nature, and for any loss, damage, or injury, including but not limited to, financial, personal, emotional, psychological, medical, or otherwise which you may incur arising at any time out of or in connection with your participation in the Spagyric Wellness Research Program.

      Services + Pricing Are Subject to Change:

      We retain the right to change prices to our current services, to change the description of our services, or to change the nature and program of our services at any time. This is done in a perpetual effort to improve upon our reasearch programs and make them more efficient and to provide a greater value to our clients. Any disputes concerning services paid for vs services received can be settled by emailing 

    • What To Expect After Purchase:



      • Right After Making Your Purchase:
        Shortly After Making Your Purchase, you will receive an email from our Support Staff with Instructions on how to Provide us with your photograph for analysis. You must read that email and Follow the Instructions in order to begin. It will inform you that we need a full body photograph and a few other necessary items for us to effectively research your issue and perform IDF Analysis. Once you have submitted the necessary documentation, our team then begins performing Analysis. Please allow up to 14 business days to receive your results [sometimes longer if we are busy. If this is the case, then one of our team will inform you as such upon placing your order]. 

        Receiving Your First Report:

        The first report is always the most confusing because there are lots of tabs and numbers, and not all of the data is presented in a "chronological" format. As a result, in the email with your first report, you will receive a written legend telling you about the Tabs along with an explanation of how to decipher the data. When you speak with one of our Consultants during your first Consultation, you will learn how to interpret the data a bit better. 

        In the email with your first report will be other critical information pertaining to the services you receive with your purchase, namely the Spagyric Coupon and the Consultation Coupon. The coupon code for each of these can be found in the emails with each months report. Please note that BOTH coupons expire 30 days after we send each report to you. 

        For Those Purchasing a 3-Month Package:
        If you purchase a 3 month package, we will try our best to produce 1 report for you every 30 days. However with our services being as they are, we can not guarantee that you will receive a report every 30 days. What we can guarantee is that you will receive 3 reports and all the concomitant services at least once each month. For instance, you may make your order in late March, and then we provide your first report around April 4th. Your second report may not come out until May 15th and your final report may not come out until June 23rd. This is an extreme example, but our volume of analysis fluctuates so heavily, all we can do is add everyone in in the order in which the requests are received. Each report comes with coupons that are good for 30 days from the time we send it to you.

        If you have multiple reports, your report will show the results and the progress made to the issues we have been working on. We keep addressing all the issues we find until your program expires. You can always purchase additional months online once you are in the system. 


      • Booking Your Wellness Consultation:
        In the email with your report will be a coupon code for a Free Wellness Consultation. This consultation is great to stay up to date with Phoenix on any changes in condition[s] as well as asking any questions that may arise concerning Spagyria, Spagyric Regimen, Analysis, IDF Broadcasts, Etc. This is also where Phoenix gets to explain what he's seeing in your analysis and what type of progress is being made as well as offering his experience and sharing what he would personally do were this analysis to belong to him. All Booking of appointments happens online using the Wellness Consultation page of this website. Active Spagyric Wellness Research Clients will receive one coupon a month to book a free consultation with me. Free Consultation Coupon Expires 30 days after we send it to you. Additional consultations can be purchased at 50% off the normal price by Active Spagyric Wellness Research Clients.

        Ordering Your Detected Spagyrics:
        This level of the program comes with a $150 coupon each month for Research Clients to spend in my Spagyric Apothecary picking up the detected spagyrics from their IDF Analysis. Coupon Expires 30 Days after we send it to you. If a customer wants more spagyrics than is covered by the $150 voucher, then I also offer a 40% off coupon that can be used at any time throughout the month that the client desires. This exclusive 40% off coupon is only offered to active Spagyric Wellness Research Clients.

        Everything Else:
        We explain everything else through communications with you along the way. If you have any questions about the Program, please write




    Customer service: (385) 288-1367


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