Wellness Research Program

Phoenix is currently only working with 3 IDF Wellness Research Clients at a time in order to provide the highest caliber of service possible. Because of the high demand of his knowledge and expertise there is a wait-list for those who would like to personally work with Phoenix in order to optimize their wellness. In order to be placed on the wait-list we ask that you fill out the application below. If accepted as a Wellness Research Client you will then be placed on the wait-list and contacted via email once space opens up. (Due to the nature of IDF investigation and the unique requirements of each client, we cannot give a clear time frame as to when a new research space will open.)  

Phoenix is no longer offering stand alone Wellness Consultations and will only be offering his Wellness services to those who are an accepted Wellness Research Client

Research Client Application

To join our IDF Wellness Research Program

please fill out this Application



Customer service: (385) 288-1367

Email: support@phoenixaurelius.org 

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