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For over 15 years, Phoenix has been researching Spagyric Theory, Cosmology, Techniques, and Methodologies. Since 2014, he has been intensely diving into classical Paracelsian Materials and performing research both in the study as well as the laboratory to be able to determine if there is any viability to the basis of Paracelsian Spagyria in the modern Age. Time and time again, we are constantly proven that there is. Over time more of the Theory, Cosmology, Research, Case Studies, and more will make its way on this page. In the meantime, we just concluded nearly two years of in-depth clinical-style research on our Spagyrics in combination with IDF balancing.

Since February 2018, The Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy has been outsourcing the services of Richard Kirby to perform IDF Analysis and Broadcasts to aid in our Spagyric Wellness Research Program. After realizing some basic context discrepancies with the databases that the SE-5 1000 Gold comes with as well as Yes Analysis' own database, Phoenix created his own Database and IDF Analysis Protocol using the context of Paracelsian Cosmology and Modern Spagyric Medicine. From February of 2018 - October of 2019, we have analyzed and worked with over 100 clients and have a tremendous amount of data to draw from. In this time, we have seen the exceptional benefits of IDF technology and have seen some extraordinary cases. We have seen how much the context and wording of various inquiries makes a huge difference and we have been able to narrow those gaps quite a bit in the last few years, coming to some astonishing realizations and having our clients report some exceptional feedback. The analysis is only as good as the awareness of the technician and the database which the technician uses, so this is where the technology still has some way to go before the kinks are worked out enough to standardize the education and techniques with it in the context of Spagyric Medicine. We're getting there, but there's still a ways to go so I am taking the time necessary to develop the database and methodology so it can be offered in the next few years to the public.

As of October of 2019, I am no longer taking on any Spagyric Wellness Research Clients so I can schedule some speaking dates and focus on education to make people aware of this technology and bring the rest of society up to speed a little bit. Our Analyst, Richard Kirby, has formed a company called where he is still offering all of the IDF Services we once offered as part of the Spagyric Wellness Research Program and his company. Our organization still receives 25% of the proceeds of your sale to support our organization and the analytical, broadcast, and amulet services are the same as they have always been. The only thing different is that I am not directing the research to be done or performing wellness consultations. 

For those who may be interested, I will not be offering wellness consultations throughout the rest of 2019 and the first half of 2020 due to time and wellness constraints. Our next step is to organize and publish our Spagyric Wellness Research findings and boost up the education sections of our website. Once we have enough people trained in how to create spagyrics, then we will open up grassroots peer review research wing of the academy and teach others how to do what we have been doing the last 2 years! This way, the power of Radionics can be in the hands of many and able to effect mass positive change! But everything has to move sequentially and in step otherwise we compromise the safety and future of the entire industry.

If you would like to order an IDF Analysis, Broadcast Package, or Amulet,
 you can now do so directly by visiting Yes Analysis 

Richard Kirby will be in direct contact with you addressing all of your wellness concerns once you are a customer of his! 
Reach his office directly at

Research Client Feedback + Experiences
"After just a few months of using the spagyric remedies and IDF broadcasts, my life is better.  Not just my physical health, but rather my whole life is better.  I'm a better husband, father, son and steward of mother earth.  The people in my immediate environment all seem to benefit in unimagined ways from my return to wholeness.  My awareness in every situation has increased by orders of magnitude, and this is invaluable to me for regaining my health.  Using the IDF technology to get to the root cause of your imbalances at any moment in your life is invaluable in this world of toil and snares.  Having Phoenix to help and create the spagyric remedies that work with the IDF broadcasts and amulets completes the circle of holistic treatment.  The spagyric apothecary is a world class, multi-dimensional, life changing find.  I have finally found something that I am comfortable using, and that works for me.  I am happy and look forward to continuing the progression towards my best self with the help of the plant medicines and IDF Research services.  Many thanks to Phoenix and the rest of the team!"