Wellness Research Overview


For over 15 years, Phoenix has been intensely researching Spagyric Theory, Cosmology, Techniques, and Methodologies. Since 2014, he has been intensely diving into classical Paracelsian Materials and performing research both in the study as well as the laboratory to be able to determine the viability of Paracelsian Spagyria in the modern Age. From 2014-2015, Phoenix undertook a clinical study of Spagyric Medical Astrology Methods using 50 research clients to hone in the methodologies, practices, calculations, etc; of Medical Astrology in conjunction with Spagyric Formulation. Beginning February 2018 and ending in November 2019, The Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy performed another clinical study on over 100 clients using IDF Analysis and Balancing 'Broadcasts' to determine if/how combinations of various items of Spagyric Apothecary and IDF Frequencies are able to influence and impact wellness. This was called the Spagyric Wellness Research Program 1.0. Time and time again, we are constantly proven that Paracelsus and the Paracelsian Physicians who followed him were far more advanced than many have credited them to be. Over time, more of the Theory, Cosmology, Research, Case Studies, and more will make its way into this section of the website.


Since our Research is outside the box of nearly all modes of Medical research approved by governing organizations today, we are not applicable for grants. Furthermore, it is not financially rewarding for investors, and so they are completely out of the picture - no investor in their right mind would invest in Spagyria because it takes far more investment and time to create Spagyric Products and has far less ROI capacity than any other Supplement or Pharmaceutical Products available. Furthermore, Phoenix' Research does not have a prerogative of selling products or recovering investments with the conclusion of the research - The Research is performed exclusively for posterity and education purposes to help others learn to earn Wellness Independence for themselves, not to sell products from a company or to be subject to the going rate of products in a particular industry.


It is important to understand that Alchemy and Spagyria have ALWAYS been enormously expensive practices. In ages past, Alchemists would seek the financing of profoundly rich Patrons such as Kings, Princes, Emperors, Dukes, etc. Things have not changed much in the modern day, even with the advancement of globalization and industrial manufacturing. The enormous costs of our Facility, Utilities, Labware, Instrumentation, Analysis Services, Herbs, Bottles, Ethanol, Office Supplies, Web Services, Research Time, Hired Help, etc; all fall onto our shoulders. Since 2013, Phoenix has bootstrapped 100% of the costs without any outside investment and he remains absolutely committed and insistent that this Research continue without outside involvement so the mission can stay absolutely pure without having financial pressures put on 'producing' products to keep up with demand or finishing research prematurely to promote products or services. The only way to make this possible is for Research Clients to fund their own Research. And this is the way, he has made 100% of these offerings a possibility in the Modern World.

As a result, our Wellness Research Clients bear the cost of the research they want to have performed. Phoenix prices each of the Wellness Research Services and Items in the Spagyric Apothecary based on a projected average of sales each month and the max capacity the facility has to keep up with Research. Because it is just he who is able to develop the Spagyric Remedies and Perform Analysis, Wellness Consultations, and other Services Pertaining to the Research Programs we offer, our small facility is very limited in time and capacity to serve a wider public. As a result, all the costs of performing such research and operating our laboratory are factored in to the prices offered to each of our Research Clients and Items from our Spagyric Apothecary. And this is how we sustain our mission.

With our Wellness Research Programs, we hope to validate the approach and methodologies of Paracelsianism in the Modern Age and to present our findings through education. It is our intention that this research is preserved and circulated both for posterity and to provide all individuals with the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively care for their own wellness in future generations. We visualize a world where Complex Wellness Knowledge and Formulation Techniques are as common-place and available in 100 years as accessing websites are today. There is a lot of research to get us to that point, but this is where you come in. 

If you have Wellness Concerns that you would like to learn more about as well as learning to address them naturally within the context of Paracelsianism, then we can synergistically work together!. By funding the Research for yourself and Providing Feedback and Response to the Methodologies we use, we are enriching a future generation of people and contributing to the posterity of techniques that originated with Paracelsus in the early 1500's. Even with ideal wellness, we are still fated to perish, but the knowledge, techniques, and methods we use today could well be around for thousands of years.




Research Client Feedback + Experiences
"After just a few months of using the spagyric remedies and IDF broadcasts, my life is better.  Not just my physical health, but rather my whole life is better.  I'm a better husband, father, son and steward of mother earth.  The people in my immediate environment all seem to benefit in unimagined ways from my return to wholeness.  My awareness in every situation has increased by orders of magnitude, and this is invaluable to me for regaining my health.  Using the IDF technology to get to the root cause of your imbalances at any moment in your life is invaluable in this world of toil and snares.  Having Phoenix to help and create the spagyric remedies that work with the IDF broadcasts and amulets completes the circle of holistic treatment.  The spagyric apothecary is a world class, multi-dimensional, life changing find.  I have finally found something that I am comfortable using, and that works for me.  I am happy and look forward to continuing the progression towards my best self with the help of the plant medicines and IDF Research services.  Many thanks to Phoenix and the rest of the team!"