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Norianna Diesel

I have been a passionate lover of life as long as I can remember. Sunsets, good organic food, laughter, tea, cuddles, a good book, friends, dancing, creating, loving, and dreaming up my next creation into being are some of the delights that frame my life. My background is as a modern dancer and I spent my teenage years into early 20's dancing passionately. I danced professionally with Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater in North Carolina from 2008-2009 and was fortunate to be a guest artist with Alsur Danza in Merida Mexico for 5 months. In 2008 I received my 200 hour Yoga Certification through Asheville Yoga Center and have taught yoga on and off for the last 11 years.

In 2011 I moved to Salt Lake City to attend Healing Mountain Massage School with one of my best friends I had met on Maui 2 years prior. I became a LMT in January of 2012 and was planning on leaving Utah by the summer. Lo and behold it was apparently in the stars for me to be in Utah because I met my beloved, my best friend, and my life partner- Phoenix Aurelius 2 weeks before I was leaving UT for good. Since our fateful meeting over 8 years ago now, there has been so much growth & magic!

In 2013 I became a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME) through East West Somatics in St. George Utah. I have taught various embodiment workshops and classes since then across Utah and Oregon. From 2015-2019 I had my own bodywork and healing practice called SOMATIX based out of Ogden, UT minus 1.5 years when I lived in Portland, OR. From 2018-2019 I conducted an informal trauma study where I used Somatic Based modalities such as: Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Bodywork, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), amoung other modalities and intuitive guidance to help people heal & process trauma effectively. I am extremely interested in learning how to effectively heal trauma as it is the root cause of SO much discord in our world.

Other noteworthy certifications are that I am a Certified Wellness Coach through IAWP (International Association of Wellness Professionals) as well as a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Hypnotist. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and continually find ways of bringing myself in service to the greater community. Since June 2019 I have stepped into working with Phoenix full time as a business partner, merging our energies on a united vision of helping our planet and it's inhabitants. Since March of 2020 I have let go of offering bodywork to my clients on the side and have put 100% of my energy into the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy. The day is soon coming where I will be contributing my own SE-5 research in the field of trauma and mind-body healing to the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy. I look forward to the evolution of my work and the work of our team as it continues to grow and blossom so organically. It is an honor to be serving humanity and the future posterity of wellness through our work together.

Visit my website: www.norianna-diesel.com

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Rebecca Potter

Rebecca has been drawn to natural healing for many years, even becoming a Master Herbalist from The School of Natural Healing. Her passion for working in harmony with the body to discover the root causes of imbalances, and holistic ways to address them, has made her a natural fit for our team. She is very interested in herbs, essential oils, spagyria, sound healing, energy healing, muscle testing, mind-body-soul connection, and has loved learning more about IDF technology and the power of frequencies working with the Phoenix Aurelius Research Labs. In 2013, she and her friend collaborated and wrote a book together outlining several very helpful natural remedies, with a focus on herbs and essential oils. She loves introducing people to the wonderful world of natural healing, especially emphasizing the beauty of listening to, loving, and honoring our bodies. In her spare time she loves traveling, the arts/culture, meditation, qigong, listening to interesting online summits/webinars, sound baths, movies, spending quality time with family and friends and deciphering the messages she receives from our magical universe.  

Phoenix Aurelius

My personal mission is help integrate Alchemy into the Social Fabric of our Culture to Inspire Transformation and Conscious Evolution of both Ecology and Humanity.

Phoenix Aurelius is a Philosopher, Alchemist, Spagyrist, Agriculturist, and Teacher who has often been referred to as "The Modern Renaissance Man" because of his diverse knowledge and skillsets. He has gained recognition for his contributions to the field of Alchemy and has developed an ever-growing following of individuals interested in Spagyria, Herbalism, Alchemical Philosophy, and Spiritual Transformation.

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