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Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy

Researching the Past. Finding Solutions for the Future

Our mission at the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy is two-fold:
1) To advance the field of Aurelian Medicine and 2) to advance the philosophies and practices of Alchemi-Culture. This is accomplished by performing thorough research on the Theories, Principles, Concepts, and Methodologies of these Sciences as well as performing Split Tests, Clinical Studies, and various forms of Analysis to demonstrate their efficacy in the Modern World. 

We envision the Philosophies, Practices, and Approaches of Aurelian Medicine and Alchemi-Culture offering a renewed context for wellbeing and human existence for the 21st Century and Beyond. Our aim is to inspire the greatest sense of personal and collective health, happiness, and fulfillment possible by weaving Alchemi-Culture Principles and Aurelian Medicine into our social fabric.

Drawing inspiration from the rich history and core principles of Renaissance Hermeticism and Paracelsianism, our objective is to forge a Modern Alchemical Renaissance that fosters Holistic Well-Being and empowers communities and civilizations to engage in a Triune Stewardship of Self, Others, and Nature.

The Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy is registered as a Benefit LLC. As a Benefit LLC, we don’t just have a single bottom line; we have a triple bottom line. The three bottom lines of the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy are:

  • Ecological Wellness and Regeneration
  • Providing Assistance to Our Community
  • Profits and How We Use Our Money


Clean Land, Waters, and Sky are at the forefront of our business efforts. We have run numerous research programs over the years (some of which were performed long before the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy became a legal entity) that have demonstrated how we can effortlessly clean up the Skies, Waterways, and the Land from the numerous different toxicities created over the last 150 years.

We offer Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme to clean sewage, manure pits, and septic systems; to prevent and control algae blooms caused by chemical contamination; to break down and biologically transmute hydrocarbon wastes and toxic wastes (including petroleum products and paraffin layers), pesticide contamination, forever chemicals, heavy metals; and to remediate the human microbiome to help the human organism. We also research and work with a wide variety of other Microbe Sets for various Ecological and Agricultural purposes as part of our Alchemi-Culture Research.

Our efforts don’t just end with our microbiological research, though. We have partnered with GreenSpark, a service which enables us to plant 5 trees for AND to remove 20 plastic bottles, straws, bags, and other plastic wastes from littered bodies of land and water for every product sold. Every order from our website also offsets 100 kilograms of CO2. While we don’t really buy into the UN-Sponsored Carbon Dioxide “science,” this program actually helps in a number of ways that we still find worthy of our support. At present, the program is somewhat limited in that the efforts are only helping a few countries, but the “Caesar’s Last Breath” principle shows how indelibly intertwined our air is with all air, and all elements, everywhere, so every impact helps. In India, this program helps by producing energy through sugarcane biomass which is otherwise a waste product that causes problems, installing clean hydroelectric energy in Chile, and by helping rural families switch to more efficient cookstoves in Malawi.

In terms of the ecological footprint of our business, we do our best to minimize all wastes possible. We only use biodegradable and recyclable packaging options; everything from the boxes we use to ship in, the packing materials we use, the inks we use, the bottling solutions we use, the tape we use, etc; they are all biodegradable and/or recyclable. We always recycle all of the cardboard in which our supplies ship to us as well as the Storopack packing supplies and other types of waste. We don’t yet have a good solution for polystyrene packing supplies, but very few things we use are packed with polystyrene. We choose to order from suppliers that use biodegradable packing peanuts, biodegradable cellulose tape, and use biodegradable and recyclable supplies whenever possible; this accounts for at least 85% of all the supplies we order.

We continue to do our best to find solutions to all of the Planet’s most impending ecological problems by using Alchemi-Culture Philosophies, Practices, and Products. With your help, we can continue finding and teaching our supporters and followers how to utilize the grass-roots programs efforts through our Research!


The Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy is dedicated to Assisting and Benefitting our Community; locally, nationally, and internationally.

Starting with our own staff, we provide More-Than-Fair-Trade Wages to all our Employees, Harvesters, and Contractors. In addition to More-Than-Fair-Trade Wages, our own staff receive a variety of benefits including in-house Wellness Care which includes Massively Discounted and/or Free Spagyric Remedies and IDF Services, as well as extremely flexible schedules, and plenty of paid time off for vacations, sick days, mental health days, and more. The members of our staff who work on site are also entitled to lunches prepared in-house each work day and team-building events from time to time that include fun activities like Axe-Throwing, Hiking Adventures, Wildcrafting, Archery, and More.

All of our contracted wild-harvesters are also paid More-Than-Fair Wages for their work. We develop close relations with each of our contracted wild-harvesters to ensure that they use and maintain completely sustainable practices that actually help and benefit the ecosystems they harvest from. Moreover, we ensure that their wages for their harvest provide them with the greatest amount of income possible. This usually equates to paying 3-10x the going rate for their services. This is especially true of our Appalachian Harvesters, who are typically paid less than harvesters elsewhere in the world while the products they harvest are exploited for premiums on the global market. We also support Indigenous Elders in the American Southwest. Many of our Herbs that are sourced from China, Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan are purchased from sources that pay Certified Fair-Trade Wages to the Growers, Harvesters, and Processors of the Herbs.

For our Patrons and Supporters, we regularly establish deep discounts on our Spagyric Apothecary, Immersion Studies, and Online Courses, often helping out serious students who can’t afford our programs. We have also provided immensely-discounted and even free research programs for people in need of our products and services who otherwise can’t afford it. As time and finances permit, we help as many people as possible with our IDF Analysis, Investigation, Broadcasts, and Spagyric Protocols.

The Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy also provides annual donations to The Fraternal Organization of Police to purchase toys and Christmas gifts for impoverished families in Ogden, UT each December. We also Sponsor the Good Medicine Confluence [since 2022], which provides a low-cost gathering for all unique plant and alternative medicine enthusiasts. And we donate monthly to Wikipedia; while the information of Wikipedia is not necessarily the most reliable all the time, we feel that unregulated access to knowledge is critical and we love the idea and mission of its open-source platform.

We are always looking for ways to increase our efforts and make even more impact to benefit the lives of those whose objectives align with our own missions. If you have a charitable organization, group, or other mission that you feel we are aligned with, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Unlike most businesses, where all profits are taken by the Owners and Shareholders of the Company, our profits are proportionately shared among our staff and the rest is invested back into our business and used to purchase more equipment, resources, and materials to further our mission.

We don’t take money from Investors nor do we apply for Grants as both of these methods ultimately restrict our research and usually isolate and frame the data exclusively to produce more income. In this way, we have found that investors and grants for research organizations often pose more threats than they do benefits. Investors need to have a profitable ROI, and when they fund research, they also limit what is published in order to make the work profitable for them. Investments made in Scientific & Research Organizations are largely responsible for the terrible quality of science that pervades nearly every aspect of our world today; the scientists themselves do a great job, but the scope of their research is limited to whatever the investors approve, and the investors technically own the labs and all the findings while restricting the scientists from ever discussing the fullness of their findings through very intense legally binding Non Disclosure Agreements and Non Compete Agreements.

Grants are less hazardous depending on who is providing the grant, but they also restrict the scope of the research and need to have a project started and completed in a pre-determined timeframe otherwise the money is legally revoked and any money used must be paid back. It is our experience that in performing research, development, and experimentation, the nature of the discoveries made require adjustments throughout the duration of the research in order for it to be fully effective and this simply is not a possibility with most grants. Furthermore, those who offer grants that we are applicable for are bodies of Commercial Scholasticism and/or Pharmaceutical companies who would use our findings for their own nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, this is all-too-common due to the many stipulations included in the grant submission details. Many honest scientists and researchers have their entire work essentially stolen by the same organizations that funded the work, leaving them penniless and heartbroken. So it is our experience that in order for our work to stay absolutely true to its purpose and mission that we bootstrap everything ourselves. And this takes an enormous amount of money. At the time of writing this, our monthly overhead is around $35,000/month!

For nearly 20 years, Phoenix has bootstrapped every project he has performed, purchased all of his own lab equipment, and built up the funds himself to run his research projects which has maintained the sovereignty, purity, and integrity of the work he performs.

In summary, our profits are re-invested back into our business and used to pay More-Than-Fair Wages to our Employees, Contractors, and Harvesters as well as being used to purchase new equipment, resources, and materials that continue to allow us to perform more adept and advanced research.

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