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Phoenix Aurelius is a Philosopher, Alchemist, Spagyrist, Agriculturist, and Teacher who has often been referred to as "The Modern Renaissance Man" because of his diverse knowledge and skillsets. He has gained recognition for his contributions to the field of Alchemy and has developed an ever-growing following of individuals interested in Spagyria, Herbalism, Alchemical Philosophy, and Spiritual Transformation.

He advocates and emphasizes the integration of Hermetic and Alchemical Principles into our Modern Social Fabric so that humanity can both reach its greatest potential and restore a harmonious relationship with Nature. To this end, Phoenix invented an entire movement called Alchemi-Culture, which offers a Philosophical Approach to Human Existence designed for the Modern World using Alchemical Principles. Alchemi-Culture is based on 7 core aspects of humanity: Human Cosmology + Philosophy; Law + Justice; Economics + Currency; Citizenship + Social Dynamics; Agriculture + Ecology; Science + Technology; and Healing + Medicine. At the core of this movement is Triune Stewardship of Self, Others, and Nature.

Though he is passionate about all aspects of Alchemi-Culture, Phoenix is especially passionate about the principles of Medicine and feels that most forms of Medicine in existence today are either inadequate, incomplete, outdated, or too highly specialized for common people to use them on a grassroots level. Being a life-long student of many Interdisciplinary Medicinal Approaches (including Allopathic, Taoist, Ayurvedic, Humoral, Shamanic, Galenic, Paracelsian, Anthroposophic, Folk, and more), he has a vast repertoire of philosophies, styles, therapies, and skills to draw from. His focus since 2015 has been to pioneer a new field of medicine for the 21st century and beyond, which he calls Aurelian Medicine. Research and compilation for Aurelian Medicine is ongoing and it may take decades before it can be fully presented in its totality, but he talks and teaches about aspects, philosophies, and methods of producing pharmacopoeia as they are fully tested and integrated.

It is his dream that the Philosophies, Practices, and Approaches of Alchemi-Culture and Aurelian Medicine become fully integrated into our social fabric to inspire the greatest sense of personal and collective health, happiness, and fulfillment possible.

More About Phoenix Aurelius

I was born in Ogden, UT, USA. I am not Mormon and because of this, I have experienced a lot of adversity from the earliest of ages in nearly all areas of my social environment. This is reflected in the unorthodox ways in which I approach life. I have been practicing Spagyria since I was Sixteen Years Old. It started with wild-harvesting herbs, making tinctures, and then calcining my salts in Stainless Steel Condiment Containers over Camp Fire Embers the whole night through. My first distillation kit was constructed from a Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, A Cork, and some Copper Tubing. Over the years, as my skills (and intrinsic understanding) continued to grow, so did my lab. Before Long, I started teaching others what I myself had gleaned. I quickly found that I had a 'knack' for expressing some pretty heavy concepts in eloquent ways. I've been teaching ever since in a number of capacities.

Since 2006, I have been involved in Organic Agriculture. Though I always felt that Organic Agriculture was important not only for the Earth, but also for the purity of our food, many of the practices that are considered 'safe' in Organic Agriculture don't jive well with my preferred level of purity, as they often times can still be ecologically disruptive. ​Furthermore, I always inherently wanted to KNOW how to capture Cosmic Rhythms and utilize their benefit in my agricultural practices the same way we use them in our Laboratory Practice. I knew there had to be another way. It was around 2008 that I was made aware that a corpus of such knowledge not only existed, but had been thriving for at least 85 years by the time I had gotten to it...It was called Biodynamic Agriculture.

I immediately dove in and started learning everything I could, even researching the studies of Maria Thun and her excellent work on Plant Sprouting, Transplanting, & Harvesting in conjunction with Biodynamic Cosmic Rhythms. When testing planting times and dates for myself, I too have found that Sidereal Astronomy made a difference, particularly the phase of the moon and the Transition of the Planets. Not to mention Steiner's Unique BD Preparations, like Horn Manure (BD 500), Horn Silica (BD 501), and the Six Additional Herbal Preparations of: Yarrow Flower (BD 502); German Chamomile Flower (BD 503); Stinging Nettle (BD 504); Oak Bark (BD 505); Dandelion Flower (BD 506); and Valerian Root (BD 507).

In Biodynamic Practice, a Healthy Farm or Garden is able to provide all its needs from its own internal resources. It requires NOTHING from the outside to make it work. That is something I always strive for in all my agricultural endeavors, regardless of how technological I may get with the systems I work with. Steiner's concepts allowed me to start making Medicines for my Agriculture in the same way that Paracelsus allowed me to start making Medicines for Human Culture. I have since taken Steiner's work and spliced it with Paracelsus' work, pioneering a way to make Spagyric Biodynamic Products for my soil as well as using Biodynamic Agriculture as the starting material of my herbal Spagyric products. Though it wouldn't make itself known until 2012, this was the birth of the Alchemi-Culture concept. It started as a movement toward Renewable Agriculture using Alchemical Methodology. But in the process of Cultivating plants in this way, I began to see that Culturing anything (ie: Agri-Culture; Aqua-Culture; Microbiological Culture; Human Culture) requires the use of the same holographic and fractal principles as Alchemy. And then it dawned on me: In mythology, Hermes showed Alchemy to mankind at the same time he showed us the Arts of Civilization - we were uncultured without our understanding of Alchemy and Hermetics. Culture happens through Collective Evolution.

Alchemy and Culture are indelibly intertwined. That is the basis of Alchemi-Culture.

In 2010, by fate and fortune, I inherited a very large portion of my Alchemical Library and Laboratory from one of the Office Managers of Paracelsus Research Society in Salt Lake City. She and her husband were both friends of Frater Albertus and they were very near to him. When Frater Albertus passed in '84, the couple I inherited my lab from had first 'dibs' on much of the labware before the excess was sold. In fact, as the story goes, many of today's prominent Alchemists were able to benefit from the labware that was dispersed from PRS, including two of the most influential authors of modern alchemy, Robert Allen Bartlett and John H Reid III. I am proud to say that I, too, have several flasks, projects, notes, signed books, charts, and the Heat Resistant Asbestos Gloves of Frater Albertus in my laboratory as a result of my inheritance. It accelerated my understanding more than I ever could have hoped for and the materials I received have impacted hundreds of students from all across the world. Miracles do happen. As for myself and those whom have benefitted from the resources I received, it happened through the generosity of the Engels.

Equipped with New Laboratory Gear as well as New Insights and Understandings, between 2010 and 2014, I ran the Phoenix Aurelius Academy of Alchemy and Mysticism. 2010 was monumental for me. First, I had just offered a 20-week online webinar series featuring a comprehensive approach to Alchemy. Later that year, I also started operating a Metaphysical Store in Ogden, UT for a couple who had gotten in over their head with their investment. The name of the Place was Sacred Geometry: An Advanced Metaphysical & Wellness Center. During the time I operated the business, I taught classes there 3-5 times a week to anywhere between 5-50 people. We hosted dozens of events and had a successful business selling Spagyrics, Sacred Geometrical Solids, Tonic Herbs, Raw Food Supplies, Crystals, and some Metaphysical Books. It was a great spot, but it didn't last long in a small town like Ogden due to lack of support. It was ahead of its time even for Sedona or Mt Shasta, let alone Ogden. But I digress...

Shortly afterwards, I came to work at ZP.Tech, which is one of the largest names in the M-State/ORMUS industry. I was hired as a lab tech who took care of bottling, but soon enough my position included the creation of product and the overseeing laboratory operations. By the time I resigned, the title that officially went out on the Newsletter was "Senior Laboratory Operations Manager." I was only at ZP.Tech for about 6 months in 2011 because I grew very Skeptical of the M-State Industry in general and was getting ready to teach more frequently. I traveled heavily across the Wasatch Front at this time, teaching 3-5 nights a week in Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Utah County. As of 2012, I frequently hosted classes at Crone's Hollow in Salt Lake City for about a year and half. In 2013, prompted by my Return of Saturn, I retired temporarily from teaching to take my labwork and personal understanding to new heights.

In 2014, I was hired by Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals to Travel Onsite to Tarapoto, Peru and offer the Founders and their Staff and 40-Day Spagyric Apprenticeship. During my time there, I was able to develop strong relationships with Amazonian Cosmology. I existentially connected with the concept of Bioregional Animism, locations having conscious expressions of intelligence that act by way of the Vegetation, Mineral, and Animal Expression that lives thereupon. In the Amazon, the magic of things is much thicker than the tamed places we have come to know in the United States. But still, in the deep woods of this land, a similar energy persists and we can tell that Locations have Intelligence. I got the opportunity to travel to Pre-Incan Ruins, I worked with a host of Native Ethnobotany and Entheogens, and had access to all the most Ethically-Harvested Biodiversity the Amazon had to offer, thanks to the available stock of Qori Inti. Having the unique opportunity to be both a Mentor and a friend to Aubrey Bamdad and Dionisio Santos is something I shall cherish forever. They are very dear friends and colleagues and shall remain so until the end of either my days or theirs.

In 2015, I performed about 2 dozen 13-month-long Clinical Spagyric Studies of Health from a Spagyric Perspective. I took on a little more than 20 research clients to perform Spagyric Medical Astrology and Create Custom-Prepared Spagyric Formulations each month. The goal was on one hand to demonstrate that the Sidereal Influences of the Planets have a definitive impact on our Health. On the Other hand, the other objective was to demonstrate what efficacy Spagyric Remedies might have in ameliorating causes of disease due to Ens Astrorum, or the relationship of the Sidereal Body, and how this might be perceived as I first created a Natal Astrological Chart of each client as well as having acquired a full medical/psychological history. Then, Each month, I performed Sidereal Astrology (12-Constellation) for these clients, determining what planets/constellations might have Physiological Effects. I would then predict the sidereal effects for each client each month and make 8 Corresponding Custom-Formulated Remedies for my clients using my Spagyric Apothecary. This Ultimately Led to the Creation of Alchemical Essentials in the Spring of 2015.

Also Noteworthy in 2015 was my Elixir Mixer creation for Summit Powder Mountain. Summit Holds Extremely Awesome, Next-Level Networking events to promote a Sustainable Community atop the Largest Ski Mountain in America. Their Goals and their Events are Truly Something to Write Home About. They hired me during Summit Series in 2014 and 2015 to serve Alchemical Elixirs to groups of 200 attendees throughout the course of several hours on one of their featured evenings.

All the Elixirs I create are 100% Organic, Wild-Crafted, and/or Biodynamic with an emphasis on the production of Mocktails. I use the Highest Quality Certified Organic Herbal Extracts and Super Foods to blend some of the tastiest, healthiest tonic beverages in the World. The thousands of pleased customers and attendees who have experienced my creations will be the first to tell you about my Legendary Beverage Skills. 100% Self-Created Beverages made 100% from Scratch using 100% Organic Ingredients, most of them wild-harvested or cultivated myself. It really doesn't get any better.

As of Nov 2015, I moved to Portland, OR and I spent my time engaged in Sustainable Agricultural Practices with Cannabis and Aquaponics and experimented with Alchemical Extraction techniques as I expanded the Alchemi-Culture Philosophy. I learned Advanced Aquaponic & Agricultural Techniques where I pushed the cutting-edge of Sustainable Urban Food Production, including Aquaponic Production of Melons, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Potatoes, and more.

Also as of 2015, I co-founded Niyama with Steffen Hoffman to produce a line of Herbal Alchemy Sprays to be used daily for holistic wellbeing. We launched with our flagship product: Aya, made from Banisteriopsis caapi.

Jan 5th 2017 marked the Product Launch for Niyama's 4 new Herbal Alchemical Sprays. The Plant Power Disco and Release Party was held in Santa Monica, California with a great turnout. We released DreamCatcher, Mellow, Spark, and Flow. I fell ill in July with a mysterious endocrine condition that produced Hypoglycemia and Hypokalemia. Naturopaths, Doctors, Endocrinologists, and every medical expert I went to was stumped!

Despite serious health conditions, I continued to press on working as R&D for Niyama and also offering Group Instruction and Classes. In August 2017, we launched Prana, a complete respiratory tonic and made tons of progress with the business. Sept 1, 2017, we launched a fantastic Spagyric Product known as Feel Better Cider, though due to health complications, I resigned as VP of Product Development with Niyama, LLC. The business closed its doors officially in December of 2017.

Shortly after resigning from Niyama due to multiple life-threatening attacks associated with a peculiar endocrine dysfunction, I was at home performing research to heal myself since the doctors were all stumped. I have a pretty extensive background in Medical Research so I just started perusing all the sites I could imagine with data concerning mineral absorption and blood sugar levels. I was already doing everything the mainstream alternative wellness community said to do and it wasn't even close to enough. I was having panic attacks accompanies by cardiac arrhythmia, low back pains, full body tremors, severe "Charlie Horse's", difficulty breathing, and a number of other symptoms. I was so severely hypoglycemic that my partner had to ensure I was breathing in the middle of the night because I was going hypo and wanting to sleep so often , it was dangerous for me to take naps. Based on my symptoms I knew I was either having an Addisonian Crisis, or else there was some hormone disruption issue in my HPA [Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal] Axis; but with that said, there are really no good solutions from doctors out there that I feel comfortable taking and there was no info available on how to fix the issue aside from some TCM suggestions of Astragalus, Hemp, and Goji berry decoctions, which definitely lessened anxiety and helped me feel a little better. But with prolonged usage, the efficacy of the decoctions waned and it wasn't helping anything.

Being more competent in my health and wellness research than most Physicians and Health Coaches I've ever met, my family knew that I would be able to fix this issue given enough time. I was definitely doing everything I could to ensure that it was solved once and for all, but I couldn't quite come to grips with its severity. No matter what remedy or lifestyle change I implemented, it was always one step ahead of me.

My daily therapeutic tools were a severely altered diet with 100gms animal protein daily, spagyric remedies such as American Ginseng and Devil's Club, GTF Chromium, a number of tonifying herbs for Hypoglycemia, and HONEY instead of Glucose strips. I had to follow a very strict regimen, and if I did that, then I would only be sick 80% of the time instead of 100% of the time. Those tools at least sustained me through July-Sept. But then things got worse and I couldn't be left unattended for any length of time because the hypoglycemia was so bad I would go unconscious really quickly. I was certain I would be dying within a year; five years at most unless I could figure it out.

With my partner still having to work and carry the financial burden of our home and obligations, we both agreed it would be best if I go to stay with my parents so I could get the level of care I needed. I was packing up my things to go live with my parents and I didn't know if or when I would be back. It was exceptionally emotional for me, especially because I couldn't help but be stared directly in the face by the irony of the situation: that I have helped so many people heal from so many rare and lesser-known conditions, yet I get defeated by something I can't solve. It seemed somehow fitting in the most sardonic of ways, and I came to grips with the fact that I was dying, though trying to do everything I could to prevent such from happening. I just wanted to spend the rest of my days with the people I loved most, walking among the garden I planted and spending time relishing in the delights mother nature has to offer: wild fruits, spring water, rich soil, microbes, and stones, and researching as much as my energy would allow me to. My life became very simplified.

About 30 minutes before I was to be picked up and taken away to live under supervision at my parents' house, I was in the lab looking longingly at what I'd be leaving behind. I looked at my apothecary shelves and it popped out to me in a way it never did before: Prothymia. I made it years ago and it without a doubt, my most popular and celebrated formulation. But I didn't think it would be able to help me really - or at least that's what my mind was telling me based on my research of the constituents, which are primarily used to treat depression. But because it spoke so loudly and insistently, I filled myself up 3 x 15mL bottles and put them in with all my things.

After arriving at my parents' house, I told my mom about the tincture and that I had a good feeling about it, but that I was going to need extra special supervision while I test it on myself. She felt good about it too and agreed to provide any extra level of care necessary [Bless Her Enormous Heart!]. I took an enormous dose of roughly 95 drops [standard application is between 1-5 drops] and I anticipated that things might not be so good for me, but that was the number I intuitively felt I needed to take. So I documented it all and sat back and did some Qabalistic Breathwork exercises. I was anxiously awaiting some sort of bizarre effect or side effect for the next two hours [as one always does when experimenting with a breakthrough dose of any new substance]. But instead of having any strange reactions, I felt better. In fact, I wasn't anxious, the weird unexplained pains in my joints went away, and there was a particular hollow feeling in the upper left side of my cranium (not brain per se) that had felt hollow, but now it felt like it had been "filled in."

So we ate dinner and there was bread on the table, and I decided to have a piece just to see if my suspicion was correct and that the decrease in the symptoms mentioned above was related to the hypoglycemia. So I ate it and I was just fine. It was small, but my mom and I looked at each other and had hope for the first time in over 90 days that I might be able to live a new life. And this was night #1...pretty good progress.

Day Two was equally as awesome. I continued with 95 drop dosage three times daily as well as just taking a drop or two anytime I would think about it throughout the day. But my symptoms continued to decrease and I was able to eat whatever the hell I wanted without any symptoms. Day 2, my cardiac arrhythmia and shallow breathing stopped and everything went completely back to normal. By day 3, I no longer presented ANY of the symptoms and was able to eat or drink anything, including alcohol. Since that day, I have had no symptoms and do do not have hypoglycemia or hypokalemia. And because the Prothymia was able to address it, I was able to essentially-reverse diagnose my own condition: It was a Systemic Endocrine Deficiency. It was actually caused by lack of Serotonin being produced in my gut. Because the herbal constituents in Prothymia replicate Serotonin in all areas of the body, I was able to come back online. I just started eating a diet rich in fermented foods and started developing microbial ferments for consumption to restore the shikimate pathway and ensure that I get producing my own Serotonin again, since over 90% of Serotonin in the body is produced in the gut through microbial enzymes triggering chemical biosynthesis.

Needless to say, it worked. And the research I performed afterwards ended up validating my approach. I realized that my case was not a singular bizarre instance of circumstance, but rather that people suffering with Type 2 diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Anemia, Hypokalemia, Depression, Thyroid Conditions, Adrenal Insufficiency, Cerebro-Spinal Conditions, and so many other conditions are tied up in with the same root cause. In fact, people with these conditions are treated with medical malpractice everyday using medications that mask the symtom and make the root cause even worse. With that knowledge, I knew that I was going to do something about it. We made it through the Holidays and I started getting the lab back in working order since I was now resigned from Niyama and had to start a new practice.

In the meantime, my Partner had been suffering from a mysterious "gut" condition for at least 10 years, but nobody could figure out its cause. Aside from being annoying and providing some minor emotional grief, the symptoms weren't causing nutrient deficiencies or any sort of detectable issue. So addressing it came in waves of intensive application followed by periods of restoration. Symptoms were similar to IBS with frequent Diarrhea accompanied by cramping along with frequent UTI's, Kidney Infections, Skin Disorders [cracking at the side of the mouth] and other symptoms that would wax and wane or altogether disappear and reappear randomly. Having exhausted so many efforts, including: allopathic antibiotics, doing every naturopathic gut cure imaginable, getting tested for SIBO and other Parasites, Doing Candida Cleanses, Seeing every doctor, naturopath, biofeedback expert in a 50 mile radius, purchasing products from miracle cure salesmen, getting strange treatments with unique Enzymes extracted from Milk, and doing every form of subtle energy medicine imaginable. Nothing showed even the slightest improvement.

That's when Richard Kirby of Agrinomics reached out to me. He actually was interested in analysing my spagyrics in comparison to Biodynamic Preparations of the same plants used for agricultural purposes. But I couldn't understand what the hell kind of technology was capable of that and I needed some proof. Most likely because they really wanted those spagyrics, they entertained my skepticism and I paid them to run a test on Norianna to determine the cause of her illness. I told them nothing about her symtpoms and in less than 24 hours, I had an answer back with full analytical investigation concerning what was wrong. Want to know the strange thing?: Hers was an endocrine issue too, primarily relating to the pancreas, but creating pre-Diabetic conditions instead of Hypoglycemia. That was the root issue of her bowels evacuating and not digesting properly: her body was just trying its best to self regulate carbohydrates by flushing them if blood sugar stayed high for too long. So we ended up giving her Prothymia, increasing her sodium chloride and organic acid (Fresh Cold Pressed Citrus Juices and/or ACV) and in 30 days, all her symptoms started to disappear. Six months later, she has no sign of any of the initial symptoms related to her endocrine system and we are now working on tonifying her overall wellness.

The search Results and road map provided by Richard were so invaluable to us, I started collaborating with him on the spagyric project analysis he had. Before long, we were able to verify the potency and purity of my Spagyric Remedies and we're now working on being able to provide the public with the data we have showing the analysis of each Spagyric Remedy in my apothecary. Before long, we realized that Spagyrics and Radionics play very well together and show tremendous efficacy when used in conjunction with one another. As a result, we developed a working relationship to provide Analysis and use both Radionics and Spagyrics to help address wellness. In 2018, we started taking on Clients so that we can provide Case Study Data to show our methods and how/why they work.

As of August 2018, I am spending the majority of my time helping my Signature Spagyric Wellness Program Clients and Running a Private Spagyric Research & Development Laboratory and offering private classes and instructions as I film my Spagyric Artistry Instructional Tutorials. In 2018, I have performed R&D services for such companies as StoneBlood Shilajit, Cintamani Tonics, Zion Medicinals, Moringa For Life, The Ganoderma Group, and Master Wong's Tea. I still offer regular Alchemi-Culture apprenticeships to those who inquire and teach both privately and publicly throughout the year.

In March 2019 we moved facilities to North Ogden up against the mountain, surrounded by organic gardens, orchards, chickens, and tapped directly into fresh clean spring water.

Throughout the years, I have presented at a number of Festivals, Events, Conferences, and Convergences and I am still available as a Speaker or Presenter on a wide range of topics. If you would like me to speak at your event, please don't hesitate sending me an inquiry. Here is a brief list of places I have taught at: Heaven on Earth (WindWalker Ranch, 2007 & 2008) Ogden Pagan Pride Festival (Foster Park, Ogden, 2008); Earth Jam (Liberty Park, SLC, 2009); Awaken the Master Within (Crystal Hot Springs, UT, 2011); 11-11-11 Stargate Activation (Miller Auditorium, SLCC Campus, 2011); Building Man (Jenk Star Ranch, UT, 2012); 12-12-12 Stargate Event (Miller Auditorium, SLCC Campus, 2012); The NorthWest Alchemy Conference (Redmond Venusian Temple, WA, 2013 & 2014); Desert Rocks (Green River, 2013); March Against Monsanto (SLC Capitol Steps, 2015); SNOWBRUSH Herb Festival (ArtSpace Community Gardens, 2015); The EcoSex Convergence (WindWard Sustainability Center, 2016); Live Workshops at Niyama's Elixir Bar & Alchemy Lab, Portland, OR.

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