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Testimonials + Client Experiences
"After just a few months of using the spagyric remedies and IDF broadcasts, my life is better.  Not just my physical health, but rather my whole life is better.  I'm a better husband, father, son and steward of mother earth.  The people in my immediate environment all seem to benefit in unimagined ways from my return to wholeness.  My awareness in every situation has increased by orders of magnitude, and this is invaluable to me for regaining my health.  Using the IDF technology to get to the root cause of your imbalances at any moment in your life is invaluable in this world of toil and snares.  Having Phoenix to help and create the spagyric remedies that work with the IDF broadcasts and amulets completes the circle of holistic treatment.  The spagyric apothecary is a world class, multi-dimensional, life changing find.  I have finally found something that I am comfortable using, and that works for me.  I am happy and look forward to continuing the progression towards my best self with the help of the plant medicines and IDF Research services.  Many thanks to Phoenix and the rest of the team!"



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