*The links below provide the product descriptions, functions, and dimensions that are ideal for studying Spagyria. Students are STRONGLY urged to find these items used, refurbished, or reconditioned if available so as to save money. Any labware items you may already have that meet these requirements can definitely be used.The main thing to check for is to ensure that any glass pieces are 24/40 or 45/50 or else have appropriate reducing/enlargening adapters based on what you would like to use the piece for. 24/40 is a common USA joint size; Europe typically uses 29/40; Asian and South American Countries typically use 24/29. Do not use 24/29 [Asian/South American] labware in 24/40 [North American] joint sizes otherwise you run the risk of fusing the glass or getting it lodged. There are plenty of 29/40 to 24/40 reducing adapters and they’re relatively affordable. Therefore, if you already own 29/40 lab flasks, just consider purchasing the necessary 24/40 adapters and then purchase the rest of the equipment on this page. Purchasing the adapters usually proves to be less expensive than purchasing new 24/40 flasks.*

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Maceration Equipment

6 x 1 Quart Wide-mouth Mason Jars with lids

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Blendtec Blender Or Equivalent Food-Grade High Speed Blender

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