What Is IDF Technology

IDF stands for ‘Intrinsic Data Field.’ Within the context of Aurelian Cosmology, Intrinsic Data Fields are holographic and fractal pre-formative fields of Causal Data that inform the structure, function, relationship, magnitude, and parameters of all created things. They exist within the scope of the Causal Dimension (the Qabalistic World of B’riah) and are thus part of the Causal Body of all of Creation as we know it, including incorporeal manifestations. To put this into layman’s terms: Intrinsic Data Fields are the coding sequences of the entire Universe, both physical and non-physical.

It is pretty common for IDF’s to be thought of as morphic fields, though they have also been conceived and talked about in dozens of different ways by various cultures throughout history. It is important to understand that every aspect of Electromagnetism and Physical Material derive their energy from the Causal, and are thus denser energies than those that exist in the Causal. As a result, all Electromagnetic and Physical things are informed with the information of what, why, where, when, and how to operate by the Causal IDF’s that they are composed of.

Today, the term “IDF” is most commonly used in the fields of Psionics/Psychotronics - these are fields of study that developed in the 20th century which interface intention with an entire host of analogue, digital, and electronic technologies. Even though the term ‘IDF’ and the fields of psionics/psychotronics were established nearly 400 years after Paracelsus’ death, the theory and concepts are in no way unfamiliar to Paracelsus, nor are they unfamiliar to the student of Hermeticism, Western Esotericism, or Metaphysics. 

Paracelsus in the 1530’s was interfacing with IDF’s by employing healing intentions, geometric mandalas, magia naturalis, etc; in his medical philosophies and practices. What we now call IDF’s comprised a big portion of his theories of how to impact the Energetic Anatomy of an individual for medical purposes. He was well familiarized with a multitude of methods to impact various levels of what we would now call 'The Subtle Energy Body' and in modern terms, we would say that when he needed to impact the Causal Body of his patients, he was interacting with Intrinsic Data Fields

Electronic Psionic/Psychotronic equipment has been created for the last 100 or more years and gives us a way of using various technologies to inquire about the status of any particular IDF (known as IDF Analysis) as well as ways of influencing/informing an IDF. It is important to note that IDF’s can also be inquired into and impacted/informed without the use of electronic radionics/psychotronic equipment. For instance, applied kinesiology is one method of accessing IDF’s. And IDF Balancing can likewise be performed by proxy through mentalism as has been practiced by Medicine People, Shamans, Psychics, etc; for millennia. Analogue IDF Analysis comes down to obtaining information about the wellness of an individual through Causal means, and IDF Balancing really comes down to using directed imagery and intentions directed towards an individual to balance or inform any of their desired IDF’s.

Based on extensive research, Aurelian Cosmology accepts that psionic/psychotronic instrumentation is merely a natural evolution of IDF techniques for applications of both Analysis and Balancing.

Aurelian Analysis and IDF'S

Multi-Dimensional Wellness is the entire focus of Aurelian Medicine Research. Because the multi-dimensional composition of every organism is expressed through Intrinsic Data Fields, the approach of Aurelian Medicine Research is to use IDF Analysis and Investigation to identify which Intrinsic Data Field(s) are imbalanced within an organism and why those fields are imbalanced to begin with. Though this work is ideally performed with an SE-5 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer, Pendulums and other Kinesiological Equipment can be used, as well.

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Being a key component of Aurelian Medicine Research, this 10 week course teaches IDF Analysts to use an Aurelian Approach to performing IDF Analysis and Balancing Broadcasts for Multi-Dimensional Wellness. All participants will receive an Aurelian Medicine Research Protocol SE-5 Legacy Software .xml file to upload and use. The Aurelian Medicine Research Protocol has all Program Level, Subprogram Level, and Tuning Levels available for MacroAnalysis and Investigations. Students will learn not only the methods for identifying IDF Imbalances in the Multi-Dimensional Anatomy of an individual, but they will also learn how to balance those IDF's using IDF Balancing Broadcast Protocols. Though it is not strictly necessary to have an SE-5 2000 in order to take this class, none of the information contained herein will be useful without having one. For this reason, it is strongly suggested that all students have an SE-5 2000 with Legacy Software. This course will only be using Legacy Software for all analysis though how to export sessions to upload in Pro Software for balancing purposes will also be included for those who are interested in learning this. Click Here To Learn More

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Intrinsic Data Field Equipment

Intrinsic Data Field Analysis and Investigation is a field can be done with Intrinsic Data Field Analytical Instruments. The instrumentation that we use at the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy is known as the SE-5 2000. This allows us to analyze any Intrinsic Data Field using an Amplitude-based numerical calibration. We use IDF equpiment to test Herbs and Spagyric Items for the presence and concentration of certain phyto/mycochemicals, minerals, contaminants, and energetic principles as well as performing IDF Wellness Research.

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