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Since 2015, Phoenix has been pioneering a new field of medicine for the 21st century and beyond, which he calls Aurelian Medicine. Aurelian Medicine is essentially a modern spin on Paracelsian Medicine, which included new terminology, sciences, technologies, therapies, and more that were not invented during the time of Paracelsus or the Paracelsian Physicians that followed in his footsteps.

Research for Aurelian Medicine is ongoing and it may take decades before it can be presented in its totality, but Phoenix teaches about its various tried-and-true aspects and philosophies, as well as the methodologies and standards of Aurelian Spagyria. Work at the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy is constantly ongoing to perform the groundwork necessary to one day obtain legitimacy as a form of Medicine in the United States, the United Kingdom, The European Union, India, China, and other countries around the world.

It is his dream that the Philosophies, Practices, and Approaches of Aurelian Medicine begin to offer a viable alternative to other Systems of Medicine that can be approached and used by the Grassroots.



Paracelsus created a working system of Philosophic Constitutions and Imbalances in the tenets of Spagyria. Similar to Ayurveda, there are three primary groupings of constitutions and imbalances, which in Aurelian Medicine we call Corporeal, Sulfurous, and Mercurial. Any Alchemist will recognize these as corresponding to theTria Prima: Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. When any organism is not balanced in its triune composition, it experiences an imbalance, which we philosophize as the basis of what ultimately causes disease and illness.


Within Aurelian Medicinal Theory, we acknowledge that there are four primary dimensions to the Human Organism which correspond to the Four Elements. These are: The Physical Dimension [Earth]; The Astral Dimension [Water]; The Causal Dimension [Air]; and the Spiritual Dimension [Fire]. Each of these dimensions constitutes a Holographic and Fractal Aspect of the Human Organism, such to the degree that we say that humankind is composed of interlacing Physical, Astral, Causal, and Spiritual Bodies.


Paracelsus also created the concept of Entia, or Causes, of Imbalances. He listed 5 of them, which are also included in Aurelian Medicine, though we are researching to find out how many more Entia ought to be added to this list. The 5 Paracelsian Entia are:Ens Astrale, Ens Naturale, Ens Veneni, Ens Spirituale, and Ens Dei. We have also addedEns Magicaeto our list, as we have identified various causes of imbalance caused by ill-intentioned Psychic Attack, Sorcery, and Magical Arts.


Though Paracelsus didn't rely exclusively on Spagyric Remedies to address various Entia of Imbalances, they do comprise the pharmacopoetic component of Paracelsian Medicine, and likewise of Aurelian Medicine. We use the term "Aurelian Spagyria'' to define the production of Spagyric Remedies designed to address one or more Entia of Imbalance. Aurelian Spagyria is not relinquished to the Herbal Kingdom, and it has its own standards of terminology, methods of production, philosophical correspondences, and methods of application. These differences distinguish it enough from the commonly-taught Spagyria vulgaris of the R+C Alchemical Traditions that it merits its own name, thus "Aurelian Spagyria".


In Spagyric Cosmology, it is conceived that all of Nature, and Humankind itself, is a Microcosm of the Macrocosm. That said, Paracelsus put down the Medical Astrologers of his day and told them that they need only look to the sky to realize that their calculations were not accurate. Like Paracelsus, the system we use based on 7+ years of clinical studies and agricultural split tests is different from nearly all systems of Tropical and Sidereal Astrology commonly in use today. In the context of Aurelian Medicine, the system we use for determining Ens Astrale and Astrodynamics for Agriculture and Aurelian Spagyria are referred to as "Astronomology."


Therapies as defined in Aurelian Medicine, are any action or substance that can be utilized to lessen the effects caused by any Entia of Imbalance. That said, they are not able to fully address any Entia of Imbalance, but they bring relief to the Individual. Nearly every Therapeutic and Healing Practice is able to be used in Aurelian Medicine as long as it provides effective relief of the effects of an imbalance that an individual is experiencing. Massage, Somatics, PT, Energy Work, Hypnosis, Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Ointments, Unguents, Creams, Lotions, and much more can all be utilized and have their place depending on the condition at hand.

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