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Love this product

I have loved all the products I’ve tried from Phoenix! And this Oregon Grape is no exception. I was taking it before bed on an empty stomach and within a week my fasting blood sugar started going down. I struggle with this so I’m super excited!! Will definitely buy again!!

Inspired Gifts

In the past I would incorporate Gift of Magi formula into my Holy Nights' contemplations. Now, I take a dose every night before bed. I feel the blessing of this formula working on my dreamlife. I do not want to go without it. and I highly recommend.


I’ve bought other brands of Bitter Melon and never saw a difference in my blood sugar. This is amazing! Within a week I saw my fasting blood glucose slowly dropping. I’m so excited to have this! All of Phoenix’s products are top notch and never disappoint!!


This product is powerful!!!! I recommended it for a young man who was in intensive care with a very serious life threatening infection - Mycor Mycosis. After surviving a fall from a 12 story high rise building and taken to hospital, this very hard to treat infection he acquired while in the hospital led to heavy anti-fungal and antibiotic drugs being administered along with 9 surgeries to cut away the infected flesh - the doctors had given up and were about to turn off the machines keeping him alive. This was one of the remedies as a Naturopath I suggested. Not only did it work in helping overcome the infection, the 21yo young man is now out of the hospital and home finishing his recovery with his loving family rallying around him - where the doctors had given him up for dead. Amazing stuff!!!!!


Thursday sunrise, cool thank you

No difference for me or my child

I had trust and expectations to feel a difference with digestive health and energy. There was zero effect for me or my son. Sorry we won't be buying a spagyric probiotic again.

The Best I Have Had

After taking this consistently for a couple of weeks; I noticed an amazing change in my vitality, overall sense of wellbeing, and manhood.


The uniquely rich flavor adds so much to the wholesome feeling of contentment and ease after taking this consistently. A truly unique product that I would highly recommend.

very good

i have been taking bee products a very long time but when i saw this on your site i decided to give it a try - it's very good as are the other products i have purchased from you site - Thankyou for quality !!! o

Turkey tail


Absolutely enjoying this formula!

Mullein Leaf Spagyric Tincture

Great product. Love the flavor.


I received this and did a "sway" test to decide what size spoon - the taste is very good: lemon upfront with a creamy backup= delicious - And it gives an immediate boost ( at least for me)- Great !!!

Alpine Gold Shilajit
Cheryl Cottingham
First time trying Shalijit

Started with small amounts in my water. Have continued almost daily.
Will be noting any beneficial results.
Thank you

It works

This product helps to shut down the brain chatter while doing breathwork and/ or meditating- I like what it does( at least for me)...


I've ordered fulvic minerals from another source, it was ok, but in comparison to Phoenixs it wasn't half as potent. There's no mistaking a Phoenix Aurelius creation, everything I've gotten from him is exceptional.


Great, succinct explanations. I appreciate how much time and effort Phoenix put into it. I will definitely be referring to it during planting and harvesting seasons.

Wonderful Product!

You can feel the full body effects as soon as you take it, I can already tell my body feels so much better.

Arnica Flower

I am impressed at how fast it heals bruises, it only took a couple of days.

nice addition

i have been using all these products for quite awhile and when i saw them on your site i thought i would try yours- so far i am pleased - i like them and will come back for more- Thankyou

Blow Out: Baheda Spagyric Tincture

i like this -Bilberry .

i have used Bilberry tincture for quite a long time - A friend of mine sent me a link to your company and as i needed to replace i tried your Bilberry - i lke it and although i have't used yours for a length i will say that i plan to reorder - To me, this product has more life - higher frequency. Very happy to have found your site- Thankyou !!!

Great calendar

Third year getting this calendar I think, I get it every year, I only use it for growing food and when the full moon/new moon is.
It's a little pricey but I imagine that's due to the supply/demand and however many hours he spent making it.
Highly recommend more people buy


I love the Phoenix products
Using them awhile now
Wishing you radiant health

A Masterpiece of Calendrical Synthesis

It's an All-in-One Astrological planner, a Biodynamic planting calendar, an Astronomically correct moon calendar, and an educational book on how to use the planetary aspects to for greatest benefit. I love it! It might seem a little cryptic to a beginner, but the elaborate appendices have been expanded this year to help even the novice learn how to plan and plant by the Zodiac. I find the more time I put into studying and noticing the energetic correlations for the day, the more prepared I am to align with the energy of that day. This helps me accomplish more with less effort during harmonious times, and helps me avoid disharmonious aspects, reducing the likelihood of mistakes or misplaced effort. Thank you, Phoenix, for all the hard work you put into this! It's truly a masterpiece!