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Great stuff!

In the early stages of use (a couple of weeks) & since starting I've noticed my hair is growing a lot faster and thicker and my nails the same. I feel there are other less noticeable outcomes at work behind the scenes. Good tincture, recommend!

Vitality extraordinary

This product has stimulated my senses to its limits. I enjoy the vitality which get from taking this formula keep up the good work and I’ll purchase more.

Spagyrics of the Month Club

I found the customer service amazing! Always ready to answer questions on Spagyrics. Had a lot of fun browsing Phoenix’s website with the monthly club order looking up the process of each Spagyric and benefits. Really believe you won’t find finer processed Spagyrics and especially with this many options to experiment with through the monthly club subscription.

Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme
Laura Schroerlucke
First probiotic that I actually saw improvements in digestion and bloat

Look no further, this is the best probiotic on the market. I’ve been taking this for almost a year and experience noticeable differences when It take it. My digestion is much stronger and it also has minimized bloating. This stuff is magic. I’ll take it at night sometimes and other times mornings. I always take it traveling and I feel like it prevents stomach issues when eating different cuisines I’m not used to or pesticide sprayed food.
I’m a customer for life!

Wonderful customer service!

I cannot yet write a review on the product Triphala as I just started taking it, but I can comment on the PARA customer service. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the young lady’s name (have already deleted the e-mail), but the one I dealt with was amazing. I had a (physiology) question for Phoenix before ordering the product. She was quick to get the question to him and he was quick with a response. Again, she was quick to return the response to me and so friendly as well. I am enjoying the product, but also very pleased with the employees attention to the customer. I will definitely consider ordering from this company again. Many blessings to you and the work you are doing.

I can taste the potency!

Such a unique way to intake nature's powerful remedies. I know it's doing my heart some good - not only physiologically but somehow I feel it's helping me to become aware of and transmute old matters of the heart and grow my self-love.


Outstanding quality!

What I Notice

I have noticed improved digestion, but cannot tell if anything else is a result of starting Triphala Spagyric.

Cilantro freeze dried S[agyric Tincture

Love the Cilantro Tincture and the spray bottle is so easy to use. I want to thank you and your team for the fast shipping and care of packaging. Kudos to you all.


I didn’t expect to get an energy boost from the Triphala but I’ve been feeling it from the first week. This is amazing! I also have been sleeping better…deeper, I think. I don’t really have any digestive issues just low thyroid function. So, I’m hoping this is helping with that. Thank you so much for such a quality product!!

Authentic product that works!!!

Love the Triphala and love what Phoenix does to support the health and wellness of humanity!

Triphala Spagyric Tincture
Ginnie Van Meter
Triphala spagyric tincture

So far I’m very happy with the Triphala! I’ve only been using it for a short time but I feel really good on it! I don’t like the taste so I now spray it in my drinks!

Great product

Have seen significant improvement

Outstanding product

Helps keep my energy level up and seems to balance my digestive tract, so I don’t have any issues with digesting my food. Thank you for a great product. I’m sure it is doing many other subtle things I’m not aware of yet. Will be ordering again. Thank you.

Thanks for inquiry, not sure if I can see any results from this Tincture as I do take a number of different supplements for the diagnosis experience of Lyme Disease the last 22 years and the experience of Cancer the last 7 years. Ready to be done with both experiences.!

Tranquility in a Bottle

The Blue Lotus Spagyric Tincture is simply fantastic, I found myself feeling relaxed whenever I took it, especially at night for dream work. It has become an great ally in that practice. The taste and aroma of Blue Lotus are delightful, making the experience even more enjoyable. The calming and mind-quieting effects are perfect for meditation sessions. Thank you for creating such an awesome tincture!

Revitalizing Energy and Clarity

I absolutely love the Polyrhachis Ant Spagyric Tincture, Since incorporating it into my daily routine, I've experienced a significant boost in energy and strength during my workouts. Not only that, but I also noticed improved mental clarity and an overall sense of well-being. This tincture has become a must-have for me, and I'll definitely keep it stocked up, Highly recommend!

Love it.

I love the Spagri-Somal Vitamin C.

Highly Detailed

But I need a key or guide to this symbology presented in this calendar. Ex.: There are symbols of fruit on certain dates but is that for harvesting, planting, etc.? Other than that, once I become familiar with all of the symbols then this will be invaluable for me. I live in florida and we have a bounty of fresh fruit year round, however sometimes it is difficult to know when to harvest as there is a fine line between harvesting too early or too late.

Super effective, highly recommended

I have been using Valerian to help me sleep for many years, and this product is better than any other brand I have used. In addition to helping me reach deeper states of sleep, it also makes my dreams much more vivid.

Called to me

So I use some similar principals to muscle testing to know what is for me and I am pulled to this product more when I'm going thru trauma or my brain is doing a major shift/needs help integrating or healing. The first time I was pulled to purchase and use this product was for undergoing EMDR therapy and my therapist could not believe the efficacy of the EMDR on me compared to other patients he's worked with. It gives me more vivid and symbolic type dreams during those times I am pulled to use it and grounds me into a sense of calmness that lasts when I really need it. I am autistic and a healer in service to my community btw. And I think that might be relevant to why this plant called to me. I notice I am pulled to take this more with little in my stomach, usually at night and I often have chocolate with it. And I will take it for little spurts a few days in a row when these shifts happen that I am pulled to it. When my father passed away unexpectedly I relied on this heavily to get thru the first week after and it may have helped open me up for an important journey that gave me the insight to help me and my family process.

Polyrhachis Ant Spagyric Tincture

This is one of my very favorite tinctures because of the high zinc content plus the B1, B2, B12. This gives me extra physical strength through out the day. Great product. Just need a bottle priced between the $35.00 and $95.00 like $45.00.

Great for heart palpitations.

I have experienced heart palpitations for several years. Multiple skips beats per minute with my heart pounding. I was constantly preoccupied with my heart!! Very uncomfortable. Full cardiac work up reveals no real disease process, but nonetheless I was prescribed a beta blocker. The beta blocker only served to reduce the frequency of the skipped beats and did lessen the pounding sensation but the medicine made me feel bad. Low mood and low energy.
I searched for sometime before I decided to give the Hawthorne Berry tincture a try.
It has been about six weeks that I have been off the beta blocker. My heart is calm. The heart irregularity is completely gone. I may have a skipped beat randomly but only noticeable if I stop to check my pulse.
Thank you!!!

Aurum Potable Plus

The inclusion of Robert Bartlett's vintage Oil of Gold is what grabbed my attention on this formulation and alone makes this product worth its weight in gold. I use as a solar elixir in planetary magick rites and find that it also facilitates "rising on the planes" in an almost instantaneous manner.

Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme