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nice addition

i have been using all these products for quite awhile and when i saw them on your site i thought i would try yours- so far i am pleased - i like them and will come back for more- Thankyou

Blow Out: Baheda Spagyric Tincture

i like this -Bilberry .

i have used Bilberry tincture for quite a long time - A friend of mine sent me a link to your company and as i needed to replace i tried your Bilberry - i lke it and although i have't used yours for a length i will say that i plan to reorder - To me, this product has more life - higher frequency. Very happy to have found your site- Thankyou !!!

Great calendar

Third year getting this calendar I think, I get it every year, I only use it for growing food and when the full moon/new moon is.
It's a little pricey but I imagine that's due to the supply/demand and however many hours he spent making it.
Highly recommend more people buy


I love the Phoenix products
Using them awhile now
Wishing you radiant health

A Masterpiece of Calendrical Synthesis

It's an All-in-One Astrological planner, a Biodynamic planting calendar, an Astronomically correct moon calendar, and an educational book on how to use the planetary aspects to for greatest benefit. I love it! It might seem a little cryptic to a beginner, but the elaborate appendices have been expanded this year to help even the novice learn how to plan and plant by the Zodiac. I find the more time I put into studying and noticing the energetic correlations for the day, the more prepared I am to align with the energy of that day. This helps me accomplish more with less effort during harmonious times, and helps me avoid disharmonious aspects, reducing the likelihood of mistakes or misplaced effort. Thank you, Phoenix, for all the hard work you put into this! It's truly a masterpiece!

I haven't started it yet as there were no instructions for use. A bit confused.

Triphala burn 🔥

I love the intense burn when you put the tincture under your tongue. Taking to settle inflammation in gut. Recently had colonoscopy that diagnosed lymphocytic colitis (he wanted me to take a steroid which I refused), that exhibits as extreme diarrhea or constipation even with clean eating and avoiding alcohol. Weight loss would be a bonus. I’ve been taking 10 drops at night for a couple of weeks, no noticeable results yet. Thanks for prompt reply when I had concerns about product freezing in my mailbox (high alcohol content, not an issue)


Excellent again, bravo! Nicer color and artwork scheme this year than last. I do have one suggestion which would really benefit the digital version in particular: Add the month and year on the actual month calendar pages. Since I, and perhaps others, print it and put one staple in an upper corner, I have to flip it backwards to know what month I'm looking at. Whereas if it were printed on the monthly calendar page I could see and know without having to flip back. A relatively small thing, but it's customary on other calendars and would make quite a difference for the digital download version of this one too. Thanks again, Great work! JT

Ant it the best? YES!

Polyrhachis ant is a spagyric I will not be without. I take it daily to support my stamina. On a day where I am dragging, this product supports my energy levels and helps me do what I want to get done.

Great Resource

I am grateful to have this calendar on the wall in my lab. It is ease to plan operations coming up with the appropriate correspondences. I use it daily.


I now have a future forecast of the celestial bodies right at my finger tips, just a turn of the page away. I can orient this around future lab work, ideal gardening times, and also plan out beautiful celebrations of the Earth and the heavens because this calendar tells exactly when to look for everything that is going on. This is a great purchase and I recommend for the aspiring practical alchemist and the avid gardener.

Moringa Leaf Spagyric Tincture


Next level!

A definitive yearly purchase

It’s a one of a kind tool in my get stuff done arsenal. Helps me feel more alignment with my garden and projects.

Not very effective

I tried the blue lotus spagyric and didn’t really like it. Didn’t have much effect and didn’t like the spray feature.

Heavy Metal Detox Rx Spagyric Formulation

Love this

I’m really liking this ant tincture. It’s giving me subtle sustained energy throughout the day. I also feel a little stronger when it comes to my immune system. I will be continuing with this tincture!

Not enough to really tell

I ordered an 8 oz. bottle, but when investigating amounts, realized it wouldn't last too long. I took 2Tbs. three times/day.
So I don't think I took enough to tell if it made a difference. I won't be ordering more because it is sort of pricey and I already take another product (different, but similar).

Love this Work

Unique medicine that I find is an expression of great work. I’m using the Spagyri-zyme to help support healthy gut regrowth after antibiotics. Thank you for this work

I love your products

I also love your customer service. Theee greatest company on earth.

Bacopa Spagyric Tincture
David Stringfellow

I have consumed Brahmi as a powder, a tea, and in tincture form. The spagyric version I purchased from Phoenix is the most potent version I have ever used. The effect of combining Brahmi with Centella Asiatica or Acorus Calamus is great for my memory and focus. I look forward to purchasing more Brahmi spagyric from Phoenix.

I hear the spagyrics of the month club is going away - 2024

This will be missed for me. I love getting 5 different tinctures and education myself on them every month. I've learned a lot studying this way.
I've helped many people now with these tinctures. I've got well over a hundred of these bottles and when people come to me for help I've got 2 or 3 bottles for them that benefit them.
My next step is to save up and learn how to make my own tinctures.
I think it would be awesome if you guys still did a blog on 5 different tinctures a month.
Thank you for everything.

Triphala Tincture

Only been taking to 10 days, seems to be helping with bowel movements.

Maybe too early to tell

I purchased for IBS. So far no change.