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Amazing Resource

I’m thrilled! The information in this calendar has been very difficult to find. Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy gifts us what is clearly years of education and knowledge. From planting, harvesting and extraction, a how to read and use as well as Alchemi-Culture Agriculture Concepts & Practices. A must have for beginners and masters alike. Gratitude from Canada!

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Energy tools for self healing

Love your meditation, well done,
Recommend to my clients.

Astronomological Calendar 2023

Great resource! I gave it as a gift to a friend who is practicing alchemy and spagyric methods as a way for her to fine tune her work. Thanks!

Astronomological Calendar 2023 - Hard Copy
Cory & Miranda - Hinterlanders Wellness
An incredibly useful work of art

We love it. We use it daily. We used it daily last year too! The space for notes is a great addition this year, and the hanging holes seem to be a bit stronger also. The hard copy is critical in our experience/situation, but this version's digital copy is a very neat bonus. For certain, this calendar has saved us a ton of leg work and has enriched our practices!

Have not tried yet.

Awesome Calendar..!!

I love this calendar. I am using it more basically than the astroherbalist, but also paying attention so next year I will be even more learned..!

Thank you Phoenix..!!

Love being a part of this club!

I look forward to my samples package every month! Not only are these medicines incredibly useful to have in my cabinet, but I love being on the cutting edge with the research that Phoenix and Nori are doing in the world of Spagyria and plant medicines. Highly recommend!

Amazing product!

This mumiyo is a fantastic quality, it gives my body and mind the minerals it needs to function at a high level! Thank you to everyone at Phoenix Aurelius for supplying quality products in an era of subpar supplements.

Great Resource!

I love this calendar. The consolidation of information is brilliant and so useful for so many purposes. Thank you for all your work in compiling and making it real.

Dandelion Root

I take Dandelion Root spagyric every day. The pain in my gallbladder and liver slowly decreased and faded away. I am sleeping better and not as depressed.

The Real Deal!

One can just feel that this is a potent and complete piece of the original, in this case orange peel. Can't wait to try out some of your other offerings.

Hair and Nails

I have been using this Fo-Ti spagyric for over a month for the purpose of hair growth/improvement. My hair does seem to be growing faster, but I more notice that my nails have grown faster and stronger, and the ridge in my thumb nail is disappearing. I have only been using 3 sprays 3 times per week.

Testament from a "Non-Believer" . . .

I purchased this as a gift for a male friend who is a mechanic for big trucks. His job is strenuous, and he does not eat very healthy. He was complaining about turning 40 in 2022, and how he feels fatigued more often. He does not "believe" in supplements of any kind. I convinced him to try this ant tincture, and he agreed, I think because as a spray it is easy to use, alcoholic tasting (he drinks sometimes), and not many sprays are needed. I was surprised that he told me, without my asking, that he feels different, much stronger, alert, and in a better mood since using this only a few times per week for a month. He wants to continue using it, which is very surprising!

Great product

As always your research meets all my expectations.

Beets are life changing

I just had blood work done. I had my best red and white blood cell results in 10 yrs. My RBC tends to be marginally normal and WBC is always quite low. My ANCs are always low too. All were boosted this time due to numerous lifestyle and supplements changes. New found spagyrics and the beet spagyric get a lot of credit. I love the concentrated beet spagyric.

Great information!

Love that this is TRUE sidereal and connected to the actual sky. Thank you!

Heavy Metal Detox?

I usually do an annual clean up the body starting in January. This product appealed to me so I got it to start my detox this month so I have nothing to report as yet. I am excited by Phoenix's approach and methods. I would say some guidance included with the tincture would be helpful though.

Calm and Alert

I had read about California natives using California Poppy for anxiety and have been wanting to try this. I have found other anxiety products to be calming, but with grogginess even on into the next day. California Poppy is different. I feel calm and alert! I shared my Cal Poppy tincture with a stressed friend who also found this to be true. Cal Poppy will be a regular item in my health arsenal. Thank you Aurelius.

Astronomological Calendar 2023 - Digital Copy

Spagyrics of the month

Best monthly subscription your money can buy. The quality of the product is incredible and being able to use and save what I get each month has been a life saver for my self and loved ones.

The Angel’s in the Details

Appreciate the option to purchase these pharmacy grade miron glass bottles with spray tops. The spray is so fine it is (or is nearing) an aerosol serving both sublingual and topical administration of any fluid. Great for creating small dosages of personalized medicinal concoctions. Wonderful for traveling when leaving behind the home apothecary is required. Again, the fine spray makes for effective topical administration that sticks to the skin with very little loss of substance through dripping.

Don't Know

I have been in the middle of a 30 day detox so I could not start any of what I bought from you yet.

Not sure why I like it

I am not very sensitive to substances nor do I have any health conditions to speak of, so no report on miraculous cures. This tincture tests strengthening on my personal wavelength every day so far. The taste is very strong but not unpleasant. It awakens something I can't quite put my finger on, but I like it a lot.