Our labels have three lines, giving you the English name, the Latin name, and the Chinese name of each herb. Wherever there is a square around a symbol at the top of the label, that signifies which type of Spagyric product it is. The square around the sigil displays whether it is a: Spagyric Tincture, Spagyric Elixir, Spagyric Essence, Spagyric Philisophic Essence, Clyssus, Spagyric Stone/ or Quintessence, or a Spagyric Formulation.

 See below for a legend explaining what each sigil means.

Label Symbol Legend + Description

= Spagyric Tincture

Our Spagyric Tinctures are made with Organic, Ecodynamic, or Wildharvested Biomass and Tinctured with Organic Cane and/or Honey Spirits as our Veg Mercury. Once the tincture is made, we add Spagyric Salt of Salt of the Vegetable Kingdom and digest until reactions have stopped. 

= Spagyric Essence

[Per Destillatio] Our Spagyric Essences Per Destillatio are made through repetitive herbal macerations and distillations until the Veg Mercury is strongly scented and flavored with the volatile sulfur of the Herb. Fixed Sulfur is calcined and turned to Salt of Sulfur and added to Veg Mercury and digested until done.

= Spagyric Essence

[Philosophic] Our Philosophic Spagyric Essences are made by Performing an Essential Oil Distillation to obtain the Philosophic Sulfur. We then dry our Veg Mercury and extract fresh biomass of the same herb and distill to obtain Philsophic Mercury; the two are added together and then Salt of Salt and Salt of Sulfur are added and circulated until conjoined.

= Spagyric Elixir

[Aurelius Method] Our 'Aurelian' Spagyric Elixir is different than the Junius Definition for an elixir. Elixir comes from the Arabic Al-Ixir     [آل إكسير] and means 'from the ash.' Therefore this product is made by using the water-soluble Medicated Salt of Salt that DOES NOT go into suspension while making a Spagyric Tincture. The salts become infused with the herbal medicine,  which are then reconstituted with distilled water to a specific pH and preserved with Veg Mercury. Some Historians debate that the Medicinal Effects were found more in these salts than in Tinctures, but our research shows that each has unique actions that are often mutually exclusive.

= Spagyric Clyssus

[Paracelsian Method] A Spagyric Clyssus is defined by Paracelsus as "the Power of a Plant which originally stems from one thing alone after the species has been separated into its different parts and finally recombined." It can be made using multiple parts or just one part of a plant throughout its lifecycle. Each Clyssus, depending on the part[s] of a plant used and what constituents are in the plant, requires a slightly unique process to create, so we always include a description of the process we used on the product page for each individual clyssus. 

= Spagyric Stone/ Quintessence

[Dubuis/Albertus/Junius Methods +] Our Spagyric Stones and Quintessences are made through a variety of methods depending on the plant and the research methodology at hand. The theory of a Paracelsian Stone is that the Tria Prima are balanced in such a way that they can not be affected by either Fire or Water. The theory of a Quintessence and Hollandus Stone is that all four Philosophic Elements are Balanced in Equal Proportions and no one element takes precedence over another. eg: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth become completely indistinguishable.

= Spagyric Formulation

[Aurelian Method] Our Spagyric Formulations contain one or more Spagyric Product either for the purpose of creating a Generic or Personalized blend designed specifically for one particular function. These differ from what Junius calls an "Elixir" in that all the herbs are not tinctured and worked with at the same time. Everything is made individually and blended together afterwards in order to create this grade of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia.

= Philosophic Sulfur

Sulfur is a Philosophic Principle that embodies all parts of a plant that can be extracted using a Vegetable Mercury or Menstruum. Volatile Sulfur is known as Essential Oil in modern terms and Fixed Sulfur would be more commonly identified as the herbal extractives of a plant, regardless of the solvent used. Realistically, this is where the healing vibration of the plant is stored.

= Philosophic Mercury

Mercury is a Philosophic Principle that embodies all fluids. Water is the Universal Mercury, but Veg Mercury [or Ethanol] is what is more commonly used here. In more advanced work, the same principle of Mercury can actually be an encryption for more advanced Alkahests, Circulata, and Menstruua, but we use 96%+ Organic Cane and/or Honey Spirits as our source of Veg Mercury in most cases.

= Philosophic Salt

Salt is a Philosophic Principle that embodies the rendered crystalline mineral salts from the ash of any herbal biomass or extract. There are two products that comprise Philosophic Salt, which are called Salt of Salt and the Salt of Sulfur. When extracted and crystallized properly with water, they reduce to a single mineral formation of Potassium carbonate at 99.98%+ purity. We only use Potassium Carbonate and Potassium Acetate in the products available online.