Imprintable Media

Scalar Balance Wristbands

Scalar Balance Wristbands are an excellent, affordable IDF solution that can be worn everyday.

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Scalar Balance Mats

Like Scalar Balance Wristbands, our silicone Scalar Balance Mats are ultra-functional IDF solutions, especially for those on a budget or looking for cost-effective IDF benefits.

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Hologram Cards

We have 25 different Pre-Programmed Hologram cards that you can choose from as well as plain "unprogrammed" cards.

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Hologram Stickers

We offer programmed or unprogrammed IDF Hologram stickers.

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IDF USB Sticks

To be used in car or computer Chi-Os.

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IDF Hologram Chips

To be used in personal Chi-O jewelry.

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More IDF Technology Products

Looking for our Chi-O Instruments that are used with your Imprintable Media? Visit our Chi-O Instruments page.

Chi-O Instruments

BioArc Disks

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