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As a Certified SE-5 Reseller, we provide SE-5 2000 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzers, Balancing Only Instruments, Pro Software, and various supplies that SE-5 users will need. Glance our options below to check out more.

SE-5 2000 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer

This IDF instrument is the most cutting edge instrument in the industry for analyzing and balancing Intrinsic Data Fields. This style of IDF Analyzer is used by the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy for all its research and is critical for all Aurelian Medicine Researchers. With thousands of practical applications and customizeable software, this instrument can do just about everything. Learn more about the SE-5 2000 or Purchase yours now by clicking below.

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SE-5 Balancing Only Instrument

Balancing Only Instruments are only capable of sending IDF Balancing Broadcasts and are not capable of performing analysis, but these Instruments are very handy for SE-5 2000 users to have so you can still send broadcasts while keeping your Analysis instrument(s) free to perform analyses and investigations. Those with SE-5 2000 Hardware can purchase Balancing Only Instruments. Click below to learn more or to purchase Balancing Only Instruments (BOI's).

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SE-5 2000 and BOI PRO Software

The Pro Software for SE-5 2000 and BOI Hardware enables users to operate multiple Analyzers and BOI's from a single computer along with a number of other great features suited towards professional IDF Researchers who regularly have multiple clients and need advanced functionality. The Pro Software is only able to be used with Windows or with Mac programs like Boot Camp. Learn more about the Pro Software or purchase yours now by clicking below.

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Hologram Stickers

We offer Unprogrammed IDF Hologram stickers. Learn more by clicking below.

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