About Our Spagyrics

Our Apothecary and Spagyrics support the advancement and standardization of Aurelian Spagyria, which is the pharmacopoetic branch of Aurelian Medicine. We perform hundreds upon hundreds of hours of research each year on Spagyric Pharmacopoeia so we can standardize and advance this field.

Performing laboratory research is very expensive and we never take money from Investors or Grants to ensure that we have the freedom to maintain the integrity of our findings and publish data without outside interference.

We usually create at least a hundred Spagyric Remedies every year in 450+mL batches to perform our research, though we only use less than 100mL in most cases. The rest is made available on our Spagyric Apothecary. This allows you to fund our research and we give you Spagyric Remedies of your choice as a "Thank You Gift."

You can browse our Spagyric Apothecary and choose what Spagyric Products you want and what size[s] you want, but instead of a "Buy Now" Button, you will see a "Fund This Research" button. Checkout works just like any other website you're accustomed to in order to make your experience as convenient and as familiar as possible.

With every dollar spent, you contribute to our research for the standardization of the practice, production, and education of Aurelian Spagyria.

Uncompromising Quality + Purity

Made with Unparalleled Care and Attention, our Spagyric Remedies have all been produced using the highest quality and most ethically sourced Organic, Biodynamic, and/or Wild Harvested Ingredients that have each been hand-selected. When we don't grow or ethically wild-harvest botanical ingredients ourselves, we find others that cultivate or harvest with the same ethics, passion, and attention to quality that we have. Furthermore, we only make products on ideal Astronomological Dates/Times and we only work in the lab when all our staff is in good health and free of stress and negativity. We acknowledge the subtle energetic qualities of the Cosmos, the Lab, and the Operator have a significant influence on everything we make, so we take the utmost care to ensure that our Spagyric Remedies are the purest and highest quality money can buy.


Our Spagyric Products are made using Professionally Developed Production Standards that have been perpetually refined over 20 years. We research Scientific Studies, Traditional Methods, Folk Practices, and more. We then follow this up by performing IDF Investigations, and finally split test every product to determine the best way of producing each item. We use a variety of Analytical and Investigational technologies to help us identify the best and most effective starting materials, procedures, and methods to make the most effective Spagyric Products possible. We have also researched, tested, and standardized our own Astronomological approach for the cultivation and harvest of starting materials as well as the best times for the production of Spagyric products.


We want our Spagyric Remedies to be as accessible as possible to everyone regardless of their income bracket. Our unique pricing structure allows us to provide Spagyric Remedies from very rare ingredients at the same cost as more common ingredients. This allows us to keep costs to the end user uniform and accessible to everyone. We endeavor to offer these impeccable remedies to individuals seeking natural and sustainable solutions, which empowers people from all walks of life to take charge of their well-being. In addition to this, our entire outfit from sourcing to production is entirely sustainable. We cultivate and wildharvest using regenerative and sustainable methods, only source materials from others who do the same, and we also maintain sustainable and regenerative business practices.

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