IDF Tech

Welcome to the forefront of transformative technology! Our range of CHI-O Instruments, SE-5 2000 IDF Instruments, imprintable media, and BioArc Disks harness the profound capabilities of Intrinsic Data Fields (IDF) technology. Rooted in Aurelian Cosmology, IDFs are the holographic blueprints that inform all existence within the universe, guiding the function and interaction of both physical and non-physical forms. Explore our products to engage with the ancient art and modern science of IDFs, enhancing your personal and professional practices in energy analysis and balance. Discover tools that integrate deep historical knowledge with cutting-edge technology, opening new dimensions of health and awareness.


Enhance your environment and personal well-being with our range of CHI-O instruments, designed for versatile balancing needs in your home, car, workplace, or on the go.

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The SE-5 2000 IDF Instrument is a sophisticated device used in the field of radionics, designed to analyze and balance Intrinsic Data Fields (IDFs) for health and well-being enhancements

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Imprintable Media

Discover a variety of Imprintable Media, from Scalar Balance Wristbands to Programmed Crystals and IDF USB Sticks, each crafted to integrate and utilize advanced IDF technology for enhanced daily living.

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Bioarc Disks

Explore the power of BIOARC DISKS, designed to harmonize energy fields using advanced IDF technology for optimal environmental and personal wellness

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Explore the foundational principles of Intrinsic Data Fields (IDF).

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