Chi-O Instruments

Chi-O Remote Balancers

Using Radionic principles, the Remote Balancer is perfect for simple experiments in remote balancing for home and garden use.

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Chi-O Room Balancers

With this Chi-O, you can change the feeling in the room by simply inserting a different Pre-programmed Hologram Card.

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Chi-O Teak Wood Room Balancers

The exact same functionality as the standard Chi-O room balancer but made out of Balinese teak wood

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Chi-O Personal Balancers

By using specially programmed Hologram Cards, you can change the way in which the Chi-O interacts with your Chi and Aura.

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Chi-O Car Balancers & Chi-O Computer Balancers

Help balance EMFs in and around your car while driving or use to balance EMFs from your computer.

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Hologram Cards

We have 25 different Pre-Programmed Hologram cards that you can choose from as well as plain "unprogrammed" cards to use with the Chi-O remote, room, and personal balancers.

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IDF USB Sticks

These USB sticks have holograms in them and are designed to be used with the car or computer Chi-Os.

Coming soon!

IDF Hologram Chips

These are designed to be used inside of Chi-O jewelry

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More IDF Technology Products

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