Chi-O Hologram Card
Chi-O Hologram Card
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Chi-O Hologram Card

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~Experimental Use Only~

We have 25 different Pre-Programmed Hologram cards (see list below) that you can choose from.

You get a choice of 2 pre-programmed hologram cards with the purchase of a Chi-O (personal, room, or remote) and can choose from the list below. 


  • #1 Sleep
  • #2 DNA Activation
  • #3 Eliminate negative Energies (INCLUDED)
  • #4 Eliminate Pain
  • #5 Improve Sports Performance
  • #6 Garden
  • #7 Eliminate Cold & Flu
  • #8 Eliminate Jet Lag
  • #9 Reduce Stress
  • #10 Lose Weight
  • #11 Eliminate Allergies
  • #12 Reverse Aging
  • #13 Neutralize Radiation
  • #14 Spiritual Growth
  • #15 Chakra Balance (INCLUDED)
  • #16 Food Balance
  • #17 Lucid Dreaming
  • #18 Improve Memory
  • #19 Prosperity
  • #20 Improve Relationships
  • #21 Increase Confidence
  • #22 Increase Happiness
  • #23 Motivation
  • #24 Attract Love
  • #25 Release Fear

All Holograms are programmed with IDFs (Intrinsic Data Fields) and as such DO NOT work on the physical level. They are designed to re-inform the biofield system of information that has either been forgotten or deleted by the system (in the case of trauma) or disturbed by foreign agents (chemicals and toxins). The physical body knows how to heal itself when it has the proper instructions. Any physical changes observed from the use of these Holograms are from the body healing itself. Any experiences of using the holograms and seeing associated results in the physical body are coincidental and should not be misconstrued as treatment of a disease or medical condition. For all medical conditions, please contact your licensed health care practitioner before using these products. Not intended for diagnosis or cure of medical conditions. The word “Programmed” means that we have encoded the hologram with certain IDF resonant patterns. This work is to be considered experimental and the manufacturer or reseller does not make any claims as to their use or effectiveness.

The word “Programmed” means that we have encoded the hologram with certain IDF resonant patterns. This work is to be considered experimental and the manufacturer or reseller does not make any claims as to their use or effectiveness.


Programmed for better, deeper sleep. More refreshing sleep and more regeneration during sleep.
Chakra Balance

Programmed for balancing the seven major Chakras and the related organs for balanced, even energy flow between the Chakras and Organs.

Eliminate negative Energies

Programmed to eliminate negative energies of all kinds at all levels. Main focus is to eliminate Dark Forces, Negative Entities and Negative energy.

Reverse Aging

Programmed to reinstate the rejuvenation processes that tend to sag with aging. Focus is on cell reproduction, increased Telomere length, and HGH production.

Improve Sports Performance

Programmed to increase muscle strength, faster neurological firing time, speed, stamina and faster recovery time after extensive workouts.

Neutralize Radiation

Programmed to neutralize ionizing radiation effects

Eliminate Cold & Flu

Programmed to boost the immune system, eliminate viruses and bacteria that seem to be the cause of most common Cold and Flu.

Food Clearing

Programmed for clearing toxins, increasing vitality of the food and balancing the auric field of the food.

Remember this is on the informational level and may or may not change the physical structure of the food or chemicals.

Eliminate Jet Lag

Programmed to improve rest and recuperation from flying and reset the circadian rhythms more quickly to the new time zone.

Reduce Stress

Programmed to reduce stress, increase stamina, promote rest and relaxation.

Lose Weight

Programmed to increase metabolic rate use calories more effectively. It also has programs to eliminate unhealthy eating habits and addictions.


Programmed to boost the immune system as well as reduce over-reaction to allergens. Balancing meridians and increase elimination of toxins.

Spiritual Growth

Focused on keeping the Chakras Balanced as well as Tunings to balance the Astral, Causal, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

It has been programmed to enhance or attract Cosmic Consciousness as well.


Programmed to address general pain issues. Remember that pain is an alarm signal for something else. We do not want to eliminate the warning signal, but find out what is causing the pain. This cards helps turn down the volume a bit so you can focus on the signal.


General garden program to enhance growth and increase the vitality of the plants. Healthy plants do not attract pests. Some repelling pest programs are present, but the main focus is on increasing the strength and vitality of the plants.

DNA Activation

Focus is on activating unused DNA strings. Some people have reported enhanced psychic abilities as well as increased health and well being after activating their unused DNA (sometimes called Junk DNA).

Lucid Dreaming

Wake up in your Dreams! Put in this hologram and leave your Chi-O on your nightstand…

Improve Memory

Works on a multi-dimensional level to bring back lost memories and speed up the thought process.


Attract new opportunities and relationships to bring your abundance to life.

Improve Relationships

Remove blockages in communication and increase the flow between you and others.

Increase Confidence

Self esteem and confidence are intrinsically tied together. Work on both levels and see the difference in how you feel about yourself.

Increase Happiness

Getting in touch with your purpose in life naturally brings a higher level of happiness. Eliminate the blockages from a deep sense of fulfillment.


Time to get off our butts and start moving in the right direction!

Attract Love

The magnetic attraction of love is a mystery that can only be experienced. Turn on the lights and have your love come to you.

Release Fear

Works very well with the Increase Confidence card. Release fear and the world is yours…


This Product is for Spagyric Research Purposes Only. Any information provided is simply to provide context for how this herb has been historically used or how it is used in other cultures and in no way is meant to be construed as a medical claim. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. These statements havenot been approved by the FDA.

• 5 ml bottle contains roughly 100 drops, which is about 33 sprays.

• 15 ml bottle contains roughly 300 drops, which is about 100 sprays.

Customers can choose between 5 ml and 15 ml bottles. The 5 ml and 15 ml bottles are Miron dark violet glass and have a spray top. An additional dropper top can be purchased for either size by clicking here- 5ml dropper top and 15 ml dropper top.

Whenever possible we use eco-friendly materials. At the moment our packing peanuts are bio-degradable. We are a small, independent research facility with many various projects happening often simultaneously. We will always fulfill your order in the order it was received and you can expect it shipped out within 1-10 business days at the latest. Some weeks are busier than others with lab projects, video projects, and agricultural projects, so know that we will get to your order as soon as we are able!​ Due to weight and packaging, some packages ship out USPS Priority mail and some first class via USPS. 

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Other Errors In Shipping

If there has been an error on our end and we are actually out of stock of something you ordered. You can choose to put on a waiting list and wait for that product to be made (which can take months sometimes), or we are happy to refund you for our mistake. 

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Customer Reviews

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P. Jayraajan
Hologram Cards:

First of all I want to congratulate you on the great work you have done on the cards. I have been getting amazing feed back from my clients about them.
I noticed that the water placed on the card for few minutes tastes much sweeter than normal water.
I also noticed the water/food kept on the card for few min has much less toxin content than otherwise.
For problems like headache, common cold, body pain, fatigue I just place the water on the card, program the water and drink it . I am amazed every time with the instant improvement.
Since I am a clairvoyant I have observed that this card is very effective in Balancing the Yin and Yang energies of the person who holds it.
Thanks to Don Paris and Ilona and to you.

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