Chi-O Research

Chi-O Research

Originally Written By Scott Atkins & Posted On The Research Section July 9, 2019


We have conducted a number of experimental research experiments with different Chi-O models for information proposes. These are not claims or conclusions, we simply share the work and let you make your own determinations.  None the less, there are many effects that we have anticipated to be taking place as this is the nature of scalar/torsion and life energies.

Effects of EMF radiation

Independent studies like these show how EMF radiation has a dramatic effect of the blood circulation and viscosity. This fact directly affects the body’s ability to deliver oxygen, nutrients and the function to eliminate toxins from every cell of your body.

Test Results for the Chi-O Chi Organizer

I have had some great results with testing the Chi-O.

During several SE-5 training seminars in the USA and Europe, I had about 30 different practitioners of the SE-5 check their neighbor’s meridians and the amount of Chi-Stagnation in the meridians.

So each person would exchange a Sample with the person sitting next to them. They then checked each other’s meridians for any Chi-Stagnation. Then I had them call each other for about 5-10 minutes on their Cell Phone. Then they checked the Meridians again.

Then I had them put on the Chi-O and re-check the Meridians.

This was a typical experience from just about all of the people no matter what country they are from:

1. Most people had some Chi-Stagnation in several Meridians before we started as you can see in Amplitude reading..
2. After making a 5- 10 minute phone call, the Chi-Stagnation went up by considerably in most meridians as seen in Amplitude 2.
3. After putting on the Chi-O for a few minutes, the Chi-Stagnation went down almost 0 in most cases as seen in Amplitude 3.
4. Then we had everyone make a another phone call but this time wearing the Chi-O and you can see that the Chi-Stagnation stayed down to 0% as seen in Amplitude 4.

The information from all the people was a little difficult to put together into an average because we had so many parameters we were testing and there was a wide range of differences when we began the pre-test.

I then came up with a more simple test that would show an easier way to see the averages.

First I tested each person (28 people total in the study) for any Chi-Stagnation on the right side and then the left side of the body. I took the total number of everyone’s Chi-Stagnation and then divided it by 28 ( the number of people) and came up with the percentages on the chart. Then I tested the left side as well and averaged that.

Second, I had them hold the cell phone in their right hand and then re-tested and made an average for the chart.

Then I had them put the Chi-O on and then hold the phone in their right hand again. The results are in the chart below.

As you can see, when wearing the Chi-O, there was less Chi-Stagnation even while holding the cell phone, than there was without the Chi-O and not holding the phone.

There was more Chi-Stagnation in the right side of the body when holding the phone in the right hand.

We had some live cell blood tests done as well…

The research subject was also the person who took the photos.


This was taken before the cell phone use without a Chi-O

Here, blood was not in the best shape to begin with. Normal, healthy cells should look like this:


The below picture was taken of the blood after about a 10 minute conversation on a Cell phone.

The below picture was taken after about 10 minutes of wearing the Chi-O.

As you can see from the photos, the blood looked even better than the start photos when wearing the Chi-O for a few minutes.

These results have been repeated many times.


Other independent studies: dark field microscopy

After the above study was conducted by Chi-O team in Bali, we have 2 different independent studies carried out in China showing the same results.

Here are some picture with the same test, but using the Chi-O Phi jewelry. These tests were done in China…