Easter & Eggs

Easter & Eggs

Written By Phoenix Aurelius

In the practice of Western Alchemy since the late Middle Ages, Easter has been an important celebration to Alchemists. Europeans were steeped in Christendom by the time Alchemy arrived there, and Christ's rising from the dead was symbolic to the Philosopher's Stone, especially in Paracelsian and Valentinian literature. Easter was, shall we say, almost the quintessential Alchemical holiday, symbolizing new life, rebirth, and pure life force energy. 

I like to say that Christianity converted to Europe rather than Europe converting to Christianity. Like all Christian Holidays, Easter was actually a holiday for Christ reflective of Christendom adapting to Pagan Folk European practices that likely predated Christianity by hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

At least among the Saxons, it is commonly said that they had a Goddess named Eostre, from which the term "Easter" in the English Language is derived, and the Festival of Ostara is said to derive from a spring celebration of that same Goddess. There is some evidence and certain traditions that say that the celebration of the Goddess of spring by pre-Christian Germanic tribes were somewhat common.

Eostre is the Saxon Goddess of the awakening earth and eggs are sacred to her, symbolizing the renewed cycle of life and a stable source of food. Eggs represent fertility, life-force energy, abundance, and the yolks of the egg represent the Sun. 

A curious thing happens on Spring Equinox day that doesn't happen at any other time of the year; more eggs laid that day can stand up on their narrow point than at other times of the year. This is said to be because the Energy from the Sun and the Energy being emitted from the Earth are at a harmonious balance point, providing an abundance of Life Force. This archetypal increase of life force causes a better shape and distribution to the yolk. Those who have tried to stand other eggs up on their narrow point will know that the eggs with a perfectly centered egg yolk are all capable of standing that way with enough time and patience in finding the balance point. It is thought that eggs laid on or around the Full Paschal Moon tend to have a higher statistic of centered yolk formation. Again, this is symbolic, and shows us that this time of year corresponds to life force energy and that the Life Forces from the Sun and the Earth are in a harmonious equilibrium on Spring Equinox day. 


In most Christian Traditions, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. The timing for easter could possibly be a holdover from pagan spring fertility festivals throughout the Roman Empire. Enough evidence exists to show that for centuries before Christianity, this time of year has very much been linked with fertility, rebirth, renewal, and life force energy returning to the Earth after a long, hard winter. In the conversion of Christianity to suit the practices of Europeans, the rising of Christ from the dead is the closest symbol of fertility Christianity has in its scriptures (since Christ wasn't particularly known for his sex talk), and so the First Nicean Council would have taken that into consideration when determining the best date of this celebration for the Roman Empire at that point in history. 


When alchemists in the Late Middle Ages started producing and writing about what we now call "the Alchemical Oil of Egg", it was considered to be most potent if hens laid the eggs on Easter and if those eggs were then left for a week or two before being hardboiled (they hard boil better if you wait a week or two after freshly being laid). Then the preparations for "Alchemical Oil of Egg" were begun by peeling away all the whites of those eggs and extracting the yolks once they were sufficiently dried. 


Oil of egg in pure form is very chemically similar to Ayurvedic Ghee. It can be used topically and it's incredible for healing scars and bringing vitality to the skin, it can also be used internally as a rejuvenative tonic to the entire system, particularly the cardiovascular system. Spagyric tincture of Oil of Egg is easier to consume because it is not as greasy as pure Oil of Egg . People that have high cholesterol & poor vascular health tend to benefit greatly from taking our Spagyric Tincture of Oil of Egg. 


Our Spagyric Essence of Egg is made by distilling the alcohol off of the Spagyric Tinctured Oil of Egg. That spirit is then used to tincture more eggs, and this process repeats at least 3 times in total before salts are added. In theory, the Spagyric Essence of Egg works on the etheric energetics of the heart, cardiovascular system, and quality of someone's vitality from the etheric level (versus the physical level).