Gifts of the Magi Spagyric Formulation - Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy
Gifts of the Magi Spagyric Formulation - Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy
Gifts of the Magi Spagyric Formulation - Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy

Gifts of the Magi Spagyric Formulation

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The Gifts of the Magi is a Spagyric Preparation Consisting of a Proprietary Blend of the Alchemical Oil of Gold,  a Philosphic Essence of Frankincense and a Professional Tincture of Myrrh using philosophically rectified biodynamic red wine spirits. Because the Blend contains Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, I have called this “Gifts of the Magi”, as these are the Gifts given to Jesus upon Eventide by the Three Magi.

I have found this blend to be particularly tasty, fortifying to the mind, calming to the nerves, and puts the general disposition in a state of ease. This Initiatic Creation is designed to rouse and activate the Potency of the three Philosophic Principles within each of us: Salt (Body), Mercury (Spirit), & Sulfur (Soul). In the Western Esoteric Mystery Traditions, the call to be Priest, Prophet, and King (Or Priestess, Prophetess, & Queen) corresponds to the Separation and Perfection of these three Philosophic Principles on an inner plane. The most exalted state of each Philosophic principle exists as an archetype within the subconscious mind: the Priestly Quality is that of the Spirit (Mercury), The Prophet Quality is that of the Soul (Sulfur), and the King Quality is that of the Body (Salt). As the story goes, IVSVS, Jesus Christ, the Living Embodiment of the Stone, was at birth gifted Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh by Three Traveling Magi from the East.

Historically, in both the Eastern World as well as the Western World, these ingredients have been used for millennia in healing, mysticism, and magical practices, giving them a uniquely historical esoteric significance.

Gold is an untarnishable metal - it does not corrode, and it has been deemed as the Metal that corresponds most to the Energy of the Sun. By including the Oil of Gold in this Blend, the concept is to energetically enhance the potency and effective distribution of Life Force and Vital Force within the body. Gold is the Gift of Kings.

Frankincense is a material that has been used at least since the time of Ancient Egypt for myriad purposes, though it is perhaps most well known for its use by Priests as a medium to Purify the Spiritual Energy in Temples. In nearly all Western Ritual Traditions, Frankincense is used in Ritual to Cleanse the space and to afford protection; this is because on an archetypal level, the volatile vapors both Overcome and Penetrate denser spiritual vibrations in the Room. Frankincense has traditionally been used during birth and death ceremonies, for home clearings, and is still the most important incense used by the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches. It is of a very Priestly Nature and seems to help a great deal with the Spiritualization of space and mind. By Including an Essence of Frankincense in this blend, the concept is to be able to clear and purify the Philosophic Principle of Mercury. Frankincense is the Gift of Priests.

Lastly, Myrrh has been used for thousands of years, either alone or with Galangal, to induce visions. This Psychic Resin is traditionally Burnt while a decoction of the root is drunk - it has been noted that this causes visions that can provide clarity to future events or impart great wisdom from other worlds. Myrrh and Frankincense are often burned together in various Magickal Rituals that are used for bringing things into the Astral and/or Physical Matrix. Traditionally, Myrrh preparations have been used by Seers and Psychics of all sorts. It taps into the Psychic (deriving from "PSYCHE", or Soul) Vibrations of materials and offers prophecies and insight. Myrrh has been added to this blend to clear and purify the Soul as well as to potentize the Philosophic Principle of Sulfur. Myrrh is the Gift of Prophets.

As a result, the Gifts of the Magi is a complete blend to enhance the potency and receptivity of the Three Philosophic Essentials as they present themselves in the Physiology, the Channels of Life Force, and the Psyche. I've found it to be tremendously beneficial for use before and/or after meditations, prayer, ritual, ceremonies, laboratory work, etc. In my personal practice, I even consume it as a daily sacrament.

To summarize this formula has:

Omani Frankincense  [Boswellia sacra]

Omani Myrrh  [Commiphora myrrha]
Alchemical oil of gold, [40 yr old vintage batch made by robert Allen Bartlett at Paracelcus Research Society in SLC, UT]

We make no claims as to the uses or efficacy of this product. There may be an enormous difference between what the herb has historically been used for and how any particular Spagyric Preparation of the herb can be used.

We aim to begin using IDF Analysis to provide IDF data of the detected phytochemicals and uses of each of our items of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia. Purchases of this product help to fund this enormous research project.

Vintages Available : 10/30/16 [Batch #: 2016-001] + 01/06/20 [Batch #2020-001]

This Product is for Spagyric Research Purposes Only. Any information provided is simply to provide context for how this herb has been historically used or how it is used in other cultures and in no way is meant to be construed as a medical claim. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. These statements havenot been approved by the FDA.

• 1 ml bottle contains roughly 20 drops.

• 5 ml bottle contains roughly 100 drops, which is about 33 sprays.

• 15 ml bottle contains roughly 300 drops, which is about 100 sprays.

Customers can choose between 1 ml, 5 ml and 15 ml bottles. The 1 ml bottles are amber glass and have an orifice reducer that creates a built-in dropper. The 5 ml and 15 ml bottles are Miron dark violet glass and have a spray top. An additional dropper top can be purchased for either size by clicking here- 5ml dropper top and 15 ml dropper top.

To use the 1 ml bottle, unscrew the black cap, turn the product upside down, and use a finger to tap the bottle once for each desired drop to be released. When the bottle is upside down, product will only be released if it is tapped. So the number of taps will equal the number of drops. 

To use the 5 ml and 15 ml bottles, use the pumppump a single spray directly into your mouth (under the tongue) or into a Phoenix Aurelius Measured Shot Glass with Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme



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Customer Reviews

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Lindsey Brown
Go Deep!

This spagyric collection of essences helps me in my spiritual work to go deeper and connect more easily - super powerful!

Angela Kirby
Gift of Magi and others

I heard Phoenix on the HigherSide Chats with Greg C a couple of yers or so ago and what I heard made sense and I get a big yes to. I have used several of the Spagyric and feel supported and love the frequency that these operate at. Very gratfeul thank you Love Gifts of the Magi very calming for my world and the Neem is brilliant for my teeth …wild lettuce was another I loved and there are a couple of others that looking forward to getting into soon…I'm navigating these nicley from here in Australia xx
PS: I also love listening to Phoenix talk about his work along with others he has talked with...

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