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This Course is a complete introduction to the Foundational Principles and Practices of Spagyria. it contains 12 Lessons with Clear Video Lectures, Video Demonstrations, Written Lessons, Supplementary PDF's and Additional Information, Materials Lists, Quizzes, and Student Forums. The Course covers every aspect of Spagyria for this level of coursework including beginning theory, praxis, Alchemical + Hermetic applications, astrological theory, and much more. Step by step instructional videos and a host of educational resources provide the deepest insight into this work possible. If you want to learn the Fundamental Theory of Praxis of Professional Spagyria, including how to make high quality Spagyric Tinctures, Elixirs, and Essences per Circumscindo, this course is just for you!

In this course, you will learn about Spagyria in its proper practical and historical context, as well as Principles of Lab Safety, Wildharvesting Ethics and Guidelines, Hermetic + Alchemical Applications of the Spagyric Process, Astrology, Incorporating Intentions, and How to Make Spagyric Tinctures, Spagyric Elixirs, and Spagyric Essences per Circumscindo. There are three different options with associated pricing for the level of depth that you would like to obtain in your Education.

There are 12 Lessons in Spagyria 1010L Fundamental Practices of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia, each of which include Video Lectures and Demonstrations along with a wide variety of written materials and important knowledge and wisdom on how to perform each step correctly and professionally. On average, each lesson takes about 2+ hours just to watch the videos, go through the written + additional resources, and to take the quiz. I have been EXTREMELY thorough to make sure that nothing gets left out. Each Lesson also has its own Student Forum Specifically for Student Questions, Comments, Concerns, and Answers which immensely adds to the educational value. The 12 courses are broken up as follows: 

  • Lesson 00: Getting Started 

  • Lesson 01: Starting a Spagyric Tincture 

  • Lesson 02: Filtering the Tincture from the Biomass 

  • Lesson 03: Incinerating and Calcining the Biomass 

  • Lesson 04: Dissolution of Ash in Distilled Water

  • Lesson 05: Filtering out the Ash from the Filtrate 

  • Lesson 06: Evaporating the Filtrate to arrive at Crude Salt of Salt

  • Lesson 07: Extracting Salts with Distilled Vinegar

  • Lesson 08: Purifying + Crystallizing Salt of Salt

  • Lesson 09: Adding Salt of Salt back to the Filtered Tincture

  • Lesson 10: Completing the Spagyric Tincture

  • Lesson 11: Hermetic + Alchemical Applications in the Lab

There are two payment options for the course either 1,500 upfront or 3 payments of $550. Both of these options come with a Certificate of Completion which denotes that you have passed all the quizzes with an 85% or better and therefore understand the Theory of the material sufficiently. 

You can enroll in our Academy by visiting There you will see the two enrollment options for Spagyria 1010. The only course we currently have published is Spagyria 1010, though we have already been working on Transperonsal Alchemy, Spagyria 0960, Spagyria 1020, Spagyria 1110 - 1130, Spagyria 2010 -2030, and Spagyria 3010-3060. Stay tuned to our Newsletter List to Stay Up To Date on the release of our future courses. 

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