Devil's Club Philosophic Spagyric Essence
  • Devil's Club Philosophic Spagyric Essence

    Made from Wild-Harvested Devil's Club. The biomass was initially harvested and worked on with my friend and apprentice, Kristofer Wolcott deep in the North End of Forest Park, Portland, OR, in 2015. I used it to both connect with the local spirits as well as to help tonify blood sugar. 

    We Performed a large Essential Oil Distillation on the strip of raw inner bark biomass after processing. The essential oil sat and matured on its own for years. A Tincture of Fresh Biomass was then made in 90% Honey Ethanol and Tinctured for 2 years. After tincturing, the product was then distilled to a pitch, evaporated to a dryness and reconstituted with 100% dried Ethanol to dissolve only the Ethanol Soluble portions. All the salts from the process were calcined. Essential Oil was then added back to the product and digested for 14 days. Then Salts added and digested for a philosophical month. The result is this 

    Rarified Tincture of Devil's Club in Honey Spirits
    Essential Oil of Devil's Club
    Crystallized Salt of Water-Soluble Fixed Sulfur + Salt of Salt

    Vintage: 04/15/18

    Devil's Club Philosophic Spagyric Essence Pairs Perfectly with Spagyri-Zyme Probiotic Enzyme

    • Bottle Size:

      Customers Can Choose Between 1mL, 4mL and 15mL Bottles. The 1mL + 4mL bottles are amber glass and have an orifice reducer in the bottle that creates a built-in dropper. The black cap screws on over the top of that, creating an air-tight seal.

      To remove the product from the 1mL + 4mL bottle, unscrew the black cap, turn the product upside down, and use a finger to tap the bottle once for each desired drop to be released. When the bottle is upside down, product will only be released if it is tapped. So the number of taps will equal the number of drops. 

      The 15mL bottle has a unscrewable dropper top for easy application.

      1mL Bottle contains roughly 20 drops. 


      4mL Bottle contains rougly 80-90 drops.


      15mL Bottle contains roughly: 300 drops


      For Further Questions, Please Contact Phoenix Aurelius

    • Application Data

      Those who would like Personal Application Data for this Formulation are encouraged to purchase a Product Compatibility and Application Analysis. 




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