Elevated Essentials

Elevated Essentials

This Level 2 Apprenticeship builds upon the Artistry Essentials class as it Teaches Students to make Essential Oils, Ferments, Indigenous Spirits, Magistries, and Stones. Students will learn the crafts necessary to produce successful indigenous ferments of various types, as well as how to Distill those Ferments to Summon a Spiritual Intelligence of that Herb. Also included are multiple pathways to distilling an Essential Oil as well as learning the several methods of making a Magistry. You will learn all the various methods of pulling essential oils, as well as what to do with the oils to really make them shine. Essences Proper, Magistries (both vulgar and proper), and stones (vulgar & proper) will be demonstrated during this module. 

Contains Pre-Recorded Videos showing the Proper Technique and Equipment necessary to perform Practical Spagyric Work. Each student is expected to go through 1 video and perform the lessons in that video each week. Students will learn how to make Spagyric Products listed in each module using proper Paracelsian and/or Modern Spagyric Methodology. ​​

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