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“After studying alchemy for almost a year, I only had several botched experiments and contradictory theories to show for it. I discovered Phoenix in a Lighting the Void podcast, and I knew instantly that this guy was the ‘real deal.’ If you’ve dabbled in alchemy at any level and have heard Phoenix talk about spagyrics or alchemiculture, you’ll know instantly what I’m talking about.

When I learned that Phoenix offered one-on-one education training, I knew this was a rare opportunity that only happens once every few lifetimes. What better way to learn alchemy than with the classic master-and-apprentice model? So I signed up for Phoenix’s Signature Spagyric Initiation Intensive. It was worth every single penny and then some!

Not only did Phoenix help me (finally) make sense of the theoretical alchemic principles, he also showed me how to apply these principles into practical laboratory work. Getting hands-on with spagyric pharmacopoeia in a professional laboratory set the foundation so I can replicate these practices in my own lab (or even know how to create the lab to begin with!)

Phoenix’s patience, approachability, and expertise as a teacher is just as deep as his alchemic expertise. He customized the programme to fit my needs, and where I wanted to slow down or go deeper into a topic, he graciously adapted as we progressed throughout the immersion study.

This experience wouldn’t have been possible without Norianna. Her bright spirit and nutritious and delicious cooking kept going so we could make the use of every minute of the immersion programme for application and practice. I wasn’t expecting Michelin-style food when I arrived, so her touch truly added to the overall immersion-study experience. The hospitality and accommodations were beyond expectations.

Completing the immersion study is itself an alchemical process of transformation-- you will emerge from the programme forever changed, in both practice and spirit.”

- Dr. Kara Behnke


My experience with the 3-day spagyric lab immersion course created by Phoenix Aurelius was beyond valuable for me in terms of catalyzing my learning and growth in the areas of laboratory and transpersonal alchemy. I’ve always preferred the “immersion” type of experience as opposed to online or classroom, but this course was carefully tailored by Phoenix to meet me where I was at, and to help me gain a deeper understanding of alchemical processes as demonstrated in the laboratory. Before the course, I really didn’t know where to start in terms of spagyrics, despite reading several books on the topic, and dabbling with some simple tinctures and calcinations. I had also repeated Phoenix’s online course, Embarking on the Alchemical Path, three times. But learning one-on-one, and being able to ask Phoenix questions in person...over and over...really helped me comprehend and internalize these processes. When I got home, after I had decompressed for a few days, I was able to set up a lab, and start some experiments of my own. I now have a much better grasp on the basic tools needed to carry out the procedures described by Paracelcus, Jean Dubuis, Frater Albertus, and many others. Perhaps most importantly, the way Phoenix teaches has a way of grounding these otherwise quite erudite concepts, and he has continued to support me when I have questions or get stuck...or frustrated! I would highly recommend Phoenix’s courses and workshops to anyone interested in deepening their knowledge in the alchemical arts. What you will take away is well worth the time and expense you’ll invest!

~Jeffrey M. Dolgos, DDS

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