What is IDF Technology?

In short, IDF stands for ‘Intrinsic Data Field’ and the term IDF has its roots in the fields of Psionics, Psychotronics, + Radionics which are fields of study that were developed in the 20th century designed to interface intent with electronic technology. These subtle energy fields contain intrinsic information necessary to create the blueprint for the organization of matter.

Even though the term ‘IDF’ and the fields of psychotronics/psionics/radionics were established nearly 400 years after Paracelsus’ death, the theory and concepts are in no way unfamiliar to the student of western esotericism and metaphysics. Paracelsus in the 1530’s already had integrated the medical use of magnets, mandalas, intentions, talismans, divination, magia naturalis, and various philosophies of the Stars into his works and was familiar with the mechanism of their effects. In fact, Paracelsus discourses regularly about the Astral and even fashioned multiple items of Spagyric Pharmacopoeia in the theory of harnessing the Astral Power. For instance, The Archaeus exists in the astral, which is the 'undetermined life force from which all things draw the power of life and procreation'. Mumiae are substances that serve as vehicles for that life force and impart the energy to something else. He was well familiarized with how to impact various levels of what we would now call 'The Subtle Energy Body' in order to impact the wellness of his patients. His theories and explanations might be a bit too chewy for this section of the site, but he was well familiar with this plane and knew how to harness the power of the Astral and could even embody it into matter. In other words, this is a method of Vibrational Healing.

IDF Analysis can also be performed without the use of electronic radionics/psychotronic equipment. For instance, kinesiology is also included in the scope of IDF technology. And IDF Balancing can likewise be performed by proxy as has been practiced by the Rosicrucians for centuries using directed imagery and intentions sent to an article of clothing, a rendered image, photo, hair sample, or blood sample of an individual. As a result, I feel based on extensive research that using radionic/psychotronic instrumentation is a natural evolution of IDF techniques for both Analysis and Balancing.

Even though Paracelsus did not have electrical technologies, I have chosen to integrate this technology into my research because it provides an alternative and affordable method of performing research. Furthermore, the instrumentation is able to be used for peer review. Since Feb 2018, this type of research has been tested and utilized successfully on over hundreds research clients.

Our Instrument

Our Instrument With recent advances in physics and computer technology, researchers are now able to measure and influence the subtle energies surrounding the body and objects in the environment!

These Instruments form a direct communication link with the subtle biofield energies that exist around all energy and matter. IDF Instruments have been developed to detect data that exists in any given IDF in order to locate imbalances or interferences in the flow of energy.

At the forefront in IDF research instrumentation is the SE-5 1000 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer. A continuation of the original SE-5 technology developed by physicist Dr. Willard Frank, this device combines the best features of previous instrumentation, is computerized for rapid processing of information, and is compatible with windows computers for increased memory capability.

The SE-5 1000 INTRINSIC DATA FIELD ANALYZER, popularly known as the SE-5, is a solid state electronic instrument designed to detect, quantify, and transmit a full spectrum of IDF signals to restore normal wave form patterns or functions of the biofield.

Designed to be used as a Spectrometer to analyze the energies emitted by mineral samples, the SE-5's use as an experimental research device has increased dramatically with the discovery of subtle information fields surrounding living systems.

The SE-5 1000 has 2 main capacities:
1)it measures IDF radiation of an object
2) it transmits IDF wave patterns to the object.

The SE-5 1000, therefore, does not operate directly on the physical level but functions as a receiver, transmitter and modulator of wave form information found in the subatomic or subtle magnetic and gravitational energy fields which precede the manifestation of matter in its elemental and molecular form.

Some of the information in this section is taken directly from the SE-5 Website!


The biofield serves as a communications antenna; it is a receiver and transmitter for converting coded information of energy into thought, emotion, and behavioral patterns, as well as serving as the life-forming and healing powers of the physical body.​

"The biofield has been described as a complex multi-structured system with the physical body representing the lowest aspect in the levels of control. Our physical body is a dense mirror reflection of the biofield."

The concept of everything being an information field or biofield now occupies the most advanced thinking in our scientific community. As scientists unveil the layers of energy of the human being, we are beginning to reformulate the definition of ourselves as energy receivers and transmitters.​

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Beverly Rubik, PhD, is a biophysicist and is president and founder of the Institute for Frontier Science in Emeryville, California. She has authored dozens of scientific papers regarding the human biofield, psychotronics, psychic healing and other aspects of cutting-edge science. Here she discusses the history of the field of psychotronics that originated in Czechoslovakia. Essentially, the field deals with nonlocal interactions between the human mind and various forms of instrumentation. Today, psychotronics includes such areas as dowsing, radionics, and radiesthesia. In addition, Dr. Rubik shares her own research concerning shapes, such as pyramid structures. She suggests that psychotronics can offer valuable insights concerning the mind-matter interface.


We have shifted away from IDF Wellness Research as of February 2021 in order to put our time towards researching Spagyric Pharmacopeia through using the SE-5 2000 Gold and its state of the art Intrinsic Data Field Analysis. Our goal is to have IDF Data for EACH of our Spagyric Items in the Apothecary. This will take a long time & consistent effort as we have well over 270 items (& ever growing) and each Item can take up to 3 hours to properly research and split test. Phoenix & team will be compiling 3 years of IDF Wellness Research Data and publishing the findings. As much as we love helping people with their Wellness complaints, there is not enough time or energy to be able to continue with the Wellness Research Program as well as accomplish our other IDF Research & Publication goals. If and when this changes, we will be letting people know via our Newsletter, so if you are not yet subscribed be sure to do so.

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